Sagittarius Woman

Personal Traits of a Sagittarius Woman: What Is She Like?

Physical appearance of the Sagittarius woman

Sagittarius Woman Zodiac SignIt is difficult not to notice a Sagittarius woman: she always stands out of the crowd because she is bright and unique. These women love abundance in everything: they wear a lot of jewelry, combine bright colors but it doesn’t mean they have bad taste. Representatives of this zodiac sign move fast and quickly, and sometimes this does not look graceful at all.

Behaviour of the Sagittarius woman

Sagittarius women are characterized by a number of qualities that make communication with them a good time: they are good-hearted, friendly, natural and bias-free. All their actions can be explained by the voice of the heart, and if this woman cries or laughs happily, she does it naturally. As they are creative people, Sagittarius women are interesting interlocutors. People around them get impressed by their zest for life. These women rarely find themselves in depression.

At the same time, as the horoscope warns us, the Sagittarius woman often lacks sensuality, softness, and delicacy that the fair sex is expected to have. However, when she is being straightforward, she does not want to hurt or offend anybody. It is difficult for her to understand why in certain situations she should keep her mouth shut. Besides, they want their relatives and friends to be as straightforward as they are, and if they don’t speak out, they may take it as an offense.

Sagittarius woman at work

It is hard to turn this woman into a housewife who devotes herself to her house and family. In career, she is able to get over a lot of men. It is no coincidence that Sagittarius women often occupy leading positions. They are perfect organizers and performers, motivated and creative employees. There are a lot of professions that suit Sagittarius women, and the main requirement is that the job should be creative and interesting because these people hate routine.

Sagittarius woman in love

For a Sagittarius woman love is one of the most interesting and beautiful aspects of life, they are romantical, emotional, and often give themselves up to passion and forget to listen to reason. Their private life is usually very intense, and they are rarely satisfied with the first marriage. Women born under this zodiac sign tend to forget about conventions when they communicate with man, and this is why they sometimes have a bad reputation. However, this type of behavior is not a sign of promiscuity but rather of sincerity, straightforwardness, and frankness. Sagittarius women are pretty sure that they are honest and their intentions are crystal-clear, this is why they feel free to take liberties with men.

Sagittarius woman in sex

As in any other aspect, in sex Sagittarius woman is active, hot, resourceful, emotional and open. This is what makes these women excellent lovers. However, they find themselves in a difficult situation if their partner is passive in sex and falls short of passion. This may be a good reason for breaking up with him. The Sagittarius woman likes to loosen up and expects the same from her partner.

Sagittarius woman in marriage

Unlike many other zodiac signs, Sagittarius women do not dream of getting married because they value their independence. They are not afraid of remaining unmarried, and they find pleasure in living alone, but it does not necessarily mean that they hate men. The character of the Sagittarius woman makes it difficult for her to become a bride. You should explain to her that you are not going to deprive her of liberty and hobbies. In family life, the Sagittarius woman tries to avoid conflicts by being straightforward and honest. Her husband can rely on her, though she may shock him by some actions that are inappropriate for a married woman.

Sagittarius woman as lady of the house

When she gets married, the Sagittarius woman uses her wild energy to build a nest. She is not inspired by the daily grind and tries to brighten it up a bit by adding new colours and making experiments. Women born under this zodiac sign often rearrange their living space. Sagittarius women like to spend money, and marriage does not kill this habit, but her priorities change – she starts to spend more on the house and family.

Sagittarius woman in marriage

Sagittarius is a good friend who is always in a good mood, she has a rampant imagination, and because of that children feel comfortable in her company. At the same time, these women can be very demanding: they always find for their children what to do to develop their potential, however, they often realize their dreams by this way. If children set themselves against these hobbies, the mother is not going to persist, and she will just look for other variants.

Best match for the Sagittarius woman

The Sagittarius woman is compatible with representatives of such zodiac signs as Gemini, Aries, Leo, Aquarius, and Libra.

Best gift to the Sagittarius woman

If you need to find a gift for a Sagittarius woman, it is no wonder that you are nervous. People who surround this woman usually know who they are dealing with. As the Sagittarius woman is very active, you can buy a package holiday to a place she has never been to. If this idea is too ambitious for your budget, you can give her some travel accessories, etc. A good gift to a Sagittarius woman is a household appliance or other things that help to deal with the household activities she hates so much. You can buy her a dish, but certainly, it should be expensive and beautiful, she will be pleasant to get anything that makes her house a more comfortable place. If your present is a piece of jewelry, you can add a surprise or play a prank in order to cheer her up.