Libra Woman

Personal Traits of a Libra Woman: What is she like?

Physical appearance of the Libra womanTo fully understand the Libra woman, you should know what personality traits she has and how these traits influence her behavior. Find out what she is like in love, sex and marriage according to the horoscope for the Libra zodiac sign.

Women born under the sign of Libra are considered to be the pearl of charm. They are incredibly attractive, tender, charming, gentle; they should be thankful for these qualities to their ruling planet, Venus. Men get impressed by their refined manners, elegance, and friendliness. These women can differ in appearance, but they all have some unique charm.

Behavior of the Libra

Despite the seeming charm and feminity, Libra women have a logical and masculine way of thinking; they are brilliant and smart. These women rarely make the wrong choice though we should note that decision-making is not easy for them because of congenital indecision.

Even if the Libra woman outstrips somebody in intelligence, she won’t put the person in a humiliating situation, when they communicate, they show friendliness and delicacy. It is easy to accept the help offered by a Libra woman, and their sensible advice can be of great value to anyone.

Libra women often make an impression of weak women that need protection. Indeed, it is often true: they look for a stronger, more active and resolute man to support them. They will not resort to dishonesty or betrayal in a difficult situation. People around them are grateful to Libra women that they don’t shout and never show their irritation or bad mood. Libra women often retire into their shell, keep silent and become detached, though their natural friendliness and other positive traits of character outweigh their shortcomings.

Libra woman at work

Libra women want to be well-off. They love their life to be comfortable and full of various conveniences and pleasures, which comes at a high price. At the same time, Libra women dislike hard work, especially physical work: there were never meant for it. However, they still can work very hard.

They prefer to choose professions that have something to do with communication with people or art. The periods of high performance and enthusiasm give place to indifference and slackness. The horoscope tells us that Libra women will be happy to seize the opportunity not to work if the husbands are ready to provide for them.

Libra woman in love

Most often men adore Libra women because they are skillful temptresses who can soften a man’s heart. The Libra woman can break off a love relationship without fuss; she will not get too emotional over it. To feel satisfied, Libra women should enjoy attention and love and have feelings for him. The mind of a lady deeply in love turns her object of love into an idol, she becomes lovely, gentle, affable and is ready to forget about her relatives and friends.

Libra woman in sex

Paternalized by Venus, the Libra woman could not be indifferent to carnal delights. What is particular about Virgo women’s attitude to sex is that they mainly get physical, not moral pleasure, and are OK with it. If women of others zodiac signs can get very emotional after a night stand, Libra women surprise men with their nonchalance, tranquility; they behave as if nothing happened.

Libra woman in marriage

Women of this zodiac sign don’t hurry to get married. At heart they are quite changeable, their love affairs often are superficial and short. These women like to win men’s hearts. Because of their character, Libra women cannot live a long family life with a man who is not reliable enough. They want to share with him their duties and the burden of everyday problems. The spouse becomes the main figure in their life, even children and parents fade into the background. The Libra woman is a delicate, patient, noble, benevolent partner, and no man will regret marrying her. As it was already noted, Libra women love pleasures and comfortable life, but it doesn’t mean that they will get it by piggy-backing on the spouse.

Libra woman as a lady of the house

Representatives of this zodiac sign like to have everything in order; otherwise, they will feel discomfort. The Libra woman shows an excellent taste setting up the house; she loves to be surrounded by everything beautiful and exquisite. The Libra woman likes to decorate the house by buying candles, flowers, and pictures. When you come to her house, it always smells well, and you can relax there like nowhere else.

Libra woman as a mother

Libra women are not at all obsessed with the idea of having children because their attention is always focused on the husband, and his interests will be above all. She will not let the children make too much noise as it can disturb the father and will try to strengthen his authority in their eyes. Libra women treat children with respect and never apply undeserved punishments. They are rather strict, but at the same time gentle and careful, they always find a common language, give children a good education, and teach them good manners.

Best match for the Libra woman

The Libra woman is compatible with representatives of such zodiac signs as Leo, Gemini, Aquarius, and Sagittarius.

Best gift to the Libra woman

Libra women are not too particular about gifts, and if the gift is chosen with love and taste, it will be appreciated. If the budget allows, it is a good idea to present a trip to an exotic place; however, you can please the Libra woman even with less expensive gifts. An excellent gift for the Libra woman is jewelry, especially one with stones: these ladies have a passion for them. They also like any lovely knickknacks, beautiful objects for decorating the house, sweets, books, and stylish clothes.