Taurus Woman

Personal Traits of a Taurus Woman: What is she like?

Physical appearance of Taurus womanLearn about personal traits and characteristics a Taurus woman possesses. Which zodiac signs is she compatible with?

As a rule, Taurus women are curvy and have an attractive, womanly figure; they have a slender waist, roundish hips, a big breast. Even if they are a bit on the heavy side (it is regularly the case), it doesn’t spoil their looks at all. They are always charming and fresh, their movements are smooth and graceful, when they look at somebody, they can easily win his or her favor. Taurus women have the perfect sense of smell, they don’t like to smoke, they can choose the perfumery which suits most their individual image and make-up.

Behavior of Taurus woman

It is pleasant to communicate with the women of this zodiac sign because they are clever and livable. They are good interlocutors and attentive listeners; they speak against anybody roughly or categorically. Taurus women don’t like to attract excessive attention; they never show all their emotions. But if they are objected, such ladies can quickly lose composure. They react adequately to the reasoned claims and remarks, but as the horoscope warns, a Taurus woman is capable of reincarnating into a real fury if someone hangs on trifles or without reasonable cause.

The biggest joy in life for her is the house, children and her favorite work. Taurus women want to go out in the country, and if in everyday life there is no opportunity to do that, she tries to compensate this inconvenience by pot culture. Taurus women’s way of life can’t be called active in any way; their destiny is different.

Taurus woman at work

It would not be fair to present these incredibly womanly creations as shirkers and mollycoddles. Taurus women love working and can do it well; they are ready to dedicate their occupation a lot of time and efforts. Their strong will, improbable patience, and admirable self-possession help them a lot. Taurus women want to be well-off. Therefore, they try to choose an occupation which would give them quite good incomes. At the same time, they choose what is to their liking; otherwise, they won’t be able to force themselves to work at full pace and to achieve the necessary results. Taurus women don’t work for the sake of work itself; they need to feel satisfaction from the results of their work.

Taurus woman in love

Taurus women are polygamous by nature; they can have several partners at the same time. It is remarkable that each of them can be equally dear to them. But, if the woman of this sign has found her true love, her partner will have no reasonable basis for doubting her marital fidelity, she becomes a reliable and incredibly devoted wife.

Taurus woman in sex

Taurus women are famous for their feminity, they rely on tactile feelings and corporal contact. They don’t like animal sex – as well as any manifestations of bad taste. Ladies of this sign are very exacting in this delicate question and can “exhaust” the man but at the same time, the partner will feel the maximum pleasure and won’t regret at all that he has such a tireless girlfriend. Taurus women also won’t regret anything.

Taurus woman in marriage

A lot of men dream of such life partners as Taurus women. Many representatives of this zodiac sign see their mission in building the family nest. Their character doesn’t allow them to marry anyone; she demands a lot from the future spouse, but she becomes for him a reliable partner, excellent mother of his children and a good, zealous hostess. Taurus woman will never encroach on the self-respect of the husband and will readily concede him the right to be the head of the family. At the same time, she is very dignified and doesn’t allow anybody to humiliate her as a woman or a person.

Taurus woman as a lady of the house

Most often Taurus women make perfect ladies of the house, they can hardly be compared to any other Zodiac sign. Their house is always thoroughly cleaned, but the matter doesn’t rest here: possessing a good taste, Taurus women can get the best out of the worst layout, they can create a beautiful and cozy interior, even if their financial opportunities are limited. Their dwelling always smells pleasant, most likely, there will be a bunch of flowers somewhere in the flat. These women are thrifty, they don’t dare to squander money, they manage to have chicken in every pot and ensure that their relatives don’t need anything. They are always glad to receive guests, provided that they have been invited.

Taurus woman as a mother

Taurus women care for motherhood. They are inclined to devote all the free time to their children. The children can always count on her help. The intimacy of the relationship between mother and children remains even when they grow up. At the same time, Taurus women can be very exacting and even turn into a loving tyrant. However, it should be noted that a Taurus woman will always incorporate love and selfless devotion to her family.

Best match for a Taurus woman

Taurus women are compatible with representatives of such zodiac signs as the Virgo, Cancer, Pisces and Capricornus.

Best gift for a Taurus woman

The gift to a Taurus woman can be practical. She won’t take it as discrimination if you present her a microwave oven or an electric meat grinder. But you shouldn’t forget that she is a woman, the embodiment of feminity and fertility. She will certainly like a beautiful piece of jewelry; the most important recommendation is that it should look expensive and solid. Golden or silver pieces of jewelry with natural stones are an excellent gift for a Taurus woman while it is not advisable to give her imitation jewelry. A sure bet is any beautiful, esthetically valuable objects for decorating her dwelling or workplace; for example, fine ware, nice flowerpots. People born under this sign are very sensual, and if the gift is nice to touch or smells delicious, then it will highly please her. You will hardly make a mistake if you present a Taurus woman an original sweet gift, for example, a chocolate bouquet. She will appreciate such gift.