Gemini Woman

Personal Traits of a Gemini Woman: What Is She Like?

Physical appearance of Gemini womanWhat characteristics does a typical Gemini woman have? Learn about her personal traits and compatibility with other signs.

The physical appearance of Gemini woman reflects their mobility, variability, and spontaneity. Their movements are fast and dexterous; the same is true about their acts and thoughts. Gemini women usually are tall, slender; they bear their age well. Ladies of this zodiac sign have good taste; they can present themselves so that they can win all hearts, but in everyday life, they stake on the style which is close to sports style, they choose the most comfortable clothes that do not constrain movements. Gemini women always have shining eyes, their vivacity and vigor attract men, including those who are younger. Gemini women look after themselves, keep their weight trim; that is why you can often meet them in fitness centers, sports clubs, etc.

Behavior of Gemini woman

Gemini women are ingenious and efficient and have a precise and deep mind. Sometimes they may seem to be thoughtless, but this is far from being the case. Gemini women are used to living for the day; they are more unpredictable and changeable than Gemini men. Gemini women can take offense or get impressed when somebody else would have been left untouched.

The perfect environment for them is a big company: it gives them the chance to show their talents, to satisfy the increased need for communication. They can communicate successfully with any social group, keep up the conversation devoted to any question. People feel quite comfortable in the Gemini woman’s presence; she is benevolent, appreciable, but, on the other hand, she can be very exacting and uncompromising.

The Gemini woman’s unruly character makes her be in the continuous movement, to be physically active, to undertake one thing or another or to travel. Her relatives also are involuntarily involved in the same rhythm of life.

Gemini woman at work

It is unbelievable that a Gemini woman could sort piles of documents or take tea rounds all day long. Every day she manages to visit a lot of places, to communicate with a large number of colleagues, to arrange a heap of affairs, her fingers just fly when she works. She thinks quickly when she makes decisions, and she doesn’t like it when somebody thinks they are wrong.

Gemini women are smart and able to find an approach to anybody that is why they succeed in their work, but climbing the ladder is not easy because of their inconsistency, inconstancy, lack of concentration on a task and poor self-management.

Gemini woman in love

The woman born under this zodiac sign will never agree to lose her personal liberty, but nevertheless, she dreams of the true love. The problem is that such ladies look for the ideal partner and can’t find anyone. Sometimes this hunt drags on for the rest of their life and doesn’t lead to any result. Unfortunately, Gemini women often live alone feeling that they lack emotions, that their life is incomplete without a soulmate. But if the Gemini woman is lucky to find the partner whom they will consider worthy, then they will be quite happy themselves, and they will make this man happy as well.

Gemini woman in sex

It is not that the woman of this sign isn’t interested in the intimate aspect of the love relationship, but the sheer physical pleasure is enough for her to feel satisfaction. It is critical for her that the physical interaction is supplemented with the spiritual or intellectual affinity. Gemini women are very fond of everything new. Even if they are still attached to the partner, they can be interested in other men, going beyond the bounds of decency.

Gemini woman in marriage

You should remember that Gemini women don’t suit a man dreaming of quiet family life. If you were lucky enough to win her heart, this would not be the end of the game: you will have to live in such an intense rhythm for the rest of your life because the woman of this zodiac sign constantly needs to see proofs that you are the best choice. Besides, a lot of Gemini women are not ready to devote their life to only one partner from the very beginning. They never lose the chance to flirt with somebody: they need to be reassured that they are still attractive to the opposite sex.

On the other hand, Gemini women who have met their true love turn into a good friend, assistant to the man, in this case, they participate in his life, affairs, and career. Despite all the problems of family life, at parting Gemini women leave behind the warmest, most pleasant memories. At least, none of the ex-boyfriends will be able to forget the time spent with the representative of this surprising sign. If Gemini women stay married, they don’t devote it their undivided attention.

Gemini woman as a lady of the house

The Gemini woman’s house can look differently depending on her mood. She is so highly active that can bring the house into the perfect condition in a few hours turning the most unremarkable apartment into a cozy place. On the other hand, such a lady can escape housework for weeks, and it is quite natural for her, to give up and bring the house into desolation. She isn’t eager at all to be engaged in the house routine. Even in everyday life the Gemini woman always tries to find something new, rearrange furniture or elements of the interior; sometimes she even thinks of moving.

Gemini woman as a mother

Gemini women love children, but they don’t believe that they should devote them all the free time they have. They find it quite tiresome. The Gemini woman usually tries to develop her children intellectually since the early childhood, she buys a lot of training and developing toys. The woman likes to have a good time with her children, she is interested in their hobbies, at the same time, she can be very strict if they disobey. However most often Gemini women let their children do what they want and because of that their children grow up spoiled, that don’t know a thing about discipline.

Best match for a Gemini woman

Gemini women are compatible with the representatives of such zodiac signs as the Leo, Aries, Libra, Aquarius, and Sagittarius.

Best gift for a Gemini woman

If you know that the Gemini woman loves, you can find a marvelous gift for her. This is important because she is one of those few women who are capable of feeling sincere pleasure from immaterial gifts, for example, a concert ticket or a trip to some interesting place. Being a romantic, she will be pleased to spend an evening with live music and pleasant surprises organized especially for her. An excellent gift to the Gemini woman is cosmetics of high quality, as well as various accessories or jewelry. You can also give her a gadget as a present, but it has to be cutting edge.