Sagittarius Man

Personal Traits of a Sagittarius Man: What Is He Like?

Physical appearance of the Sagittarius man

All you need to know about The Sagittarius Man: his behaviour & characteristics - at work, in love, in sex, in marriage, as a mother, the best gift for him.As a rule that these men look respectable, because they have a majestic body that gives that impression in any clothes. Sagittarius men often become fatter round the middle, and, on top of it, they believe that the tummy makes them more respectable. Most often they wear business-style clothing, however, they can choose bright colors, especially those that are mellow and expressive. People born under this zodiac sign like expensive jewelry, for example, massive golden rings and even bracelets. Besides, they have a weakness for prestigious watches.

Behavior of the Sagittarius man

Sagittarius men have an open, charming smile and clear mind that is full of ideas, this is why people around them often have a liking for them. What their heart thinks the tongue speaks, however, people rarely take it as an offense because they understand that these men are sincere and unable to act underhandedly. Sagittarius men are clever and pleasant interlocutors, you can always talk to them, and even discuss abstract ideas. They know how to spark the interest of other people in their ideas and prefer to be in the society of those friends who share their interests. They take up any new activity with passion. However old this man was, his soul is always young.

Fortune favors Sagittarius men, and they can tell a few stories of lucky misses. It is curious that their close friends and relatives become more optimistic in their company begin to believe in miracles and enjoy the favor of fortune.

Sagittarius men sometimes make an impression of people who can offend and humiliate on purpose, but this feeling is nothing more than a consequence of their frankness and honesty. However, they may be so straightforward, that it seems unhealthy. Sagittarius men rarely act meaning ill to anybody, and they are not revengeful.

If they spoil relations with other people, the reason is that they dislike commitment of any kind. They hate limitations, even if they are, in fact, accepted standards of conduct. Sagittarius men can suddenly leave a familiar spot if they get a new idea, this is why they often have the reputation of unreliable men of no great depth, but this opinion is wrong in most cases.

Sagittarius man at work

Sagittarius men have diversified interests, and they are interested in a large variety of professions and any other human activity. Thanks to their incessant desire for knowledge and curiosity, they always expand the horizons.
Sagittarius men manage to realize their dreams thanks to their brilliant professional aptitude, for example, the gift for thinking strategically, work with information. Whatever Sagittarius man does, he does it with his whole heart. However, he may exaggerate its importance, but it helps his cause. The only thing that misdirects him is his inclination to ignite fast and slack even faster.

Sagittarius man in love

Sagittarius men are charming, and they know how to keep the attention of a woman alive. In any company, they find themselves at the heart of it all, which often makes their partners feel uncomfortable. As says the horoscope, Sagittarius men cannot lie, therefore, when he says that he loves you, or makes a compliment, he is sincere. He likes to speak about himself, his fate, and he does it in his characteristical frank manner with a bit of boasting.
Sagittarius men are amorous by nature, and life brings them many affairs but in every little adventure, this man is faithful to his partner. He is not a hunter: if his courtship is not successful, the crossed love does not hurt him – Sagittarius quickly finds another object of adoration.

Sagittarius man in sex

Men born under this zodiac sign are good lovers who are sensitive and sensual by nature. It happens quite often that Sagittarius men get interested not only in the physical aspect but also in the spiritual aspect – they want to be friends with their partner and discuss with them interesting topics. They like it when their partners have their own ideas, interests, and hobbies.

Sagittarius man in marriage

As they fear any commitment, Sagittarius men are uptight about marriage, and they prefer free love. Often they break up at the height of the relationship if they feel that the registration of the marriage is the next step. As a rule, it is their partner who takes the initiative. Because of their peculiar character Sagittarius men rarely find a woman who suits him in all aspects. She will have to be very patient because this man is afraid of losing his liberty. She will have to adjust to his active lifestyle, be easy outgoing, be interested in the same things as her husband, treat with indulgence all his “great projects” and take no heed of his straightforward remarks. However, if she manages to adapt to living with him, this woman will see how passionate and sincere his love can be. Nevertheless, Sagittarius men usually have more than one marriage in their life.

Sagittarius man as master of the house

Even unclouded happiness in family life is not a guarantee that this incorrigible rogue and hopeless romantic does not fly the nest. Sagittarius men do not spend most of their time at home; they are not interested in household activities. They may organize an event for their family, for example, they can start a spring-cleaning, outline the roles, but when it comes to action, they prefer to do something else.

Sagittarius man as a father

Children like spending time with their Sagittarius father because he is a bright personality and a kind and understanding friend. This father knows how to capture their attention with his interesting ideas, and he has enough energy to participate in noisy games. Often Sagittarius men take care not only of their children but also of their children’s friends. This man wants to be proud of his children, and this is why he may be strict sometimes if he wants them to achieve some important goals.

Best match for the Sagittarius man

The Sagittarius man is compatible with representatives of such zodiac signs as Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius.

Best gift to the Sagittarius man

When choosing a gift for a Sagittarius man, you should keep in mind that even if he seems to have an easy disposition, he always has ambitions goals and wants to reach a high position in society. This is why you should emphasize his achievements, or his status, for example, you can give a prestigious wrist watch (or a good copy), a piece of jewelry or an expensive accessory. A hookah, something for sports, a set of poker cards or hunting knives will help him to spend time in a pleasant company – and he loves it. An interesting book is a good present for a quiet time in the armchair. A perfect gift for the Sagittarius man is an entertainment that has been organized for him, for example, a trip, but you should take into account what he likes to do. Pranks and surprises do not offend him.