Virgo Birthstone

What’s The Birthstone For Virgo Zodiac?

Virgos are extremely pedantic people; one can even say that they are the most boring people of all zodiac signs. They are perfectionists to their fingertips. In performing a task Virgos fray on everybody’s nerves including their own, but the good part is that the work is done in time and in the best possible way.

Virgos are smart and witty by nature; besides, representatives of this sign have no problems with memory. At the same time, they are eager to fill their store of knowledge every day. This zodiac sign has enough diligence to conquer any peaks and enough modesty that to keep silent about it.

Virgos are very conservative. They are always unwilling to change their habits and plans. Representatives of this sign love practical things, they despise lazy people, disorder, unpunctuality and hate wasting their time.

Virgos prefer the seclusion of their room too noisy parties because they think it is more pleasant; however, they can be quite sociable when they need to.

Among positive traits of their character, we can name such qualities as practicality, prudence, diligence, honesty, love for knowledge, sympathy, and wit. Some negative traits are inflated requirements, fastidiousness, meanness, avarice, irritability and sometimes excessive conservatism.

How To Select Virgo Birthstone By The Date Of Birth

According to the horoscope, an excellent choice for Virgos is sapphire.Virgos of the first decana
te (from August, 24 to September, 2) are under the influence of the Sun. Above all, they value harmony with the world around and personal tranquility. Virgos of the first decanate are conservative: they do not like changing their life. Virgos born in this period should wear jasper, moonstone, carnelian, lazurite, agate, rock crystal, aventurine, amethyst, malachite, and nephrite.

Virgos of the second dBest stones for Virgo Zodiac Sign according to the horoscope.ecanate (from September, 3 to September, 11), are under the influence of Venus. Above all these people value their inner world, and because of that, they are always fighting for its integrity. Stones of the reserved Virgos of the second decanate are quartz, chalcedony, heliotrope, chrysoprase, jade, sardonyx, pearls, citrine and onyx.

Guarded by Mercury, Virgos of the third decanate (from September, 13 to September, 23) are taciturn and timid. In order to overcome this inactivity, representatives of this sign should wear such stones as emerald, chrysolite, sapphire, garnet and topaz.

The Best Stones For Virgo, Talismans, And Amulets

choose better birthstone for Virgo Zodiac Sign according to the horoscope.A ring with sapphire is an excellent option for the Virgo woman. Nephrite can make Virgos a bit crazy and reckless. It is a powerful stone of perfection in everything. This stone will bring representatives of this sign love and success in all affairs. Nephrite reacts to the mood swings of the owner, even at the slightest change the stone gets darker.

Pearls give financial stability and wellbeing. They make Virgo’s rigid and tenacious character milder. However, Virgos should be cautious wearing pearls: if the person lacks self-confidence, pearls will bring him or her bad luck. Those Virgos, who deal with traveling and children, should not wear pearls. Pearls are fit for people who face challenges and run a business.

Carnelian has always been a symbol of happy love. This stone can make representatives of this sign more complacent and merciful, as well as it can develop their intuition. Carnelian protects from envy, malefice, and influence of the evil powers. This stone will help to organize the day so that you do not waste time.

Malachite has always been considered a symbol of the fulfillment of all desires. This stone helps Virgos to be less suspicious and indecisive; besides, it releases the accumulated negative energy. Malachite can ease the stress on the nervous system and cheer the Virgo up after a long and tedious day.

Yellow Topaz helps to unlock Virgo’s creative potential. This stone gives optimism, allays fears, anger, and hatred. Virgos who wear topazes are more friendly and attentive to people around. Topaz helps representatives of this zodiac sign to concentrate and to be more attentive and observant. Topaz, the stone that gives enlightenment, opens Virgos’ hearts to the world.

Lucky Gems And Birthstones For Virgo Woman

Best talisman for Virgo Woman Zodiac Sign according to the horoscope. Emerald is a good mascot for the Virgo woman. Chrysoprase gets stronger when it is put into the silver setting. Gold and nephrite are a bad combination because nephrite loses its power in this company. In bead necklaces and bracelets, pearls make a greater impact. Malachite in the silver or brass setting does good to the Virgo woman.

The most powerful charm for the Virgo woman is a silver ring on the middle finger with emeralds or sapphires.

Aventurine can improve the Virgo woman’s mood and give positive emotions. Earrings with agate make the Virgo woman softer and protect her from unpleasant incidents. Selenite in a ring can ease stress and rejuvenate. The Virgo woman will find nephrite most useful because it both improves love life and protects health. Chrysoprase is a good helper in studies. Jewelry with sapphires contributes to healthier kidneys.

Lucky Gems and Birthstones For Virgo Man

choose chrysolite as a birthstone for virgo man zodiac sign according horosopeThanks to chrysolite Virgo men can get a stronger appeal that will help them to rate high in society; besides, chrysolite also makes them less conservative so that they can move forward. This stone promotes intellectual development and obtaining new skills and knowledge.

Jasper is of great use in personal relations. This stone shows Virgo men how to live in peace with other people and gives them patience for this purpose. Jasper makes the boring and talkative Virgo men wiser and more handsome, as well as promotes their intellectual growth.

Virgo men who wear sapphires frown and grumble less, which makes them more attractive and appealing to the opposite sex. Moreover, this stone helps representatives of this sign to get new knowledge.

Lazurite is a great assistant in all practical activities, including communication. This stone will make representatives of this sign more sociable and attentive towards their family members. Lazurite can iron out misunderstanding which arises because of different values. Thanks to this stone Virgos will listen to other people’s opinion, be more sociable and cheerful. Moreover, this stone can bring luck.

Bad Stones and Gems For Virgo Zodiac Sign

Ruby is not recommended to representatives of this zodiac sign. One of the most bitter enemies of this sign is a bright red ruby. Often this stone attracts only negative energy. Tourist’s raspberries and obsidian may cause trouble and make the most negative traits of character even worse. Jewelry with the turquoise of any shade is not recommended to representatives of this zodiac sign. Hematite is also undesirable for Virgos. This stone is too powerful.

Virgos shouldn’t wear glossy stones because they do not match the modesty of representatives of this zodiac sign. Consequently, they should not choose such stones as onyx, mother of pearl, labradorite, and obsidian.