Scorpio Woman

Personal Traits of a Scorpio Woman: What Is She Like?

Physical appearanceĀ of the Scorpio woman

All you should know about Scorpio womanEven if she cannot be called a beauty, the Scorpio woman still draws the eye – she charms both women and men. She is self-confident, highly attractive and has something magnetic about her. Such women are decisive, daring, persistent, they have a male habit of mind but, nevertheless, they are womanly and seductive.

Among Scorpios, there are a lot of women who can be called femme fatale. They often choose a matching image, for example, wear dark clothes, paint their lips red, etc. A Scorpio woman can look beautiful even when she has an aggressive look.

Behaviour of the Scorpio woman

The feelings of the Scorpio woman are a mystery even for those who know her well. However desperate she may feel, she never cries or complain in public. Scorpio women do not let anybody trample on their self-esteem; they will not stand offenses and humiliation. They know how to distinguish cases when other people hurt them unintentionally and when deliberately, and in the latter case, they turn into fierce avengers. They value tenderness, love, and attention, and always return like for like.

Like Scorpio men, Scorpio women are full of energy, adventurous and have clearly defined goals. But, as the horoscope warns us, a Scorpio woman with a deep energy reserve tends to get into bad habits, in particular, drinking and drugs, but most often she has enough willpower to keep herself in hand.

Scorpio woman at work

Women born under this constellation can get over a lot of men climbing the career ladder. They are self-sufficient, intelligent, strong; nature gives them talents that help to be successful in any field – from art to science. Any difficulty at work only makes them more enthusiastic by awakening their passion. They are focused on building a successful career; and as they wish to have power over other people, they are after leading positions. Scorpio women see any situation in every detail and use it to their advantage.

Scorpio woman in love

It is very unlikely that you manage to wrap a Scorpio woman around the finger. If she lets a man get closer to her for a temporary affair, it is only because it corresponds her plans. She is shrewd and understands at once if the man is a good match for her. In love, as in any other sphere of life, the Scorpio woman tends to go to extremes. If she loves or hates, she does it to the maximum, and when she decides to break up, it is almost impossible to make up with her.

Scorpio women often become an object of adoration for weaker men who live on their amazing energy. However, these women choose daring, reckless, self-confident men. Love for a Scorpio woman can be dangerous because men often lose their head, forget about relatives, friends, work, sacrifice their plans and even family. These ladies can seem to be femme fatale, but this impression can be deceptive.

Scorpio woman in sex

Scorpio women in bed is a sensual partner; she likes sex and loosens up to feel a wide range of emotions. She is open to experiments, and if she has a rich experience, she shares it with a partner provided he deserves it. Scorpio women keep themselves in good shape, and their volcanic character does not go away with advancing ages.

Scorpio woman in marriage

The man who became her husband or long-standing partner can be proud of himself because it is quite difficult to satisfy this demanding woman. She always has a wide choice of admirers, and you have to top them in attraction, self-reliance, visual appeal and force of character. The personality of any Scorpio woman is complicated; she is full of energy but sometimes wants to feel weak and defenseless, this is why her partner should manage to meet this requirement.

If she sees that her partner is an integral and noble person, the Scorpio woman is ready to put herself into his hands. She has business acumen and can help her husband to make a career or raise his social profile. This woman will be devoted to him, however, when it comes to body, there are variants. Her husband may be a good sex partner but, nevertheless, her thirst for new experiences can spur them on to cheat on her husband with other men. Though they do not consider divorce as a good option.

Scorpio woman as lady of the house

Scorpio women like to garnish their house; they clean even those corners that guests will never see. Her house gives evidence of her good taste, while luxury items such as expensive electronics and another object of a comfortable life suggest that she tries to arrange her living space according to her high demands. Women born under this zodiac sign are not indifferent to money, in particular, they see it as an instrument which they can use to get freedom and power over other people.

Scorpio woman as a mother

Scorpio mothers do not stand it when anybody, even their close relatives, meddles in childrearing. They are convinced that they know it better. These women read their children like a book, in the same way, that they read other people. Sons and daughters may expect their mother to help them to solve their problems, or, at least, to give them realistic advice. Scorpio mothers are demanding, they teach their children how to live, prepare them to face its hardships and do a lot to develop their talents.

Best match for the Scorpio woman

The Scorpio woman is compatible with representatives of such zodiac signs as Cancer, Aries, Virgo, Pisces, Capricorn.

Best gift to the Scorpio woman

When choosing a gift to the Scorpio woman, you should not be stingy: she may take it as a personal offense. If you have little money and can buy only a cheap and useless thing, you should think of a way to give the present a bit later when you can buy something better, for example, a piece of jewelry. But you should remember that the longer you put off, the more expensive the gift should be, its price should grow at an exponential rate! These ladies like to be congratulated on the day of celebration; often they don’t wait for Sunday to come to invite guests. This is why it is better to do your best and choose a less expensive but advantageous gift, for example, you can order a cake with her name on it or buy something in an exotic shop where they sell esoteric goods, besides, you can give her something with a hint of erotic pleasures. If the Scorpio woman is a typical representative of this sign that is she loves adventures, you can give her an adrenaline-filled entertainment.