Libra Birthstone

What’s the Birthstone for Libra Zodiac?

Representatives of Libra sign are extraordinary, changeable, impulsive, unstable, people with constantly changing mood. These persons have a high coefficient of intellect and well- developed intuition. The quarrel with this zodiac sign can be endless; they find the argument to object to the opponent. Periods of big activity to the representatives of this sign should change with rest; otherwise, there is a risk of overwork.

Libra persons know how to win a respect and attract people. It’s very important for the representatives of this sign to feel that they are needed. The negative side of this quality is some kind of duplicity; Libra wants to please everyone, that’s why you should be changeable. The positive features of this zodiac sign are kindness, sincerity, prudence, justice, and sociability. As flaws can be named indecision, laziness, imperiousness coupled with a week will, fear of loneliness, a dependence of someone else opinion, narcissism.

How To Select Libra Birthstone By The Date Of Birth

Libra persons of the first decade (from the 24th of September to the 2nd of October) are tender, kind and soft people, they are influenced by Venus. Often these people do not have enough strength of their character to stand up for themselves.  There are crystals which are suitable for the representatives of Libra sign of the first decade, jasper, lapis lazuli, quartz, rhinestone, amethyst, malachite, moonstone, and diamond.

Best talisman for Libra Zodiac Sign according to the horoscope.Representatives of this zodiac sign that are born in the second decade (from the 3rd of October to the 13th of October) are patronized by the planet Saturn. These people are modest workers for the benefit of the family and society. They don’t have the negative habit to demand the fame or money for their work.  For Libra persons of the second decade, there are necessary crystals that help them to spend more time on themselves, to love ones and do not feel any remorse cause of it. The following crystals are good for those people: zircon, emerald, amethyst, opal, ruby, topaz, tourmaline, sapphire.

The planet Jupiter protects the representatives of Libra sign born in the third decade (from the 14th of October to the 23rd of October). These persons are the most refined natures, who value life and its benefits.  Aquamarine, diamond, tourmaline, sapphire, topaz, ruby, chrysoprase, beryl, emerald are the crystals, which are suitable for Libra persons of the third decade.

The Best Stones For Libra, Talismans, And Amulets

Lazurite will make Libra persons luckier and more persistent will help to achieve the big success in the chosen activity. This crystal will help its owner to prove himself. Ornaments with these crystals will strengthen friendly and love relationships, present happiness and joy. Lapis lazuli may help the owner to concentrate on the rest and relieve emotional tension.

Diamond is a symbol of transparency and moral purity of Libra. It’s one of the main crystals of this sign. This crystal will be able to give the owner the necessary firmness of the spirit that will give an opportunity to make independent decisions. Diamond is an amulet, it can reflect a negative energy directed towards its owner. This mineral will push the representatives of the Libra sign to the right direction and will stimulate their activity.

Beryl talisman for Libra Zodiac Sign according to the horoscopeBeryl will strengthen family and friendly ties. This mineral is an excellent amulet for the representatives of this sign. The gem will strike a balance that is so necessary for so changeable nature of Libra persons. It also establishes eternal balance. Beryl will help Libra in scientific and philosophical research, will favorably influence the mind and thinking of the owner. The mineral will protect Libra from the danger in a long journey.

Coral helps to save youth and takes care of the skin. This is one of the best amulets for the representatives of the most beautiful side of humanity. Coral will bring the owner an ability to think quickly, rationally and also to form their point of view which is not depended on others. Coral will protect from evil people, spoilage, envy and an evil eye.

Tourmaline will save the representatives of this zodiac sign from the duality of thoughts and actions. The gem will help to be an integral person. The talisman with tourmaline will give an opportunity to make independent decisions, not depending on the changeable mood of Libra. The owners of this crystal are balanced and calm people, as this mineral creates harmony between the eternal energy flows.

Sapphire will contribute to the stability of Libra. With it the representatives of this sign will be able to withstand from all body and spiritual ills. The talisman with sapphire will save from treachery of enemies and friends.

Amethyst will be a bodyguard of the peace of mind, bring prudence and tranquility. This talisman will strengthen the will power against to some temptations (including drugs), protect against harmful influence from the outside: deceases, evil fate, nostalgia, evil eye, and magic. The gem will save from stormy passions.

Amber, worn on the index finger, can be very useful for the representatives of Libra sign. This crystal helps to make a right decision in love relationships and friendship. This crystal also attracts an attention of the partner.

Lucky Gems and Birthstones for Libra Woman

Opal will balance an inconstant mood of the Libra women, bring stability. It is a crystal of loyalty and reliability.

The crystal of peace and good luck – turquoise – will save from the evil eye and give happiness. It can quench a quarrel and enmity and protect in the journey.

Beryl is a wonderful amulet, it has powerful protective forces.

Amethyst set in silver will be able to strengthen the will of the representative of the most beautiful side of humanity. This crystal also has the ability to drive away bad thoughts. Amethyst can bring happiness to its owner.

Ornaments with malachite for Libra Woman Zodiac Sign according to the horoscope Ornaments with malachite gives harmony and attractiveness, that what the women of that sign need. This crystal will bring a beneficial effect on creativity of its owner. Malachite is also capable of slowing down aging.

Talisman with a cat’s eye will protect from the negative energy.

Lucky Gems and Birthstones For Libra Man

finger ring Aquamarine for Libra Man Zodiac Sign according to the horoscopeAquamarine stabilizes the mood swings of the representatives of the sign Libra. This amulet will contribute to the establishment of any kind of relationships. Thanks to this crystal Libra is able to get together, and not allow to bad mood and negative emotions to spoil the relationships.

Opal will bring to its owner peace, harmony and friendship, smooth out the transition from apathy to an active position. The talisman of this crystal will not allow to the representatives of the Libra sign to go the extreme ways and withstand different abuses. With the protection of opal, Libra men can redirect their energy to good needs.

To clear a mess of thoughts and stabilize the mood will help the talisman with tourmaline. It will give optimism, faith, and hope of the best life. Tourmaline gently returns from the sky to the ground “flying in the clouds”, the representatives of that zodiac sign. It helps Libra men tirelessly to achieve success and brilliantly cope with their own affairs.

Zircon will help in business, bring credibility to business negotiations and give eloquence. This talisman attracts to itself favorable offers and financial blessings. The ring with zircon gives an opportunity of making quick right decisions.

Beryl will return Libra men forces, optimistic and cheerfulness of spirit.

Bad Stones and Gems For Libra Zodiac Sign

Representatives of Libra sign should not wear ornaments with onyx and serpentine. As the zodiac sign, Libra is opposite to Aries. Libra persons shouldn’t have ornaments that are suitable for Aries, such as carnelian, rhodolite, sardonyx, hematite and the vast majority of crystals with the bright red, bloody color.