Taurus Man

Personality Traits of the Taurus Man: What Is He Like?

Physical appearance of Taurus manTaurus man is good fathers and husbands. Read what it's like to be married to a Taurus.

Taurus men usually make an impression of a strong-willed person. He moves steadily, quietly, speaks at a quite leisurely pace. The thickset constitution completes a picture. People of this sign usually have a beautiful figure by nature though as a rule; their body is never well-muscled or beefy. A lot of Taurus men spoil their appearance by overeating. Besides, their figure may have an impact of the protector planet, Venus.

These men often want to look tempting, because of that they wear fitting jeans and open the shirt on the breast. They always wish to show the level of their prosperity. Therefore, they often wear heavy gold jewelry like chains, rings, bracelets; sometimes they even have a bad taste in clothing.

Behavior of Taurus man

If they find themselves among unfamiliar people, Taurus men usually keep silent; that is why they rarely make good first impression. But if he is in a small circle of the close people, then it becomes apparent that this person is capable of being the soul of the company, to have fun and joke a lot. The environment such as family, children, a faithful partner is one of his fundamental life values. This circle is the source of positive energy for the Taurus, of his moral and physical forces.

The pace of life that will be comfortable for a Taurus can seem to be too slow. They need to have everything in balance and under control. If people around try to force Taurus to take some actions or make solutions, they won’t succeed. If they begin to put on the heat, the Taurus man will cease to do anything and because of that, he can make an impression of a sloth.

Taurus man at work

At work, as well as in all the rest, Taurus never hurry anywhere, but their working capacity is just amazing. Their stock of energy is enough for a lot of things and even in an active state, they remain calm by the look of it. These are men of enterprise, thanks to that they often become company owners or top experts.

The range of professions in which this man can be successful is quite wide, and, regardless of the choice, Taurus man works well. Though they work quite slowly as it may seem, some rest is necessary for them, probably somewhere in the countryside. This person can get angry when disturbed during the process of accumulation of forces for the next stage of work.

Taurus man in love

On the one hand, Taurus men are the embodiment of practicability and earthiness; it may seem to be a paradox, but they are very romantic and sensual, and these men are very attracted to women. If they want to win someone’s heart, they do it incredibly persistently, showing remarkable patience though they can get stuck at a stage, this is why the advance of their love relationship can be very slow. Even having achieved reciprocity of the chosen one, Taurus men are afraid to take the initiative. Therefore, women often have to take the first step.

Taurus man in sex

Taurus men are not in the least air-headed; however, the horoscope warns you that as Taurus men pay considerable attention to the physical side of love, they are ready to test women to find the one who will satisfy their needs in sex. These men can’t be called demon lovers; they won’t show miracles of ingenuity, but they will persistently win hearts of women by the combination of strength, passion and tenderness.

Taurus man in marriage

Taurus husbands are quite a bargain for women. They are focused on stable family life, thrifty, careful, good-tempered, they respect the fair sex, especially when brought up in a good family. Taurus men try to do everything for the benefit of their family and are ready to satisfy the whims of their family members. These men are very faithful, and their wives should remember that Taurus men hate cheating.

Marriage with a representative of this zodiac sign usually lasts for a long time, the marital union with him is longstanding, but it doesn’t mean that it is easy to get on with him. Taurus men have that kind of personal traits that force them to care a lot about their dignity, and he will not allow anyone to belittle him, even in the family. Taurus men are known for their jealousy: it can even be absurd. You will hardly succeed in changing their habits.

Taurus man as a master of the house

Taurus men are very devoted to the house; they love it with all the heart, but this is true only when the atmosphere there is peaceful. They will try hard to provide for the family. Having a soft spot for comfortable life, Taurus men will make everything to make their dwelling cozy and self-sufficient. Taurus men don’t like to leave the house, especially for a long time, if there is no strong reason for that.  They prefer to invite friends and relatives to their house rather than call at somebody’s place.

Taurus man as a father

Taurus men like to hear children’s voices in their house: they don’t see sense in creating a family but for reproduction purposes. Unlike most of the stronger sex, they are delighted to have daughters. They can spoil the children by giving them expensive presents, beautiful clothes, but, at the same time, they are capable of establishing firm orders in the house and to demand the strict observance of discipline steadily. They want their children to adopt a maximum of their experience, skills; they teach them to live rationally and to rely on common sense.

Best match for a Taurus man

The zodiac signs of Cancer, Virgo, Capricornus and Pisces are good compatibility matches for Taurus men.

Best gift for a Taurus man

The best gift for a Taurus man is a thing that he can use. This approach gives plenty of room for an unlimited imagination. The Taurus man will be happy to use things that create comfort in his life, for example, a cooler bag, a comfortable chair for work, a pool for his summer house, etc. The gift for a Taurus man may not be too practical, but it should, at least, look solidly, for example, it can be a picture painted by a famous artist. People of this zodiac sign often are workaholics; therefore, gifts for a Taurus man may have something to do with having rest or relaxing, for example, a massage course, a trip to some nice place, hunting, etc. The Taurus man will surely like an additional “gastronomic” component of the gift, for example, a bottle of prestigious spirit or an expensive box of chocolates.