Pisces Woman

Personal Traits of a Pisces Woman: What Is She Like?

Physical appearance of the Pisces woman

Any Pisces woman can serve as a model of womanhood and romanticism. She is not seductive – she has a special charm. Thanks to their brilliant taste, Pisces women can intensify this impression.

Behaviour of the Pisces woman

All you should know about Pisces Woman according horoscopeThe elegant and exquisite Pisces women like to be in the limelight. They look for a society that would be as respectable and Bohemian as they are.

Even if the Pisces woman has a strong character and inner energy resources, she still looks like a charming girl who needs protection. Pisces women are powerful personalities though they may need moral support from her partner. These ladies are sentimental, dreamy, and, alas, whining. They are under the influence of the Moon. If the Moon is full, it makes Pisces women buoyant and joyful while they become apathetic, inactive, and even depressed in a new moon.

Communicating with a Pisces woman is easy because she is not used to shouting and quarreling. If there is a conflict situation, they prefer to keep away from it. It is not that they are so kind and humane: Pisces women are afraid of loud sounds, anxieties, and problems because they love peace and silence. They often lack self-confidence and cover it up with excessive jokes. These women are good at avoiding difficulties, for example, they can even fake sickness. As the horoscope tells us, the Pisces woman often achieves more thanks to her softness and tact than women of other zodiac signs by bitter struggle.

Pisces woman at work

Women born under this zodiac sign have specific relations with work. They prefer to be housewives and hope that their partner will accept it. However, there is an opposite group of Pisces women who can be very hardworking and ambitious. There are even those who choose a job that may seem too difficult to other people if they believe that it serves a higher purpose, for example, they can become good nurses. On the whole, Pisces women’s goal in life is to help people. They want to feel that their job is useful. People born under this zodiac sign are quite artistic so they can achieve success on stage or in any other field of art.

Pisces woman in love

The sentimental and sensitive Pisces woman is not amorous, however, logical it might seem, – she is ready to spend ages waiting for her prince charming. But if she finally falls in love, this feeling takes all her actions in control. The Pisces woman will not think twice if her partner is worth her love because in her eyes he will be flawless. However, a Pisces woman is capable of cheating on her partner despite her deep love for him. Perhaps, she won’t even understand why she does it.

Pisces woman in sex

These charming and elegant women have their perception of a perfect sexual life. In the first place, they want to hear beautiful words and compliments. If their partner is not used to such sensitivity, this union will not last long. Most often Pisces women choose brutal, strong and charismatic men but there are also cases when they date weak and emotionally unstable people. In these circumstances, they become their guardians. It should be noted that their first partner is usually a romantic and gentle guy.

Pisces woman in marriage

These women usually get married to good-tempered men that cannot be called sexual, strictly speaking – this is how they feel secure. However, they dream of a different man – a man who combines romanticism with outstanding physical abilities, a moderate disarray in clothes and deliberately rude manners. Their mind often creates a sweet fantasy of how they run away with a hot lover. In spite of these dreams, the Pisces woman still lives with her husband and seems to be a perfect wife. Though a wedding ring cannot curb their sexual instincts so, they can have an affair even if their family life seems to be idyllic.

Pisces woman as lady of the house

The Pisces woman knows how to make a home that would be cozy and warm. At the same time, they are not too accurate: they women sleep well even if there is a huge pile of unwashed clothes and dust lies on all surfaces. Because of her peculiar character, she likes to cook in order to surprise her guests; however, there is little chance she will do the same for the members of her family. Representatives of this zodiac sign like living in luxury but they usually leave financial issues to other people. They are unable to save money: it won’t be a surprise if they spend everything in a useless thing.

Pisces woman as a mother

The Pisces woman cares most about the inner world of her children and their spiritual development. These ladies don’t make their children do anything they do not want and often give them a full freedom which they cannot use properly. The Pisces woman is far from being strict, principled, and consistent. However, their children usually become interesting personalities because their mother helps them to develop their talents. Children love their Pisces mother because she is their best friend.

Best match for the Pisces woman

The Pisces woman is compatible with representatives of such zodiac signs as Scorpio, Taurus, and Capricorn.

Best gift to the Pisces woman

Choosing a gift to a Pisces woman you should keep in mind that she loves jewelry but it is difficult to buy a piece of it that she will appreciate. If the gift is not elegant, she will hardly ever wear it. Anything you give her as a present should be exquisite, whether it is a piece of furniture, perfume, or slippers. These representatives of the fair sex like romantic innuendos, various hints, and hidden messages, and if your present has one of this things, it is likely to make a strong impression on her.