Pisces Man

Personal Traits of a Pisces Man: What Is He Like?

Physical appearance of the Pisces man

All you should know about Pisces Man according horoscopeRepresentatives of this zodiac sign are anxious about their appearance. All Pisces people spend a lot of time elaborating their style, and Pisces men are no exception to this rule. These men are refined, they cannot be called brutal, moreover, under the influence of Neptune, they may seem womanlike. However, it doesn’t mean that their character corresponds their appearance. The Pisces man often looks like a Bohemian because he wears bright shirts, fashionable jeans and dishevels his hair. There is nothing business about their style.

Behaviour of the Pisces man

Representatives of this zodiac sign are not deprived of compassion, so other people see in them a shoulder to cry on. The Pisces man usually has a well-defined circle of contacts. They share a lot with their friends: for example, the frame of mind. However, there have been a lot of cases when close friends exploit their kindness and tact by loading them with all their problems. Worst of all, Pisces men are not quite the people who can withstand it. They are ready to lend their ear and give a hand but afterward they will themselves require some help because they have a delicate psyche. Pisces men need at least one sympathetic friend who will protect them. They try to cover up their weaknesses because they believe that showing them is unmanly.

There is no guarantee it will be easy to build a relationship with a Pisces man: they are touchy and sensitive people who can lose their balance in no time at all. Either anger and irritation beset them or they shrink into themselves and become silent. Their emotional instability and mood swings often make relations with other people more difficult.

Pisces man at work

It is quite difficult for Pisces men to achieve success at work though they have the potential to do it. They often don’t use natural talents remaining in the world of their dreams. The Pisces man can even forget that you can be successful only if you work hard. They dream of being well-off, famous or respected but most often they just wait for it to come out of the blue. If a Pisces man becomes more realistic and persistent, he can make a name, especially in art. Pisces men are always seeking an easier way to success, and they don’t like hard work. If they don’t find a favorite profession before they are 25 years old, there is little chance the will make a career.

Pisces man in love

To love a Pisces man you should be a sensitive woman who likes to dominate in the relationship. A representative of this zodiac sign can be a true ladies’ man. He has a lot of affairs that always remain a secret. The Pisces man does not tell anybody about his love affairs, even to close friends though they have a lot to boast about because their private life is always intense.

Pisces men tend to glamorize their partner. If they are in love, they become blind to her faults. Despite the fact that the Pisces man is a romantic dreamer who lives on his fantasies, he still likes when there is a stable base in a love relationship. He believes that dating a woman should give the feeling of safety and satisfaction. However, Pisces men themselves are no examples of faithfulness. They easily give in to temptation; besides, the problem is that they always come to help when a woman asks for it, and their partners usually do not appreciate the way they do it.

Pisces man in sex

In sexual life the Pisces man in quite romantic, they know how to win a woman’s heart. The best weapon of their repertoire is the way they speak to representatives of the fair sex. People born under this zodiac sign have the reputation of good lovers though sex with them is not always passionate from the physical standpoint. Women fall for their sensitiveness and understanding; besides, they like their rich imagination that can make an ordinary date into something unforgettable. These are sensitive, passionate men who know want a woman wants in bed.

Pisces man in marriage

Pisces men don’t hurry to get married, and they are not too enthusiastic about marriage. And a cozy family house is not quite the thing they want. They rarely propose without outer incentive; moreover, they take this step only if their woman desperately wants it.

Pisces men don’t aspire to be head of the family because they prefer to let their wife ti take all the responsibility. They are impractical people who never care about tomorrow, don’t save up for a rainy day because they like spending a lot of money. They cannot even elaborate a detailed plan. The woman who wants to get married to a Pisces man should be delicate and patient, for example, she should not blame him for wishful thinking; besides, you should redirect his energy in a different direction.

As the horoscope warns us, when a Pisces man gets married, he takes care of his family, but he wants each member to prove their love for him. He is a soft and delicate person, and it is impossible to understand each process that goes on in his soul even if you have been together for tens of years. If you try to pass this threshold, he will become reserved and frigid. Besides, the Pisces man is a good actor, and he can hide his true feelings and emotions so that people around get a false impression about what they feel.

Pisces man as master of the house

Men born under this zodiac sign dream of being well-off but they are rarely capable of achieving financial success: most of them are no men of business. If a Pisces man manages to provide for a large family, it is highly unlikely that he earned this money thanks to his hard work. They usually find other ways to get into big money, and sometimes their methods are even beyond an honest life. To improve their productivity, you should disturb them from time to time and make them awake from their reveries and do some real work.

Pisces man as a father

Pisces men become good friends with their children. They always know how to spend time together: they tell bedtime stories and teach their child to be attentive, merciful, and kind to people. The Pisces man gets pleased when the child tells hi his deeper secrets. He often gives them the things which he wanted to have as a child to make their life comfortable and easy. The communication between the two generations is flawless while the child is still small. However, when he or she is a teenager, some difficulties arise. These fathers find it difficult to be strict so the children don’t have a good tight hand over them and it often has a negative impact on their character.

Best match for the Pisces man

The Pisces man is compatible with representatives of such zodiac signs as Taurus, Scorpio, and Capricorn.

Best gift to the Pisces man

Choosing a gift to a Pisces man can be quite difficult because of their delicate psyche and mood swings. Household appliances, gadgets, and car accessories that work for other zodiac signs are not good options when it comes to the Pisces man. However, there is a chance that he will like these presents but they should be professional and of very quite quality. If you are looking for something cheap, choose an elegant and simple gift. Moreover, there can be an underlying message in it that only this Pisces man can interpret.