Taurus Birthstone

What’s The Birthstone For Taurus Zodiac?

The solid and reliable Taurus seems to be as firm as a rock compared to the other zodiac signs. It is no coincidence that initially the Taurus was depicted as a creature half grown into the earth. To a large extent, it determines the essence of the person born under this sign: such people are reliable and dislike frequent changes of scenery. However, only those who don’t discern what the nature of a person is can say that the Taurus is inactive or sluggish. Quiet and peaceful, Tauruses can’t stand pressing or coercion. Allocated with inflexible obstinacy, they stand their ground to the bitter end.

This charming robust fellow is considered to be the most mercantile among all the zodiac signs. Tauruses, like nobody else, know how to benefit from anything. The notion “Golden calf” perfectly describes the dominating trait of this sign – ability to earn money. But to feel happy, the Taurus has to satisfy his or her impressive needs that consist in the love of the beautiful. A thing that the Taurus owns should be both beautiful and practical.

The Taurus is unique even in the negative qualities, such as avarice and egoism. They are not just hungry for money; they prefer to collect expensive objects. The Taurus can lend a significant sum of money to a friend without special arrangements, but won’t agree to part with an old casket, and, the longer he or she is persuaded, the sturdier they express their refusal. Nobody can manage to get into the house of the Taurus and snatch a couple of things by telling compliments. The vigilant Taurus watches the property carefully and will not part with it voluntarily.

How To Select Taurus Birthstone By The Date Of Birth

Tauruses born from April 21 to May 1 are under the protection of Mercury, the god of money and prosperity. Stones that give the Tauruses born in this decanate are agate, aventurine, amazonite, amethyst, tiger’s eye and carnelian. Jewelry with these semi-precious stones makes effective amulets.

Birthstones for Taurus Zodiac SignWith the Moon in the sign of Taurus from May 2 till May 5, you should choose turquoise, rock crystal, opal, chrysoprase, chalcedony or corals. A gemstone crystal pyramid will strengthen the calming effect of the Moon while a ring works for harmony in the family.

Expensive jewels protect Tauruses born under the protection of Saturn, from May 12 to May 20. The jewelry dictated by this gloomy god of destruction consoles them in minutes of depression and protect from misfortunes. The choice is wide: diamonds, emeralds, garnets, sapphires, aquamarines! Even when just looked at, these fine stones dispel the melancholy of any pessimist.

The Best Stones For Taurus, Talismans, And Amulets

Birthstone for Taurus Zodiac Sign is Amber according to the horoscope.Emerald is the best protector stone for Taurus. It helps the Taurus to be faithful, promotes fertility, gives tranquility, optimism, and hope. A ring with an emerald keeps evil spirits away. At night, it gives pleasant dreams. 

Sapphire has a healthy influence on the soul. This stone of heavenly blueness won’t help an evil or disgraceful owner, but at the same time it, won’t harm. If the proprietor is worthy, it helps to make the right decision and protects from slander.

Jasper neutralizes a part of the negative energy. It is essential for people who lay any trouble to heart and listen resignedly to someone else’s complaints. It keeps off energy vampires, protecting the health of the owner.

Agate is a perfect protector stone. The same we can say about chalcedony that can be of many colors. When put in the copper setting, agate gives confidence and tranquility to its owner. It sharpens intuition that helps to see other people’s dishonesty. It also enhances eloquence and the gift of words.

Aventurine gives luck, especially if its owner is a businessman. It generates a lot of ideas and plans. Sometimes projects of Tauruses can reach the state scales.

Lucky Gems And Birthstones For Taurus Woman

Birthstone for Taurus Woman Zodiac Sign is Turquoise according to the horoscope. A bracelet with turquoise perfectly suits Taurus women as a talisman. Turquoise is known as a “virgin” stone that almost all girls love. It helps to reach happiness in a love relationship. A piece of turquoise hidden in the dress protects the girl from thoughtless acts and lies.

Green turquoise helps married women to have prosperity at home. A semi-precious stone of a green shade is a symbol of health and fertility; therefore, a family that dreams of having a child should have one.

Cacholong that is translated as “the milk of a sacred cow” is an attractive and mysterious pearl agate that astrologers recommend to the women expecting a baby. It helps in the period of pregnancy, eases labor pains and protects the health of the mother and the newborn. As well it helps families to find money to raise the children.

Lucky Gems and Birthstones For Taurus Man

Birthstone for Leo Man Zodiac Sign is Black Agate according to the horoscope.Black Agate promotes the concentration of abilities, contributes to realizing the hidden potential. It is a good amulet for any businessman.

Amazonite also gives material welfare to its owner, confidence in decision-making and helps to cope with indecision.

Sardonyx is a kind of onyx of orange or brown color. It develops the gift of words, helps to communicate with the fair sex. For a lonely Taurus, this stone is a real catch. Semi-precious stone hates disorder and inevitably finds a partner for the lone Taurus.

Despite popularity with the fair sex, zircon is a very masculine stone. It gives the determination to search the truth, expose deception and intrigues. It protects straightforward people against slander and disputes. It prevents liars from the implementation of their artful plans, and it protects them too, by not allowing them to envelop in a lie.

Bad Stones and Gems For Taurus Zodiac Sign

Amber is a bad stone for Taurus. It is the only stone Taurus should never wear. Otherwise, consequences will be evident soon. It is unknown why amber dislikes Tauruses so much, but it is clear that troubles and misfortunes pour on the owner from all directions. The negative force of Amber doesn’t get less powerful with time.

If you want to get rid of Amber, don’t throw it into the garbage. Dispose of it with dignity. For example, Romanians leave the charm somewhere with words: “We couldn’t be on friendly terms with you. I wish you to live in perfect harmony with the new owner”. You can perform this simple ceremony of disposal, or present the stone to someone who likes it most.

There are some other stones which a Taurus should not wear. These are topaz, amethyst, pyrites, heliotrope, and ruby. When choosing a gemstone, listen to your internal voice. If you look at a semi-precious stone and feel warm at heart, then this is your stone!