Gemini Birthstone

What’s The Birthstone For Gemini Zodiac?

Geminis are very versatile, changeable and active people who are capable of dealing with various affairs and even multi-tasking. This sign is under the influence of Mercury. Geminis are constantly trying to reconstruct their life by getting rid of everything that is outdated, monotonous or ordinary and by filling it with something interesting, new and different.

Geminis can’t wait long to see success. Representatives of this sign can’t be engaged in one and the same activity for a long time. So it is clear that Geminis are not the most patient and persistent zodiac sign, and because of that, they often push the matters aside halfway through. It is rather difficult for these people to achieve success in life because of such traits as changeability, impatience, and fuss about nothing. It is easier for them to take up what lies on the surface. However, defeats and failures cannot spoil their mood or to make them less active: Geminis will always bite more than they can chew.

Impatience, nervousness, impracticality, instability, and lack of commitment are the main negative traits of Gemini character. Among positive traits, we can name their skill of communication, freedom from prejudices, fast adaptation to the new or changed conditions, objectivity, intuition, versatility, tactfulness, and ingenuity.

How To Select Gemini Birthstone By The Date Of Birth

The horoscope suggests that Geminis should choose malachite. Jupiter protects the Geminis of the first ten days (from May 21 to May 31). These people have a highly developed intuitive and logical thinking. Representatives of the Geminis of the first decanate will like such stones as malachite, rock crystal, obsidian, agate, moonstone, nephrite, and amazonite.

The Gemini second decanate begins on June 1 and ends on June 10. The people born in this period are under the protection of Mars. Consequently, second-decanate Geminis are characterized by egotism, aggression, and assertiveness. The gemstones of these people are cat’s eye, amber, opal, chalcedony, citrine, onyx, chrysoprase, nephrite, and pearls.

The Sun favors the Geminis of the third decanate (from June 11 to June 21). These people can impart their warmth to all people around. Geminis of this period flatly refuse to submit to someone; sometimes they cannot check their intense fits of anger. Sapphire, tourmaline, topaz, and alexandrite are those semi-precious stones that will work for Geminis.

The Best Stones For Gemini, Talismans, And Amulets

Nephrite will have a positive impact on Geminis. This mineral will make their sleep healthier and help to get rid of various diseases. It is believed that this semi-precious stone is capable of influencing the life expectancy of the owner. However, you should not have the nephrite with you for a long time because it attracts loneliness that Geminis cannot stand.

Turquoise will be an excellent gemstone for restless travelers. This mineral will keep Geminis safe in long journeys; besides, it will give them more energy for the plans. Turquoise will prevent quarrels and resolve conflicts. When you choose the setting for this semi-precious stone, you should keep in mind its region of origin: the best setting for the Ural turquoise is gold, while the Irish turquoise should be in a silver setting.

Tiger’s eye saves the owner from slander, gossips, and jealousy. When in a ring, this mineral can be a charm: if it grows heavy and pulls clothes, it means trouble.

If a representative of the sign of Gemini travels a lot and often communicates with people, citrine will render him or her an invaluable help: it will sharpen women’s intuition, and help men in financial affairs. It is better to carry this semi-precious stone in a pendant.

Obsidian protects from committing heavy offenses and crimes: it makes Geminis more circumspect in words and actions. A ring with this semi-precious stone will help the owner to get the better of aggression as it shows his or her shortcomings.

A cut rock crystal can protect from absurd and unpleasant situations. This semi-precious stone is capable of improving memory and assisting in any job. Rock crystal allows to take a detached view of circumstances and think over the situation soberly. The gemstone empowers mental processes.

Amethyst helps to make ranking friends and to build the necessary contacts. The semi-precious stone uncovers secret plans of people around. The owner of this mineral will always be full of energy and cheerfulness and protected from vain and unnecessary thoughts. Amethyst in the silver set will be a reliable mascot for any Gemini.

Agate is capable of strengthening sickly and weak Geminis. This semi-precious stone helps to realize the plans of creative people. It can encourage judiciousness, responsibility, and attentiveness that Geminis lack. You should wear a bracelet or a ring with an agate on the left hand.

Lucky Gems And Birthstones For Gemini Woman

The best stone for Gemini women is an emerald. This semi-precious stone can pacify the girls suffering from emotional stress. When these sociable women lack communication, the emerald will come to the rescue. This stone also gives composure when the Gemini needs it.

Moonstone can ease excessive stress. It softens the mood swings of Gemini women, attracts success and paves the way to the achievement of the purpose.

Pearls protect Geminis from envy and ill-will. It turns Geminis’ natural hyperactivity into something better, gives success in love and plenty of good luck. Pearls in a bracelet can relieve stress.

Jasper helps the disappointed women of this sign to get that lost feeling of love back. These stones can also give hope for reciprocity.

Lucky Gems and Birthstones For Gemini Man

Alexandrite helps Gemini men to achieve their goals. Alexandrite takes care of their health, as it protects from anxiety and worries. The birthstone will bring you closer to harmony and make you feel at peace. You should carry alexandrite in a ring on the middle finger; besides, it is recommended to take it off for the night.

Agate gives Geminis stability and prudence. It whitewashes their shortcomings. If some Geminis need to be creative at work, agate will help them to find their style and attain success. It can help the owner to continue working when a failure comes up.

Beryl helps Geminis to achieve what is desirable for them. The mineral teaches the changeable representatives of this sign to finish the business they have begun and to solve the worst problems. Beryl is a good mascot for Geminis, who want to climb the ladder.

Bad Stones and Gems For Gemini Zodiac Sign

Geminis should avoid expensive and heavy stones. Such minerals will deprive them of the positive approach to life and their characteristic hopefulness. Geminis should not choose diamonds or rubies because these semi-precious stones can do much harm to their health and cause trouble. Aquamarine is also a bad option for this Air sign.