Capricorn Woman

Personal Traits of a Capricorn Woman: What Is She Like?

Physical appearance of the Capricorn woman

All you should know about Capricorn Woman according horoscopeIf a woman is born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn, it is likely that she will be attractive and youth-looking until old age. Her natural beauty and good manners are complementary, though she learns how to behave in society a bit later. The Capricorn woman loves compliments and suffers when somebody does not duly appreciate her merits. Usually these women conceal their age but, in fact, they should not do it because years are merciful to them. Most of the representatives of this zodiac sign look better at a mature age than at a young age, so they have good chances of put personal life in order even when they get older. Capricorn women prefer moderate, simple image and quiet shades, they don’t attract attention by excessive accessories or makeup and do not use strong perfumes.

Behaviour of the Capricorn woman

Women born under this zodiac sign often remain a secret for other people. They are very patient and hardworking. Men can envy their endurance. As a rule, they have clear goals that they reach some point in life. Capricorn women often lose out to their rivals, because they make an impression of passive and submissive people as they are good at concealing their ambition. This is why their success comes as a surprise to many people. Usually, the Capricorn woman’s plans and ambitions are a secret to everybody, and she advances in the chosen direction only thanks to her hard work. According to the horoscope, Capricorn women are not romanticists, and the dreams she has are strongly related to reality.

Representatives of this zodiac sign are predisposed to depression, though this problem is less serious for them than for Capricorn men. The methods that help representatives of other zodiac signs to deal with depression often do not work for Capricorn women. But she can get rid of melancholy if she understands that it ruins her plans or constitutes a menace for her current achievements. Even she is in a good mood, the Capricorn woman will be reserved and even cold on the surface.

Capricorn woman at work

These women care much about career success. They need it to make their life more secure and stable. At work, Capricorn women perform their duties thoroughly, but they won’t get sentimental if they need to leave the team where they have been working for a long time because they get a better job offer. For a Capricorn woman, a good job is not only a way to make money but also a guarantee of high social position and a certain power. They dream of becoming wealthy and respectable people and ready to work hard to reach this goal.

Capricorn woman in love

Capricorn women are careful and calculating when it comes to building relations with the strong sex – they don’t forget about their gain, but they remain romantic. At a young age, Capricorn women can fall deeply in love with a man and get married while they are still full of emotions. Well, it can be partly explained by sexual needs that they begin to feel, sooner or later.

However, their ambitious nature often helps them to curb those desires that prevent them from becoming successful in life. They have some time to get their own back.

Capricorn woman in sex

Nature gives these women an augmented sensuality and eroticism. They love physical pleasure, and while they are not married, they change partners to get what they want. Sexual desires often come in conflict with the principles that are based on their nature and education. Capricorn women do care a lot about traditions and decency, but at the end, their temperament and love for new emotions get the upper hand. Like Capricorn men, Capricorn women have good sexual abilities, and they can feel strong delight, and one can be shocked to see such a contrast between their behavior in bed and in society.

Capricorn woman in marriage

The Capricorn woman needs to have a family, and she wants to be happy as a woman, but for her, it means something different than for other women. Most often she chooses respectable, reliable, and well-to-do men who already have a secured position in society. She wants her partner to share her ambitions and plans and to help her social success. This woman tries to help not only her well-being but also her family’s success.

In marriage Capricorn women remain reserved, secretive and pessimistic without an obvious reason. Because of her strange character, she may be emotionally cold even in the company of her partner, and her family life often lacks coziness and comfort.

The decision to get divorced is difficult for her, and if it happens to her, she considers it indecent to remain single, so she soon finds another partner though she still has high requirements.

Capricorn woman as lady of the house

Capricorn women put more effort into their career than in anything else, and still, their family members have nothing to complain about. As they are serious about the role of the guardian of the hearth, these women will keep it in an ideal state because a perfect person she wants to become would have a cozy and comfortable house.

Capricorn woman in marriage

Capricorn mothers usually raise their children in the spirit of strict discipline, and they always compose for them a tight schedule for the day in which they give them a lot of chores – they do so because they dream of bringing them up to be hardworking and responsible people. Capricorn women prefer traditional methods of education; besides, they stick to the practices they inherited from their family. Children of a Capricorn mother may lack emotionality, agility, and mutual understanding with their mother.

Best match for the Capricorn woman

The Capricorn woman is compatible with representatives of such zodiac signs as Virgo, Taurus, Pisces, and Scorpio.

Best gift to the Capricorn woman

If you are looking for a gift to a Capricorn woman, you should keep it in mind that it should be useful in everyday life. Besides, you should remember that she is a woman, so there are more variants than household appliances and cookware – for example, you can give her perfume, cosmetics, or jewelry. If you do not have enough money to buy something made of precious metals, you can consider choosing a designer imitation, though it should not be too bright or original. Capricorn women have a soft corner for everything soft and warm and for all things that make their everyday life more comfortable when they return home from work.