Scorpio Birthstone

What’s the Birthstone for Scorpio Zodiac?

The most difficult and energetically strong sign of the zodiac is Scorpio. The representatives of this sign are stubborn, secretive, imperious, selfish, ruthless and aggressive. In their characteristic, there are such qualities as suspicion, vindictiveness, and displeasure with everything that is on their way.

Although a high spiritually developed Scorpio, who knows how to analyze the situation, is able to overcome these shortcomings, he will have enough strength to minimize the negative aspects. Such representative of this sign becomes a wise, noble and strong person who will be able to protect close people and become successful in life.

How To Select Scorpio Birthstone By The Date Of Birth

Scorpio persons of the first decade who have birthdays from the 24th of October to the 2nd of November are the most vivid representatives of this zodiac sign. These people are under the protection and patronage of Mars. Scorpios of the first decade are self-confident and sometimes selfish and with ages, these qualities only become stronger. Crystals for such people should be firm and transparent. The following minerals are suitable for them: malachite, serpentine, amethyst, rock crystal, blood-red jasper, hematite, tiger’s eye.Ametist is the Best talisman for Libra Zodiac Sign according to the horoscope.

People who are born in the period from the 3rd of November to the 13th of November belong to the second decade. These persons are impetuous, kind, noble, strong and brave souls influenced by the Sun.  Lucky crystals for them are corals, amethyst, turquoise, and sardonyx. These talismans will help to the representatives of this decade to show their best qualities.

Scorpios of the third decade that lasts from the 14th of November to the 22nd of November are passionate people with a complicated character, amorous and generous in showing their emotions. Talented and artistic personalities are not uncommon among them. The suitable crystals are garnet, aquamarine, heliodor, emerald, beryl, alexandrite and topaz.

The Best Stones for Scorpio, Talismans, and Amulets

Coral will help Scorpio to escape from captivity of a bad mood, cope with negative emotions and enjoy life. This mineral is an excellent talisman for saving health. The gem will restore energy and strength, relieve stress. Coral will cool the passionate character of the representatives of this sign and will not let them get into the embarrassing situation because of surging passions. Red coral will contribute to a constructive and rational, logical thinking and clear up what actions would be a mistake.

Bracelet from hematite for Scorpio Zodiac Sign according to the horoscopeScorpios married men and women appreciate opal, because it keeps harmony in pairs, preserves love, stands guard over fidelity. Opal will teach jealous women to drive out bad thoughts and trust her lover. The ornaments with this crystal make the owner more prudent and wise.

Carnelian will teach undertrained Scorpios to control their emotions more carefully. This crystal also will help to attract love in the heart of Scorpio persons.

The cat’s eye is an amulet for strong personalities. The mineral will be useful only to confident, firm and purposeful representatives of the Scorpio sign. As most of the Scorpios are a jealous owner who carefully protecting their property, the cat’s eye will be a guard from robbery, frauds, theft, and treason.

A perfect amulet for Scorpios is hematite. This crystal will help to understand clearly the emotions and feelings enhance the sexual energy of the owner. Hematite will concentrate the Scorpio forces in the right direction and help in the purposeful movement straight ahead. The crystal is able to tell how to communicate with members of the family and strengthen the ability to understand loving people, help to develop the flexibility of mental work. The gem preserves love and friendship.

Lucky Gems and Birthstones for Scorpio Woman

Topaz set in a white metal, with help to cope with Scorpio’s natural skepticism, teach them to see the signs of fate and develop intuition. The gem will not let Scorpio women to go on about manipulators. Topaz will help the representatives of fair sex to maintain youth and beauty; it also will preserve health.

Sapphire will help Scorpio women get rid of a load of the past. The women of this sign for a long time cannot let go the past events if they had a bright emotional coloring. The gem will help release anxious and unnecessary thoughts. Sapphire will make the owner more compliant, will smooth the hard character. This crystal helps to establish contact with others, stop the outbreak of negative emotions and anger.

Amethyst will help the Scorpio women to manage her emotions. The talisman with amethyst is capable of infusing women with wisdom, improving memory. It should be remembered that amethyst should be combined only with silver.

Granat bracelet for Scorpio Woman Zodiac Sign according to the horoscope A purple-red or scarlet shade of a crystal has garnet. It can also be brown, yellow and green. This crystal is the best gift to your partner, as it considered being the gem of love. Garnet will make the Scorpio women more attentive, thoughts and intentions will be clearer. This mineral will save from a migraine, sore throat and low pressure. Yellow or brown garnet will cure skin diseases.

Lucky Gems and Birthstones For Scorpio Man

Ring with topaz for Scorpio Man Zodiac Sign according to the horoscopeAs a talisman for young Scorpios, who haven’t already gained wisdom, topaz will be useful. The gem will help Scorpio men to restore balance, weaken the contradictions inside them, and soften the stubbornness and self-confidence of the owner. This mineral also strengthens discernment. Topaz will teach Scorpio men to improve and cognize himself; direct the energy of the owner to the right direction. The gem helps to remove from nervous breakdowns and stress.

Beryl will bring freedom from negative emotions, help in controlling outbreaks of anger. The gem reminds the representatives of the Scorpio’s sign of their inherent ability to understand and care for others. Beryl will not let to harm anybody, while Scorpio once again achieving his goals will walk all over people. If the representative of this sign needs encouragement, firmness of spirit and sense of his power, Beryl will find hidden resources that will help to strengthen Scorpio. The crystal will restore strength, awaken determination and willpower.

For Scorpio men the best talisman is ruby. The crystal will eliminate the effects of stress, increase spiritual and physical strength. Ruby will help Scorpio men not to slide into a depression of fall into despair. If Scorpio men tend to be drowning into deep complexes, then they just need to wear a ring with ruby. The talisman with ruby will help to be more confident in thoughts and actions. Ruby will bring luck for those who want to be on the top of business or politics.

Often the aggression of Scorpio people finds the way out in the irrelevant situations and not in the proper time. Tourmaline will calm the aggressor down; relieve tension, sending his negative emotions to the right direction, clear up thoughts. Scorpio men stubbornly go to a goal not giving themselves indulgences. The talisman with tourmaline will teach the owner to enjoy the already achieved benefits and help to relax. Black or dark-red mineral will help to the creative personalities to achieve success and recognition. This crystal will help to restore a warm relationship in the family.

Bad Stones and Gems For Scorpio Zodiac Sign

There are some crystals that absolutely are not suitable for the representatives of this sign, such as diamond, agate, onyx, emerald.

Pearl is strictly wrong crystal for Scorpio! The reason is that Scorpios need the energy boiling around them, they like to be in the epicenter of passions and pearls turn their life into a stagnant swamp in which there is no place for shocks and adventures. 

Scorpio, who owns Amber, will lose purpose, will to win and perseverance. Amber and Agate will feed on the energy of Scorpio giving nothing in return.