Gemini Baby

Things You Should Know About Your Gemini Baby

Gemini in early childhood

Mothers who are pregnant with Gemini are willing to communicate, and they don’t refuse to go on a trip or get new knowledge. As a rule, the Gemini baby is very agile, restless, Gemini children sleep and eat reluctantly that is why they are often undernourished. These children often have surprisingly long hands and legs.

If you've just born a Gemini baby, you should get to know a lot about his or her personality traits dictated by the zodiac sign. There are a lot of things you should consider in order to raise a healthy and intellegent Gemini child.

It is difficult to feed the Gemini baby because he or she is constantly distracted by something. The slightest noise gets them shudder. Gemini children are extremely impressionable and excitable. You should never leave them in the dark or frighten by sharp sounds. They don’t like to bathe and need company. They are particularly fond of objects that move, for example, clockwork toys, clocks, etc.

Gemini child as a preschooler

Having learned to speak and write at an early age, Geminis aspire after books, and the interesting part is that they prefer non-fiction to fiction. Same with TV-programs. In general, Gemini children are intelligently omnivorous and very agile. They are interested in everything in the world, ask hundreds of questions, but sometimes they don’t even care to hear the answer.

From an early age, their ability to get on with people is evident, they make friends very quickly, but rarely preserve ties. In any company the Gemini child will find something that will capture his or her interest, but as soon as they lose the interest, they find themselves in a new environment. Such children have no problems with attracting the attention of parents because they are very observant and perfectly feel the atmosphere. Finding themselves in an unfamiliar situation, Gemini preschoolers don’t get puzzled at all. They like to go somewhere together with parents, they are not afraid of strangers and often become favorite with the public.

The Gemini child likes to take part in household chores if it helps him or her to learn something new about the world. But when something is regarded as their duty, they find a way to wiggle out of it quite gracefully. It is difficult to bring the Gemini child to bed that is why to decrease the activity of his or her nervous system, and it is recommended to give them some time to catch up on sleep on the weekend. Children born under the sign of Gemini shouldn’t listen to terrifying bedtime stories or watch horror films.

Gemini as a schooler

As a rule, Geminis are very quick learners that grasp new knowledge in no time. However, their academic progress is often far from being good, because they rarely push the matter through and have trouble with concentrating. Besides, they don’t like to beaver away at homework, and it is not laziness that accounts for it, but rather unwillingness to lose time when they can use it to learn something more interesting. Another problem is that acquiring knowledge easily, Geminis forget what they learned overnight. Parents and teachers should pave the way to knowledge and explain why learning is so important.

Geminis like to participate in various events, but at the same time, they won’t agree to perform uninteresting, routine tasks. If the task requires going somewhere or finding something out, they will be ready to go for it. Parents should remember that the way of thinking of their children isn’t simply active, it is even hyperactive. You should give him or her nourishment for thought, because a bored and passive Gemini child with nothing to do will find some occupation anyway, but you may dislike it.

Likes and hobbies of Gemini children

From an early age, Gemini children prefer to play games that give nourishment to mind and logic. They will prefer a construction kit to dolls or the popular “fray.” Of course, they can take part in any game, but they will choose the most natural role for them: for example, they will send the dolls to school, or be a spy or wireman in a war game. However, whatever toys they have, they will still need life communication.

Geminis are versatile from birth, and it can be difficult for the parents to reveal talents of their children. The Gemini child may be interested in belonging to a hobby group that involves unusual activities, tasks, situations and application of logic, for example, a group of radio electronics, an art studio, a class of astronomy, nature study, etc.

As a parent you should let him or her join a public library as soon as possible because it meets his or her interests, i.e. love for reading, at the same time, it will help your child to become more responsible. You can encourage your Gemini child to be assiduous by teaching him or her to play an instrument. It is very useful to acquaint your Gemini child with foreign languages at an early age: they come to them extremely quickly.

The horoscope warns us that the Gemini child won’t get rid of their duality and nervousness even if they have a most enjoyable occupation. The Gemini child can take up a matter with great enthusiasm and quickly switch to something else. In this regard, it is crucial that parents should set an example of self-discipline and diligence. The positive effect is based on the fact that Gemini children like to be engaged in something together with people they respect. Therefore, group lessons will yield better results than individual studies.

Health of the Gemini baby

Gemini children sometimes have spasms and convulsions. If a seizure has begun and the doctor has not yet arrived, you should put your child on the stomach and turn his head aside. Children often suffer from various diseases of the respiratory system, colds which tend to turn into more serious illnesses, for example, pneumonia. Agile Geminis often get injured, especially vulnerable parts of the body are forearms, shoulders, palms, etc.

One thing that is important for Geminis is to have a good day regimen with sufficient physical activity in the fresh air and a good night’s sleep. Parents should ensure that the atmosphere in the house is tranquil especially in the evening before the child goes to bed. On the whole, these children are moderately prepared for life.

Attention – Geminis! The horoscope advises…

As a parent, you should establish a cordial, confidential relationship with your child while he or she is still small, otherwise, when as a teenager, the Gemini will reject any contact. You should communicate with Geminis as you would interact with equals. If you patronize or underestimate your child, he or she won’t respect you.

Children of this zodiac sign are stubborn, but in their way: they will not oppose you in the open but will find ways not to do that they are forced to do. By the way, coercion is not the best method of education. It makes them lie, what is the crooked step for this zodiac sign. In the childhood these children dream of a lot of things, they make up stories, and parents shouldn’t waste the moment when dreams begin to turn into conscious lies. Appeal to their logic and mind will work better. Geminis should learn to be grateful because they aren’t inclined to it by nature. They should develop physically even if it doesn’t meet their interests.