Gemini Traits

What Are Personality Traits of The Gemini Zodiac Sign?

General Gemini traits

If you were born under the sign of Gemini, your personality would be formed under the influence of the element of Air. Geminis are the first air sign. Air that affects this sign is primogenial, fluctuating and changeable. The second important factor forming the Gemini traits is the influence of Mercury.

The Gemini zodiac sign is the third sign among the twelve signs. They have several unpleasant traits that you should try to watch out for while other may make you cry,

The element of Air is expressed in Gemini through, first of all, the uncontrollable desire to communicate and to work with information. Geminis desperately need information. When they lack information, they begin to miss it and start looking for a new information source, and until they find it, they feel like a fish out of the water.

Gemini’s skill to communicate is their primary archetypic trait. They like to establish a connection between two facts, then obtain information and dispose of it. Mercury gives Geminis quick-wittedness that is perfectly combined with the traits derived from the element of Air. Among Twins, you won’t find lonely people, introverts or couch potatoes. Geminis are restless people who constantly are on the move in search of new acquaintances at all levels.

Geminis can be teachers because when they obtain information, they want to give it back. Among journalists, there are a lot of Geminis. In general, the journalism is under the auspices of this sign. If you want to meet a typical Gemini, get acquainted with any average journalist. A. Konan-Doil was one of them. The books of this writer are graceful and easy to read, because of his personality.

Geminis always try to attract attention, but this trait is not so strongly pronounced as that of an Aries. Aries suffers from the lack of attention, while Geminis seek to attract attention to obtain the necessary information or to give it. Geminis are constantly communicating with somebody. They can make great businessmen, commercial travelers or specialists in advertising. The negative manifestation of the Gemini archetype is garrulity (the low Gemini can talk you to death), love for gossiping, and fussiness. They have a so huge inflow of information and contacts that they are confused and seek to seize the unseizable both mentally and intellectually. As for other serious shortcomings of Geminis, we should also mention superficiality as they aren’t capable of stor all the information that comes down to them. The typical erudite is a Gemini; that is a person who knows much but doesn’t have any profound knowledge. Sometimes you can feel awkward in the company of Geminis because you can develop the inferiority complex.

Geminis in love

In love, Geminis prove to be quite strange. They often have several families, many wives or husbands, but sometimes they don’t even care for marriage. Mostly they show platonic interest: there is only a wish to communicate with the person. Unfortunately, there are some negative manifestations of this trait in women: they want to communicate with a person while he is not interested, so they need to resort to various female tricks, and can even enter into close relations. There are a lot of Don Juans among Gemini men because they find it interesting to communicate with all women and learn what they are, what they think, and the more he learns, the more he appreciates himself. In the worst case scenario, he makes a sexual aggressor who lists women in a catalog and shows it to everyone. If the countries of the world belonged to a zodiac sign, the USA would be under the sign of Gemini. There are no people in the world, who are more mobile, sociable, friendly and easy on contacts than the Americans. Another example is Romania, where people are quick at arranging their matters.

Temperament and character

Gemini, the zodiac sign of artists, gathers people who are changeable, because of the influence of Mercury, talkative, courageous, humane, and have an attractive appearance. The ancient and dual sign of Gemini belongs to the element of Air.Mercury is the only planet that influences on Geminis. It is expressed in the instinctive indifference that develops as a protective mechanism against the emotional impact of criticism, irony, and jokes.

Any person born under the influence of Mercury wants to have full control over his or her life to organize it according to the interests. They dream of living at a comfortable rate, but it often leads to neurasthenia. They love games and have a quick mind. Being agile, dexterous, inquisitive, they sometimes fail because of inconstancy. The developed mind is in the balance with their painful sensitivity and tendency to exaggerate trifles. They are volatile, inconsistent, do several things at a time, but they are also practical, sensitive, selfish, and meticulous.

Because of bad luck and family problems, Geminis pass on from a period of wealth to poverty. Some failures happen due to the lack of energy and predisposition to neglect everything. The tendency leads them to fatalism and inconstancy. Having made an effort, Geminis can achieve success. Geminis are easy and changeable by nature. They are internal intellectuals. Their mood changes quickly, they adore disputes and fun and can lead a double life.Twins are egocentric, often emotional, and always changeable. Astronomers explain it by the fact that Mercury is a sexless planet, it deprives Geminis and Virgos of any feelings.

They are resourceful, impudent, inventive. When Saturn is positioned adversely, dishonorable and tactless people are born. Geminis are lovely creatures; they have quick mind, love meetings, traveling, fleeting contacts, and communication.

Gemini women like to wear motley fabrics. The sign of Gemini operates the nervous system. If you are born under it, you get a high speed of reaction, even a literary gift. Their negative quality is inconstancy. Their adaptability is well-known as well as the tendency to deception and bad self-discipline.

Famous Geminis:

Cain Velasquez, Edvard Grieg, Paul Gauguin, Alessandro Cagliostro, Boy George, Naomi Campbell, Nicole Kidman, Anna Kournikova, John F. Kennedy, Conan Doyle, Paul McCartney, Kylie Minogue, Peter I, Ernesto “Che” Guevara, Robert Sheckley, Johann Strauss II.