Taurus Baby

All You Should Know About Your Taurus Baby

Taurus in early childhood

During pregnancy, the mother of Taurus feels at peace. Taurus baby comes to the world with love and harmony at heart. These babies look adorable. They have a good appetite, like to be carried around and comforted because tactile feelings matter a lot for them. When a Taurus baby cries, it may not only show that they are hungry or that the diapers are wet, but also indicate that they lack attention. If all these needs are satisfied, Taurus children are quiet and cheerful.

The Taurus zodiac sign may completely determine the life of your Taurus baby. Read the complete guide on the personality traits that your Taurus Child is likeky to have.

Quiet melodies may pacify a Taurus child, but anyway he or she rarely causes parents much trouble. The Taurus baby sleeps a lot. You should feed your child and bring him or her to bed on schedule. Toys for a Taurus baby should be beautiful; besides, you should take into account that he or she will try to taste them or just pull into the mouth. You should keep in mind that the child of this zodiac sign can learn to speak when the peers are already fluent.

Taurus as a preschooler

Parents of Tauruses will be glad to see their persistence and commitment, for example, when they are learning to draw a complicated figure. But this child can persist to achieve other purposes, for instance, if he or she doesn’t want to go to kindergarten. Children of this zodiac sign have a natural and straightforward view of life because they rely on everything that is evident and explainable. If the child flatly refuses to do what is asked, it means that parents failed to convince him or her.

Tauruses assign an important part of their life to the women surrounding them. It is crucial for the future of these children that they should have good relations with mother, sister, grandmother and all the relatives who surround them at this age.

The horoscope warns us that the Taurus children can be greedy, at an early age they should learn to share toys or sweets with other kids. They can show persistence in the choice of clothes that is inexplicable from the parents’ point of view. They can flatly refuse to put on this or that thing. The matter is that these esthetes strive for personal comfort since the early childhood. If a Taurus girl doesn’t like the color of dress, she can feel painfully ashamed. You should not overfeed your child in order not to create harmful eating habits.

Taurus as a schooler

The Taurus children always want to get pleasure from life. The better education they get, the happier life they will lead. Then they will experience not only the simplest pleasures but also the pleasure from progress in career and healthy social environment. That is why their parents should not spare any expense or time to give education to their children and acquaint them with art.

Nevertheless, in the pursuit of new knowledge, it is necessary to remember that Tauruses accustom to a new environment with great difficulty. Teachers usually like children of this zodiac sign mainly because they behave themselves and never violate discipline. However, their progress in studies sometimes leaves much to be desired, and it can be explained by the fact that the Taurus child is focused on getting practical knowledge while the school program includes a lot of theoretical knowledge. To help the Taurus child, adults should draw their attention to the link between theoretical knowledge and real life by explaining, for example, how to use some life hacks based on the laws of physics. Engaging your child in the planning of the family budget is useful.

Taurus children usually have quite good relations with peers; they often play the role of intermediary in conflicts by reconciling the parties. The Taurus girls grow up quickly, while it takes much more time for boys, especially if we compare them to their peers of other signs. For a long time, they are not interested in the opposite sex. Actually, they just want to seem indifferent because at first they have difficulties with wooing.

In high school Tauruses often throw cold water on their parents by refusing to go to university, because they have already found an interesting job, that will allow them to earn a fair sum of money. You should not insist without argumentation; the Taurus child must understand the importance of higher education on his or her own. On the other hand, even if they don’t go to university, people of this sign come out on top.

Interests and hobbies of the Taurus child

Parents of Tauruses are quite lucky because the children are persistent in their interests. They know how to combine practicality and love for art and beauty in general. Tauruses can perfectly realize their potential in music, dances, drawing, molding, woodcarving, etc. They like cooking tasty food. These children like pottering with plants – it is in their nature, and you shouldn’t discourage them from this occupation.

You should ensure that they do moderate physical activity, but the sport isn’t recommended to the majority of them. To replace it you can let your child join a dance club or go to rhythmic gymnastics lessons where the esthetic component is of great importance.

Health of the Taurus child

Tauruses are not frail children. If they get ill, most often they have problems with neck, throat, ears or maxillary sinus. There may be health problems because of overeating (if they do overeat). Tauruses need to move around, breath more fresh air, but so that they should not overload their backbone.

Attention – Taurus! The horoscope advises …

Some widely used parenting practices like shouting or threats will be not only useless but also harmful to the Taurus child. The best way is to give them arguments why it is necessary to behave in one way or another. You may also appeal to their strong sense of justice.

Parents and teachers, especially if they belong to the Fire or Air signs, can be irritated because Tauruses are a bit sluggish. These children have difficulty with working quickly or switching from one activity to another. If one reproaches them because of sluggishness, they push the matter aside. If you have a Taurus child, you should take that into account.

Tauruses need to be sure that their house is a fortress where they can exist in a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere. It is awful when the child of this sign has to lead a double life because his or her parents got divorced: for the child it is like to have no life at all. The child has to be confident in the safety of the house, you should not even make jokes on this topic. You should never say that he or she can run away from home if they don’t like it here.

Taurus children like to have a good time, eat well, stay in bed, but if you satisfy all their whims, they will get spoiled. You should teach them to work intellectually without becoming attached to carnal pleasures.