Leo Man

Personal Traits of a Leo Man: What Is He Like?

Physical appearance of the Leo manWhat Astrology has to say about the Leo man, his habits, traits and relationships. Learn how to handle a Leo man.

The Leo man may not be called handsome, but he is certainly imposing. His movements are tranquil and firm, and he inspires trust and respect. The Leo man goes with head held high, has a pride bearing, his soft gait reminds of a cat’s gait, but it conceals his great force. Men of this sign are used to dressing tastefully and elegantly, and they prefer expensive respectable clothes of famous brands. As the Leo man is very much preoccupied with his image, he is ready to spend a lot of money on it and knows how to show off.

Behavior of the Leo man

The Leo man is cheerful, smiling, he likes to throw bouquets and never gets lost in a crowd. Moreover, these men never try to pass unnoticed, on the contrary, they always seek to be in the limelight, to be in the thick of things. They are always surrounded by people which adore and idolize them. Absorbing the energy of worship, the Leo man shares it generously with his relatives and friends, besides, he supports them by giving money. The Leo man is used to subjugating people around but those people don’t think it’s despotism because he is, as a rule, very kind, generous, open and sociable. But the person who will dare to belittle his accomplishments, or to defy his “royal” status, learn the hard way what the lion’s claws and terrible roar are.

Leo man at work

As a rule, the Leo man holds a good position or, at least, does everything to get this appointment. He needs to be the winner in his profession, besides, he has all the personal qualities he needs to come off with flying colors from a fight with his competitors. The Leo man doesn’t like heavy, routine or boring activities, but if the business is interesting to him, he will work fingers to the bone, provided that his eagerness is constantly fuelled by the fact that merits are recognized. The Leo man is very efficient and inventive, however, they often lack purposefulness and planning. But the Leo man manages to hide his carelessly performed work by bragging about it.

Leo man in love

The vain and selfish Leo man extremely needs love, romanticism, feelings that he finds communicating with the opposite sex. The Leo man chooses partners himself, and these women are always beautiful and showy. The Leo man can be gallant, behave gently, attentively, pile on the compliments and gifts, this partly explains why his courtship is almost always successful. But even loving a woman to distraction, the Leo man won’t let her control him, or become his equal; he will always remain the one who takes all the decisions. He won’t allow even a shadow of a rival to be in the way because he is extremely thin-skinned and jealous. Nothing can be done about it because it is in his character.

Leo man in sex

For the Leo man, sex is not only a physical contact, for him, but it is also something much bigger and delightful. He can very passionate in bed, but, at the same time, he is often afraid of losing his reputation as a lover if he fails to meet expectations of the partner. However, in most cases, there is no sort of reason for this, men in sex are very technical, inventive and never stint gentle words.

Leo man in marriage

Family life with a Leo man is both difficult and easy. On the one hand, man who constantly flirts with the fair sex actually isn’t ready to commit adultery at all. He is quite capable to be a faithful and loving husband provided that the spouse gives him enough attention, caress and love.

On the other hand, the Leo man believes that the spouse is his property, he tries to subordinate her to his will. He doesn’t encourage the wife to be passionate about her job, let alone her career, he likes it when all her attention is centered on the family. The Leo man is interested in all affairs of his spouse, hates her secrets and constantly tries to regulate her way of life, her style, the choice of hobbies, etc.

The horoscope warns us that the Leo man is not a person who can be teased by a flirtation with other men. This strategy can be dangerous in the literal sense of the word because jealousy can make the Leo man furious.

Leo man as a master of the house

When not irritated, the Leo man can create a warm and sincere atmosphere in the house. He will arrange his family life with the maximum comfort, mainly because he will spare no expense. By the way, the Leo can have on-again, off-again difficulties with money because people of this sign are quite spendthrift. The Leo man prefers to earn more rather than to spend less.

Leo man as a father

The Leo man usually has a small family: he either has no children or the only child. He makes a remarkable, loving and attentive father. His child soon finds the way to win the father’s heart. This can be done by praise and flattery. That is why the child can get whatever he or she wants. The Leo is used to indulging his children and can easily spoil him or her. It doesn’t matter how much the Leo man loves his children, and he can be jealous of his wife’s affection for them if he gets less attention from her side.

Best match for a Leo man

The Leo man is compatible with representatives of such zodiac signs as Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius.

Best gift for a Leo man

You can choose a great gift for a Leo by taking into account his aspiration to be aware of the events and to communicate. He will certainly like a tablet, a camera, a mobile phone. It doesn’t have to be an ultramodern model but a prestigious brand name is a must. If you are not on a tight budget, you can give him a package tour or a subscription of a solid club. If the budget is much more modest, the gift for a Leo man can be chosen from accessories, for example, charms, belts, cufflinks, handbags, but at least, in their category, they should be expensive. Gifts for Leo men can be meant for the house, for example, a fireplace or a beautiful hookah, while practical gifts should be excluded from your list.