Scorpio Man

Personal Traits Of a Scorpio Man: What Is He Like?

Physical appearance of the Scorpio man

All you should know about The Scorpio ManDespite the fact that these men like to wear dark clothes,  they still stand out of the crowd. What catches the eye is their athletic physique, keen glance,  proud bearing and steady step. Scorpio men often exude sexuality that they do not care to hide, for example, they undo some buttons of the shirt or choose cigarette cut skinny trousers. To play up their magnetic image, they pick a mesmerizing perfume.

Behaviour of the Scorpio man

People born under this sign are used to living independently, they never parrot anybody and build their life according to their own beliefs. They are self-sufficient, self-reliant and believe that they are infallible. Besides, they can be characterized as smart, cunning, straightforward and realistic, especially when it comes to their view of life. Scorpio men do not give easy time to anyone, regardless of their gender or age. Therefore, they often seem to be quite rough people you don’t want to deal with. In company with other people they calmly and coolly but their soul is full of emotions which they know how to control. Scorpio men do not concede to the majority just for the sake of it, on the contrary, they prefer to be in the lead.

Scorpio man at work

An apathetic, idle and indifferent Scorpio is a rare phenomenon. Whatever profession this man chooses, he devotes himself to it; his thoughts and emotions get very tense when it comes to achieving an important goal. These are people friendly by nature, full of ambitious plans and most of them are about work. In his profession, the Scorpio man can achieve so high results and take the lid of such important professional secrets that no one can match him. However, even a highly successful Scorpio man needs the support of his close relatives and friends, though he may deny it in words.

Scorpio man in love

Men born under this zodiac sign are a desirable trophy for the fair sex. Women often flirt with them, but most often it ends in nothing because, first of all, these men are very demanding, and, secondly, they always understand the real motives of any woman in particular – whether she has true feelings, momentary passion, vested interest or something else.

Scorpio men are almost never crossed in love. If they get interested in a woman, they play the trump card, break any walls to get what they want. However, an affectionate Scorpio is an egocentric individualist; he does not indulge his partner’s desires – she will have to dance to his pipe.

Scorpio man in sex

As lovers, Scorpio men have an excellent reputation. They have marked sexual abilities, strength, and good stamina. They accumulate rich sexual experience which they use in relationship to satisfy their own requirements and their partner.

Scorpio man in marriage

There is no doubt who is head of the household. Nobody should challenge a Scorpio man’s decisions under any circumstances.  From their wife, they expect understanding, patience, conformity and indifference to other men. As warns the horoscope, Scorpio men rarely compromise, they remain untouched when the woman cries, makes a dramatic scene or blackmails them.

These men often do not consider their adultery a crime. But is does not mean that a Scorpio cannot make a loving and faithful husband who respects his status of a married man. Life as a couple with a Scorpio is often a turbulent one but a passionate and clever woman will receive tenderness, care and great love from her husband.

Scorpio man as master of the house

These men like it when everything on their house is arranged with comfort. At least, they need some prosperity but, in fact, they dream of living in luxury. Besides, some representatives of this zodiac sign may be greedy, and there are even those who cut back on family spending but find ways to fill their own wants.

Scorpio man as a father

Scorpio men are quite strict and even severe fathers, they are controlling when it comes to raising children, they are demanding but, at the same time, they protect them from any storms of life. Their children learn about such qualities as willpower, endurance, and fairness not in fact rather than in word. Sometimes a father of this zodiac sign can get so interested in educating his child that he equals mother, moreover, he will take a strong stand protecting his point of view, and she will have to yield. Though Scorpio men love their children, they never take a soft line with them, and this is why it often happens that children start to value it only when they reach a certain age.

Best match for the Scorpio man

The Scorpio man is compatible with representatives of such zodiac signs as Aries, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces.

Best gift to the Scorpio man

When choosing a gift to a Scorpio man, you should know him well because representatives of this zodiac sign like to get what they really need. Scorpio men rather than Scorpio women like practical, functional presents such as electronics, car accessories or instruments. They value things of high quality, and they have to be originals. At the same time, if you do a present yourself, the Scorpio man will be pleased to receive it. If you are close to him, you can give more intimate presents, for example, an invitation to a prestigious strip bar – he won’t take it as something inappropriate.