Pisces Birthstone

What’s The Birthstone For Pisces Zodiac?

 Representatives of this sign are the puzzle for others and for themselves. These sociable, sensitive, kindly and friendly people are liked by everyone around. Pisces is capable of a deep understanding of others, but they a rarely succeed in understanding themselves. The representatives of Pisces sign “go with the flow”.

Pisces is a contradictory sign; they are full of opposite traits. These people are creative and very capable persons who do not have specific life direction in which they would like to develop and grow. The representatives of this sign are not against money and fame but do not strive for them. Pisces is capable of self – improvement, nd development, but this can be done only by the most suborn and purposeful representatives of this zodiac sign.

Pisces cannot be in the same mood for a long time: optimism and inspiration are replaced by depression and apathy and then again faith returns to them. These people are altruistic by nature and have a strong desire to help others, always forgetting of their own desires and needs.

Among the positive qualities of Pisces, it can be named: softness, the desire to help others, creativity, hospitality, compassion and communication skills. Negative qualities are dependence, indecision, depressiveness, excessive credulity, uncertainty in their own needs and desires.

How To Select Pisces Birthstone By The Date Of Birth

Aventurine is the Best talisman for Pisces Zodiac Sign according to the horoscope.Pisces of the first decade (from the 21st of February to the 1st of March) are dreamers and romantics who need changes. Saturn is their patron. This planet makes Pisces of the first decade somewhat detached from life and its problems. People, who are born on this dates, should have strong crystals as aventurine, moonstone, bloody jasper, amethyst or tiger’s eye.

The representatives of the sign, who are born in the second decade from the 2nd of March to the 11th of March, are honest and open-minded people. The patronage of Jupiter makes Pisces of the second decade sensitive to recognizing their merits and glory. To achieve these benefits will help the following crystals: hairy, opal, pearl, heliotrope and corals.

People, who have their birthdays in the period from the 12th of March to the 20th of March, belong to Pisces of the third decade. Their patron is Mars. They are sociable, cheerful and slightly capricious people. The representatives of this decade claim the many blessings of life and try to achieve all them on their own. The talismans of Pisces of the third decade are diamond, tourmaline, alexandrite, aquamarine, sapphire, chrysolite, and emerald.

The Best Stones For Pisces, Talismans, And Amulets

Crystals-talismans can bring energy and strength for Pisces. One of such crystal is opal. The representatives of this sign, who want to be happy in love and family relationships, should wear this mineral. As we have already learnt Pisces are idealists and romantics, so that’s why they need to have Opal, which will protect them from evil and envy people. This mineral gives life forces and also increases psychic and physiological endurance.Opal is the Best talisman for Pisces Zodiac Sign according to the horoscope

Protecting others, the representatives of this zodiac sign are usually defenseless by themselves. Gagat, as a talisman, will help Pisces greatly to find the inner energy. This mineral protects from the evil eye, envy people, and spoilage. Gagat will increase the resistance of Pisces; help them in the fight against different difficulties and problems. The talisman with Gagat will make the owner wiser and more circumspect.

The source of optimism, joy, hope and good mood for Pisces will be heliodor. Gem will lift the mood; help the owner to forget about any depression and deep melancholy. Heliodor will reveal the talents of Pisces for society, what’s more important for themselves. This mineral will increase self-esteem and social status.

Pisces have a habit of getting nervous over trifles and panicking. Moonstone will help them to calm down. The talisman with this mineral will comfort, bring a good mood, relieve stress and show pleasant dreams.Moonstone is the Best talisman for Pisces Zodiac Sign according to the horoscope

A talisman with aquamarine will weaken Pisces shortcomings and teach them to take care of themselves. The crystal will restore justice, give self-esteem and courage. Aquamarine will protect Pisces from the excessive waste of energy in helping surrounding people especially for those who do not deserve it.

Jasper will return the representatives of this zodiac sign “from heaven to earth” and will contribute to getting knowledge.

A talisman with chrysolite will give Pisces an understanding of their activeness, bestow confidence and courage.

Coral is the Best talisman for Pisces Zodiac Sign according to the horoscopePisces is an uncertain and hypochondriac sign. Responsible decisions are given to them with difficulty. Coral is able to bring the representatives of this sign confidence in their own abilities. This mineral will help to gather, improve logical thinking and intuition. The talisman with coral will help to level mental state. As an amulet, this mineral protects from damage, attracts love and money. People who wear coral observe in their lives many interesting events.

Hematite is useful for those Pisces who are going to swim against the usual course of life. The gem will give energy for achieving goals. Hematite will prompt the right decision and the right direction. 

Lucky Gems And Birthstones For Pisces Woman

Cahalong (pearl agate) is a rare gem. This mineral is a beautiful talisman for the woman, who is born under Pisces zodiac sign. Pearl Agate can attract happiness and love. This crystal suits to all representatives of fair sex, who belong to the zodiac sign – Pisces, no matter of their status or age. Cahalong will give women confidence and teach to trust people.Cahalong is the Best talisman for Pisces Women Zodiac Sign according to the horoscope

Aquamarine will bring to Pisces women looseness, braveness, and self-confidence. This crystal will help to maintain soul harmony and calmness, will give strength to achieve goals.

A talisman with a moonstone will help Pisces women not to forget that they are women. The talisman with this crystal will return attractiveness, femininity, grace, and softness. If moonstone was presented by a beloved man, the gem will be an amulet of this relationship.

Lucky Gems and Birthstones For Pisces Man

Pisces men always have a limited inner world which makes it difficult for them to find a common dialog with others. A talisman with aquamarine will help to the representatives of this sign begin to develop a spiritual life. This crystal will strengthen intuition; will open consciousness for new knowledge. Aquamarine will help Pisces to fight intrigues. It will not allow soul become hard and closed.

Amethyst will help Pisces men to believe in themselves to become more confident in their forces. The talisman will raise the energy level, restore the body. Amethyst will teach Pisces men to use their own strength; they will become harmonious persons. This gem will allow understanding the world and the owner’s inner world.Amethyst is the Best talisman for Pisces Men Zodiac Sign according to the horoscope

An ornament with pearl will bring the representatives of the sign Pisces good luck in business, instill confidence in his strength and attract financial well-being. This crystal will teach Pisces men to take care not only of others but also do not forget about themselves.

Bad Stones and Gems For Pisces Zodiac Sign

Virgo is the opposite zodiac sign to Pisces, that’s why the crystals that are suitable to Virgo can be harmful to Pisces. Pisces shouldn’t have such crystals as sardonyx, obsidian, jasper, onyx, lapis lazuli, yellow topaz, and olivineWearing crystals of dark or red color can lead to depression of weak representatives of the sign.

Pisces, as a weak sign, shouldn’t have in the talismans jade. This crystal returns Pisces into fanatical workaholics. Jade will attract loneliness to Pisces and make it difficult to communicate with others. This crystal will make the owner a martyr and a sufferer; will force to give up even in the tiny failure.