Virgo Man

Personal Traits of a Virgo Man: What Is He Like?

Appearance of the Virgo manYou should be proud to date a Virgo man because he is a bargain. The Virgo man has a lot of positive personality traits that make him a good match for any woman both in love, sex, and marriage.

The Virgo man is always modest and neat. He wouldn’t spend a lot of money on clothes, but as a rule, his appearance is faultless because the Virgo man is extremely scrupulous and accurate in this regard. You will hardly see him with stubble or be wearing bright, provocative clothes. Most likely, he will choose paler clothes of the regular cut. He always watches the correctness of his speech and behavior.

Behavior of the Virgo man

As a representative of the terrestrial sign, the Virgo man never expresses his emotions in public and avoid situations when they may get so deeply moved as to disclose their feelings. Communication with these people is easy because you are not afraid that they will lose their temper. But you should never criticize the Virgo man, especially publicly; otherwise, he will heap harsh criticism on you, thus, revealing all your secrets.

The meticulousness and meanness of the Virgo man can sometimes impede the communication. These men hate it when others are negligent, and it refers not only to their appearance but also to their mentality and actions. They react aggressively when they come across vulgarity, and it is hard for them to keep silent in such situation. On the other hand, the Virgo men are very dutiful and reliable. They stand by their promises, don’t break deadlines or arrive late. Once they take a decision, they stick to it.

Virgo man at work

The Virgo man sets the priority for work, and well-being expressed in money they earn. He is interested in everything that helps him to reach his aim. However, they use only legal methods to make money, because they do not like to fish in troubled waters. Work for them is a source of moral satisfaction. They are hardworking, disciplined workers, who always seek to apply their knowledge in practice.

Virgo man in love

If the Virgo man has fallen in love, there may be no signs of it: for the time being, he hides his feelings. This person is notable for his commitment and constancy; thus, he can wait for reciprocity for many years.

Women incite his curiosity; he wants to make their acquaintance closer, but he won’t give vent to his feelings if he is not convinced that he makes the right choice. A love union with the man of this zodiac sign is unlikely to be bright and passionate, but his girlfriend will always be happy, taken care of, she won’t need to try to win his attention.

This man is faithful in love because he lies too badly to play double. He won’t fray nerves by irascibility, causeless jealousy, or sorting out the relationship at the slightest pretext.

Virgo man in sex

This modest and calm person is capable of satisfying the sexual needs of the most exacting women. Sensitivity and tenderness with which the Virgo man treats the fair sex help them to make a good impression. The Virgo man won’t lose the chance to have sex without a good reason though he is not a womanizer.

Virgo man in marriage

There are a lot of bachelors among the men born under this constellation because loneliness is not a heavy burden for them. These men are so exacting and particular about everything to cast in their lot with an odd person. Their wife should correspond to their idealized image which is created by their imagination, and it is that ideal that they are looking for in women.

Besides, the Virgo man is not quite sociable, more often he is rather shy. However, the horoscope tells us that the Virgo man is an excellent party for a woman who appreciates the stability of the relationship and way of life, who values decency and attentiveness.

Virgo men get married late, but then their brides do not doubt the firmness of their decision. However, the Virgo men cannot see their dignity trampled upon; besides, they hate lies. In this case, the marriage can break up.

Virgo man as a master of the house

Virgo men are homebodies, and because of that, they prefer women who care for hearth and home. Virgo men are ready to do some household chores. Usually, the house of this man is in perfect order. But it doesn’t follow that he will be responsible for that, he’d rather make the members of household clean the house, and if they disobey, he will reproach them.

Virgo man as a father

You cannot call these men passionate parents who desperately love their children because they don’t experience strong fatherly feelings. They rarely have a big family. Because of his character, the Virgo man does not have any strong emotional need for communication with children. At the same time, if the child is born, the man turns into a responsible father who doesn’t steers clear of his duties, though he understands his duties not like most people do. The Virgo man spares no time or money expenses to give their children a good education. They won’t turn a blind eye to the company their offsprings mix with, on the contrary, they will try to breed in them such qualities, like responsibility, diligence, self-management, etc.

Best match for the Virgo man

The Virgo man is compatible with representatives of such zodiac signs as the Taurus, Cancer, Scorpion, Capricorn.

Best gift to the Virgo man

You can choose a gift to the Virgo man from the wide range of household appliances, various useful devices, practical things for everyday life, such as a pillow for the office chair or a hi-tech electronic gadget. Good gifts for the Virgo man are an organizer, a watch, optical devices, basically anything that helps to manage their time. You can also give them professional literature, subscriptions for editions that will be interesting for them. You can also add to the list everything that has to do with their work.

You can also give the Virgo man something that is related to health, for example, a massage course, a kitchen device for cooking healthy food, etc. If you want to give them some clothes, they should be convenient, practical, stylish and modest. The same is also true about accessories.