Gemini Man

Personal Traits of a Gemini Man: What Is He Like?

Physical appearance of the Gemini man What is the nature of an Gemini man? Are they treacherous? Learn how to find your true love by compatibility.

Many Gemini men are slender, graceful and dexterous in their movements. They have a beautiful appearance which almost does not decay with age. Even mature Gemini men look youthful. People of this zodiac sign pay much attention to their appearance because it helps them to put on an air of dignity in society.

These are people with distinguished taste, excellent manners who know how to emphasize their strong points using clothes. In everyday life, they prefer comfortable clothes, often in sports style, despise conventions and formalities. They often like bright and at the same time dark, deep colors. Gemini men like perfume with a light smell that emphasizes their individuality.

Behavior of Gemini man

People born under the sign of Gemini are considered to be one of the most intellectual signs. Gemini men are clever, versatile, all-knowing; besides, they read the latest news from various spheres. They are aimed at learning as much as possible about life which always provides them with new chances for further development and communication. Many Gemini men are favorite with the public; they like to spend time in a big company. They interact with unfamiliar people without any problem and usually have a huge number of contacts with people from all over the world. They prefer to communicate with people that they consider intellectually equal to them.

Gemini men are talented story-tellers which helps them to sustain their image. Their way of life is a continuous movement, their environment periodically changes. Gemini men adore traveling, they have a rich imagination which stretches the reality. They are lovely and straightforward, but we have to warn you that the Gemini man is not the person who gives promises you can rely on.

Gemini man at work

The men born under this sign are usually very gifted, at times even talented. Nevertheless, they prefer entertainment to work. For this reason, and also owing to their habit to set irrelevant purposes or to pursue several goals, they succeed in work only if they are strongly keen on the business.

Gemini men are quick-witted, enterprising, vigorous, but more hardworking employees often win over them. Gemini men can choose almost any occupation, beginning from politics and finishing with literary work.

Taking into account their personal traits, Gemini men endure failures very painfully, and they can be consumed by depressions. But, fortunately, their gloomy spirit passes soon: they find a new interesting occupation.

Gemini man in love

The fair sex finds Gemini men to be very attractive, but they prefer intellectual and spiritual development to the woman’s beauty. They are often afraid of true feeling that is why they shelter themselves behind flirtation and irony, but they don’t dare to fall in love for real. Their intentions always remain a secret, and they don’t allow anyone to encroach on their personal liberty and even their closest ones don’t know some details of their personality.

Gemini men in sex

Unlike men of many other signs, representatives of this sign don’t regard sex as a thing of paramount importance for love or family relationship. Gemini men don’t possess the gift in this respect; besides, they are quite selfish in the intimate sphere of life; it can happen quite often that women take offense that Gemini men care only about themselves. These men are not the ones to be carried away by a strong passion.

Gemini man in marriage

The registry office or many years of family change nothing in Gemini men’s behavior; they remain unpredictable. Their versatility is not always something cheerful or pleasant for the woman, but one thing we know for sure: she won’t be bored because she will see a lot of turning points in their family life due to the husband’s personal traits. Gemini men often look for a reason to stay outdoors and attempt “to tame” they can only harm the relationship.

At the same time, these men need to be cared about. Women who are ready to play such a role usually understand that it cannot be helped and they make a conscious choice to be with this man.

Gemini man as a master of the house

Gemini men are capable of earning big sums of money, but they aren’t focused on accumulation, their money slips through their fingers. They can change with time: if a young Gemini man may be a very generous person, after some years he may become a miser. Gemini men are not the best masters of the house, they almost don’t care if their house is clean or not, their main interests are concentrated beyond its limits.

Gemini man as a father

Strangely enough, Gemini men have a weakness for children. Such fathers act like friends, rather than tutors. Between Gemini men and their children there are close, trust-based relations. The father tries to pass his knowledge to the child; however, he won’t teach him diligence because he lacks this trait. He also sets a bad example regarding his attitude to keeping promises. Such fathers often spoil their children. Obviously, they should be more consecutive and strict to the children.

Best match for a Gemini man

Gemini men are compatible with representatives of such zodiac signs as the Aries, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

Best gift for a Gemini man

Gemini men are famous for their wide knowledge, and the gift to the Gemini man can facilitate the process of receiving or keeping information. For example, you can present him a beautiful desk set, an electronic notebook, a subscription to his favorite periodical, or you can pay for foreign language courses. However, in the latter case you should choose a short course because he can get bored soon. An excellent gift for a Gemini man is an office equipment or a technical novelty. Considering the fact that Gemini men lead an active way of life and love to travel, you can give them something like sportswear, or anything that makes life faster and more convenient, for example, a tablet or a netbook. Gifts for Gemini men can be decorated with the zodiac symbolic. People of this sign also appreciate so-called creative gifts, but only from their relatives.