Capricorn Man

Personal Traits of a Capricorn Man: What Is He Like?

Physical appearance of the Capricorn man

All you should know about Capricorn Man according horoscopeThe Capricorn man is not a fan of intense communication with other people, these people never stand out in the crowd and prefer a quiet style of dress and pastel shades. Men born under this zodiac sign often live an ascetic life, and it has an impact on their appearance. Most of all, they like simplicity, modesty, rigour, and regular fit. Capricorn is conceited and ambitious, and these people usually achieve good financial standing, but this does not influence their style. Capricorn men do not care if strangers pay attention to them on the street, they make moderate use of perfume, accessories, and almost never have cosmetic products.

Behaviour of the Capricorn man

These men are restrained and calm, sometimes severe and always cool-headed, practical in everyday life and adamant in their beliefs. Strangely enough, all these qualities are accompanied by romanticism. Capricorn men dream a lot; however, their dreams are quite realizable. Building castles in the sky is not for them, and they are interested in more practical and earthy things that make their life comfortable and steady. Capricorn men can be hardly called emotional, however, they do have feelings but they hide them deep in their soul. They want people to approve what they do and praise their achievements and it should be noted that they merit all the rewards. These are hardworking, self-sufficient, serious, trustworthy people who are not prone to extravagancies. They have an immense reserve of energy and enough backbone. At the same time, Capricorn men are reserved and often experience depression. To have a harmonious personality they need a good emotional atmosphere in the childhood. The older a Capricorn gets, the easier it is to communicate with him because he becomes a more optimistic person.

Capricorn man at work

If we need to define their most important life goal, it is the career that is a symbol of stability and confidence in future. As they are obsessed with the idea of success, Capricorn men resort to severe self-limitations and self-discipline. They count only on their hard work so it is almost impossible to find a Capricorn who would try to build their happiness upon the unhappiness of others. Sooner or later, they get to the top.

Capricorn man in love

Men born under this zodiac sign have difficult relations with the fair sex. They are too afraid of losing their independence; besides, they have other goals in life, so they are not ready for casual relationships. They will not become besotted with the first beauty they meet. Despite the impression that Capricorn men are hard-hearted, secluded and even boring people, they attract women using their tranquillity and reliability. The love of Capricorn men does not rest on sexual chemistry (it is important for them, though, because they belong to the element of Earth), they prefer true feelings. When they choose a woman they want to marry, she becomes for them an object of admiration.

Capricorn man in sex

In sexual life, Capricorn men have a reputation of good lovers. Men born under this zodiac sign prefer feelings to physiology, and women value this trait of their character. Like in anything else, in sex Capricorn men do not uncover themselves completely, however, what they do show is enough to win a woman’s heart. Their partners like their inventiveness, tenderness and the good physical form which they do not lose until old age. The horoscope tells us that Capricorn men are ‘long-livers’ in sexual life: when representatives of other zodiac signs are not active anymore, Capricorn is still vigorous and can boast of high potency.

Capricorn man in marriage

The character of a Capricorn man is so unusual that they spend a lot of time trying to find a suitable wife. They are very afraid of making a mistake they will have to mend afterwards, so they wait until they make sure this is a woman of their dreams. Capricorn tries to build a family with a woman who does not hold him back – she should help him to reach a high position in society. His wife should have a wide range of qualities, including a good education, manners, and domesticity, while they care less about appearance and sexual compatibility. It is very important that his parents like his partner. If a Capricorn man is crossed in love, he may marry another woman later, but it does not mean that they will forget about the previous love.

Capricorn man as master of the house

His spouse will have no need to worry about the financial state of the family. Capricorn does not like luxury, but he will satisfy all the basic needs of his family. However, they may feel a lack of emotional interaction with their partner, and it can affect the atmosphere in the family. Despite the high potency of the husband, their wife can feel unsatisfied by their sexual relations because of the Capricorn man, especially if he is older, often have affairs outside of the marriage. Nevertheless, he loves his wife and gives her all she deserves.

Capricorn man as a father

Capricorn men treat with respect their relatives and parents. They care less about relations with their children: their goal is to make them good people who are hardworking, disciplined, and respectful of family traditions. These men will not resort to pioneer methods of education, they don’t like backslapping and will keep them on a short leash. They are good advisors when it comes to giving practical advice but hardly understand what their children want in the aspect of emotions. However, they often spoil grandchildren by letting them doing what their children were not allowed to do.

Best match for the Capricorn man

The Capricorn man is compatible with representatives of such zodiac signs as Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Best gift to the Capricorn man

Representatives of this zodiac sign are serious people, and a gift to them should be as respectable as they are. If you don’t want to give them money or a gift card (it is a good variant, though), anything that makes Capricorn’s life more comfortable and safe can be a good present. Personalized gifts are a better choice for a Capricorn man; however, he will look with favor on presents “for the house and family” because home is a sacred place for him. Capricorn people work a lot, so they will accept with pleasure a present like a course of massage or pool membership.