Leo Birthstone

What’s The Birthstone For Leo Zodiac?

The passionate and quick-tempered Leo is under the influence of the Sun. The representative of this fiery sign is a stranger to doubtfulness, he or she is persistent and ambitious. The warmth of Leos attracts people around; however, representatives of this sign can do without society.

Leos are cheerful and sociable optimists. Representatives of this solar sign are materialists who value prosperity. However, they are generous and big-hearted. Leos like to celebrate in style, and they are anything but hard working. Leos also find pleasure in compliments and flattery. They always care about their looks because they are in the public eye. Leos look down their nose at people around. They are supersensitive to criticism. Representatives of this solar sign are very passionate about everything. They can be fascinated by new ideas or taken with a representative of the opposite sex.

How To Select Leo Birthstone By The Date Of Birth

Saturn patronizes Leos of the first period (from July, 23 to August, 3). These people should choose powerful stones that correspond their rebellious character. These stones are tiger’s eye, moonstone, nephrite, rock crystal, carnelian and red jasper.

Leos born under the influence of Jupiter (from August, 4 to August, 12) want to make everybody follow the rules; ideally, they would like to set these rules themselves. These stubborn people like stones filled with internal light. For example, citrine, opal, onyx, jade, cat’s eye and amber.

Leos born in the period from August, 13 to August, 23 are under the influence of Mars. Leos of the third decan are the cleverest and strongest representatives of the sign. Their birthstones are those that are fit for warriors and commanders-in-chief. A few examples are ruby, zircon, topaz, emerald, sapphire, garnet, tourist’s raspberries, alexandrite and, of course, diamond.

The Best Stones For Leo, Talismans, And Amulets

Birthstone for Leo Zodiac Sign is Amber according to the horoscope.Amber is Leo’s mascot according to the horoscope. Amber helps representatives of this solar sign to become generous and cheerful; besides, it is their source of their inner peace and joy. This stone can give them creative power. Amber enhances their self-confidence and optimism.

Topaz gives rise to Leo’s optimism, banishes hatred and anger. This stone makes Leo women more beautiful and attractive while Leo men get wisdom and force. Topaz also can allay groundless fears. It attracts inspiration and prosperity.

Diamonds emphasize Leo’s grandeur and high profile. Diamonds help representatives of this sign to communicate with people around and to check their fits of anger. You should put it into a thin setting; then it will come into contact with the skin.

Heliodor replenishes the stocks of Leo’s internal energy. It gives access to the hidden energy reserves. Heliodor also enhances active logical thinking. If the Leo woman is not married, the stone paves the way to family happiness.

Tourist’s raspberries allay fears by making a good impact on body and soul. If Leos want to develop their creative potential, there is no better stone for them. Tourist’s raspberries create the feeling of safety and inner peace and help to fall asleep.

Ruby protects from heart diseases and promotes the intellectual potential of representatives of this solar zodiac sign. This stone can inspire Leos to do great deeds.

Sardonyx brings Leos luck in whatever they undertake. This stone protects from malefice and envy and guards Leos in their wanderings. A ball of sardonyx when kept in the house guards family atmosphere and helps representatives of this sign check their emotions.

Lucky Gems And Birthstones For Leo Woman

Birthstone for Leo Woman Zodiac Sign is Amber according to the horoscope.A ring with Jasper is a good charm for any Leo woman. Heliodor, flint, zircon, pink and yellow sapphires, golden quartz, amber, chrysolite, and Jasper are the best gemstones for Leo women. Hardworking and authoritative Leo women also like sardonyx, garnet, topaz, and ruby.

One of the most powerful charms for the Leo woman is a ring with amber or Jasper, which she should wear on her forefinger. The stone should be put in the golden or bronze setting because silver jewelry is not a good option for Leo women. You may as well engrave something on the ring, for example, an eagle, a lion, a swan or a peacock. All Leos prefer jewelry of round shape because it reminds them the Sun. Representatives of this sign like bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces and watches with gemstones and bracelets of round form.

Jewelry with carnelians helps the young Leo woman to bring her talents to light.

A necklace with amber helps Leos to overcome any hardship and begin a new life. A bead necklace with amber helps representatives of this sign to make the right decisions, by drawing the right conclusions, besides, it protects from diseases and the evil eye.

Garnets replenish energy supplies of the Leo women who are too sociable and active.

If the young Leo woman has few admirers, she should wear a heliodor. Mature Leo women like rubies that protect from heart diseases.

Lucky Gems and Birthstones For Leo Man

Birthstone for Leo Man Zodiac Sign is Amber according to the horoscope. Sardonyx is a good charm for the Leo man. Alexandrite helps Leos to become the leader and achieve success; besides, it gives self-confidence and brings to the fore the most positive traits of their character. Thanks to this stone Leos will not have any problems with directing activities at work because it gives them self-confidence.

Sardonyx is a charm which attracts good luck to representatives of this sign by giving them courage and determination. Leos need these personality traits to realize their large-scale ideas and plans and to climb the ladder. Sardonyx eliminates pessimism, suspiciousness, empty fears and indecision that are characteristic of representatives of this zodiac sign.

Carnelian protects Leos from failures, develops their hidden talents and attracts good luck. Young Leo men should have this stone because as they have not yet achieved anything in life, they may lack self-confidence. Carnelian helps Leos to use their potential and believe in themselves. This stone teaches how to communicate with people effectively and deal with them without any problems.

Chrysolite improves the relations between representatives of this solar sign and other people. This stone makes them more tolerant and friendly. Chrysolite uncovers Leo’s potential. Thanks to this stone Leos can attract everybody’s attention.

Bad Stones and Gems For Leo Zodiac Sign

Bad birthstones for Leo Zodiac signUnder no circumstances, Leos cannot wear turquoise! It relieves the nervous system of stresses and fears, but for Leos, it may be too much because it can lead to rash acts, and, as a result, financial losses.

Moreover, turquoise worsens the relations with people around and reduces performance in the workplace. On the whole, this stone has an adverse influence on the reproductive function and Leo’s health in general.

Leos should not wear blue stones. Aventurine makes Leos more timid, suspicious, indecisive and uncertain. Chrysoprase, pearls, amethyst, and obsidians are hardly acceptable options. These stones have some qualities that are unusual for Leo’s character and because of that Leos may have inner conflicts.