Leo Woman

Personal Traits of Leo Woman: What Is She Like?

Physical appearance of the Leo woman

Read a complete guide on the Leo woman. She is unpredictable, but tempting, you will never regret that you have met her.

The woman born under this zodiac sign is convinced that she is a queen, and she will stay in character. The Leo woman pays enormous attention to her appearance, and her efforts to make it better are not wasted: she makes an impression of a brilliant beauty with fine manners that has good taste. She always goes to the best hairdressers, wears clothes of celebrated brands, likes to hear deserved compliments, treating them with a degree of condescension. Leo women love luxury, gloss, brightness in everything, beginning from perfumes and finishing with the house interior.

Behavior of the Leo woman

Leo women like to be in a refined aristocratic company. They adore various receptions, parties, other events where they can satisfy their need for communication with clever, sociable people, and also show their wit and ability to keep up any small talk. Leo women like to listen to gossips, but they rarely fall to sheer platitude in a discussion.

As a rule, representatives of this zodiac sign prefer a society of men, but they also feel comfortable among women in spite of the fact that they see them as dangerous rivals. The Leo woman’s attentive and friendly behavior helps her to win even female hearts. Such women are often openly imitated, they are considered to be a symbol of style, but at the same time, people value their intelligence.

Leo woman at work

These women are inclined to choose professions that assume a certain degree of publicity, creativity, freedom of action and intensive communication with people. Being representatives of a “man’s” sign, Leo women possess a number of traits of the stronger sex that promote their professional progress. People born under the sign of Leo are focused on continuous career development and getting good positions including the leading ones. At the same time, they work so much not only to earn enough money, but also to have one more opportunity to fascinate.

Leo woman in love

Leo women make an indelible impression on the stronger sex with very little effort. The Leo woman needs to flirt and feel continuous admiration of her person in order not to lose confidence in her irresistible charm. She is seductive but also unpredictable and impulsive. These women look for love but aren’t always ready to deep self-sacrificing feelings, and they aren’t capable of loving the man with all the heart. The Leo woman is faithful to her husband, but she can go off “hunting” if she understands that her feelings are a thing of the past this is why she craves constant attention. Quite often these women are surrounded with intrigues, and their heart is a desirable prize for several men whose actions the Leo woman controls skillfully and not without secret pleasure.

Leo woman in sex

The Leo woman is interested in sex but not in the way her partner expects judging by her incredible attractiveness and passion. The temper of the Leo woman mainly depends on what kind of man is her partner. The horoscope warns us that Leo women like to tease men and to fire up their imagination, but the date itself can make a poor impression.

Leo woman in marriage

The Leo woman is a perfect wife in her best embodiment, and she is friendly and quiet. She is a soft woman with whom it is comfortable to communicate, in particular, thanks to her congenital readiness to compromise. However, if her self-esteem is repeatedly injured, the man will see by his side an angry, irritated and haughty creature that is making his life miserable. When married, even a faithful Leo woman doesn’t refuse signs of attention from the stronger sex, but this is rather her way to stand out, than a real desire to start a love affair. Leo women aren’t so thoughtless as to go to forget about the family, besides, from the very beginning they choose a person that meets their rather great demands.

Leo woman as a lady of the house

Crossing the threshold of her house, the Leo woman doesn’t stop to be a queen, and she doesn’t lose the luster that is so much admired by the public. She almost always looks as if she is going out. For the Leo woman love doesn’t make a cottage a castle because she seeks to live in luxury and comfort. She spares no expense when fitting up her house. She loves gloss and luxury, and it is remarkable that her home will never look vulgarly. The Leo woman always remembers what she should do about the house and is always ready to host guests. The receptions given by her strike with magnificence and generosity, but nevertheless she doesn’t favor unexpected guests as they have dared to arrive without her permission.

Leo woman as a mother

The Leo woman can see the world through her child’s eyes, she perfectly understands him or her develops the abilities granted by nature, and also the best human qualities. Children of such mother, as a rule, have good manners and taste, but they can grow up too spoiled and wasteful, following the example of the family. The Leo mother can be quite liberal with her children, but she won’t stand disrespect and will put them in their place at once.

Best match for a Leo woman

The Leo woman is compatible with representatives of such zodiac signs as Gemini, Aries, Sagittarius, and Libra.

Best gift for a Leo woman

When choosing a gift to a Leo woman, you should take into account her need for new impressions, communication, and public attention. She will be grateful to accept a ticket to an interesting place. She will be happy to go on an excursion. A good gift for a Leo woman is jewelry, in particular, gold, and also clothes, refined bed linen, expensive decorative cosmetics, perfume, stylish accessories, for example, an elegant clutch. The Leo woman will like gifts which will make her house or workplace a better place, especially if the gift is associated with her (for example, a figurine in the form of a graceful lioness). She also likes things that belong to a higher standard of living, for example, some refined tableware or a magnificent plaid.