Capricorn Birthstone

What’s The Birthstone For Capricorn Zodiac?

Capricorn is resistant to external influences, hardworking, judicious, responsible and persistent. His love of leadership not because of desiring to have a lot of power, but he considers himself better than others. Such an overestimated self-esteem doesn’t flattering to the representatives of this sign, besides, it often oppresses surroundings. However, this side of their character will help them in achieving the goal.

Capricorn is a purposeful sign. Capricorns have enough strength and faith to go to the goal for a long time. Caution and prudence are one of the main qualities if this sign. People born under the sign of Capricorn tend to analyze and reflect. They carefully plan their life.

As far as work and plans are concerned, Capricorn shows enviable selfishness.  With close people Capricorns are different. They are generous and always ready come for help without any hesitation.

How To Select Capricorn Birthstone By The Date Of Birth

You can choose Capricorn by the date of birthCapricorns of the first decade, who are born in the period from the 22nd of December to the 2nd of January, are patronized by Jupiter. The representatives of this decade go through life confidently and calmly, simultaneously accumulating material and useful knowledge. Capricorns always have their own opinion. Powerful gems help this zodiac sign, such as agate, serpentine, bloody jasper, malachite and tiger’s eye.

Capricorns, whose birthdays are on the 3rd of January to the 13th of January, belong to the second decade. These people are able to enthrall those around them. However, having lost stimulus for an activity they can turn into boring homebodies. Heliotrope, sardonyx, chalcedony, onyx, opal, and chrysoprase can light a fire inside Capricorn and give a push to action.

The third decade of this sign is from the 14th of January to the 20th of January. These people are protected by the Sun. Capricorns of the third decade need crystals that feed them with energy. Sapphire, opal, tourmaline, garnet, ruby, alexandrite, zircon and Hyacinth will help in the hard work and will not let lose the will in the process.

The Best Stones For Capricorn, Talismans, And Amulets

Opal will eliminate and weaken some of the negative character traits of the representatives of this sign, such as tediousness, selfishness, a propensity of depression. The gem will inspire confidence in Capricorn and will calm him down. Opal will teach to draw strength from communication with people and make the representatives of this sign more interesting for others.Opal is the Best talisman for Capricorn Zodiac Sign according to the horoscope

Capricorn is the sign that aspires to heights of financial well-being and power. Ruby will be a useful helper in this process. It will bring decisiveness and courage; will help to win the trust and respect of the team. The gem protects from envy and violence. This mineral gives an opportunity to create and preserve the family, brings love and bestows happiness. If Capricorn presents Ruby to someone whom he loves, the crystal will kindle a reciprocal feeling.

Malachite has an ability to multiply the spiritual power. Those people who really want to get to the top of science knowledge should wear malachite.

Hyacinth will clear up in the owner his best qualities: dedication, perseverance, and patience. This gem will help in an unfavorable situation. Hyacinth revives Capricorn and wakes in him cheerfulness.

Onyx is the Best talisman for Capricorn Zodiac Sign according to the horoscope Onyx protects from enemies and bestows luck. This mineral will have a strengthening effect on the nervous system. Onyx in the ring will give Capricorn strength to defend his interests. The gem relieves insomnia, anxiety, and fear.

Zircon will be able to give self-confidence and optimism. This crystal will develop Capricorn’s intuition.

Jade is one of the most powerful talismans of Capricorn. Especially it helps to those representatives who want to change their lives and those who are in love. Jade will sign by changing its color for Capricorns, who are deviating from the right path.

Lucky Gems And Birthstones For Capricorn Woman

Garnet will help Capricorn women open up. It teaches them how to show their feelings and release them from public opinion. This gem will bring a good mood, bestows strength to achieve the desired goal and prompt a wise solution to the problem.

The most suitable crystal for young unmarried Capricorn girls is carnelian. The crystal will help to relax, it positively affects the nervous system. Carnelian also will help to preserve youth and beauty, bestows luck in love. The owner of the crystal will have an ability fulfilling her wildest desires.

Rock crystal can destroy the wall that Capricorn women unconsciously build between them and the world. The gem will teach the owners not to look for evil in every word said, will show that they should trust people. Rock crystal will make Capricorn women softer, more emotional and sociable.Agate Necklace is the Best talisman for Capricorn Women according to the horoscope

Agate gives to the representatives of this sign longevity and health, protects from dangers and gossips. It fills them up with energy. This crystal can make the owner more sexy, interesting and attractive in the men’s eyes. Agate protects a family from poverty and quarrels, forging a bond between generations. The talisman with agate will help in achieving career heights.

Lucky Gems and Birthstones For Capricorn Man

Smoky quartz will be very useful for Capricorn men. This gem will strengthen logical thinking and intellectual abilities. This talisman with smoky quartz will make Capricorn less jealous, fanatical, reduce the amount of selfishness. The crystal is able to relieve stress and adjust the owner to a perception of new information.Smoky quartz is the Best talisman for Capricorn Men according to the horoscope

Arrogance and secretiveness interfere in the life of Capricorn man and destroy his career ladder. Onyx will help to hide those negative traits. The talisman with Onyx will give an opportunity to become more benevolent and responsive. The gem also protects from dangers, accidents, and disasters.

Chrysoprase will help the representatives of this sign to be more decisive and courage to introduce reforms in their organization, help to adapt to the world of commerce, which regularly changes. The talisman has the ability to enhance physical energy and strengthen health and spirit. Ornaments with this crystal will protect from conspiracies, evil eye, and spoilage. It also will bring recognition to Capricorn man.

Bad Stones and Gems For Capricorn Sign

Capricorn is opposite to Cancer that is why the representatives of this zodiac sign should not wear crystals that are suitable to Cancer. They are all opaque and white gems.  In addition, Capricorn is not recommended to wear beryl, aventurine, pearl, emerald, moonstone, chrysolite and turquoise. Capricorn women who wear pearls risk becoming unhappy in love.

Capricorns are not recommended for wearing sapphire. This crystal will transform the representative of this sign to a cynic, conservator, person with retrograde views on life. Sapphire only takes away the energy of Capricorn, without giving anything in return.

Citrine is a crystal of excitement and vice. This crystal will show to Capricorn the wrong path from which the representative of this sign is unlikely to get away. Citrine will turn Capricorn’s purposefulness and prudence into unjustified stubbornness, falsity and cunning.

Emerald transforms mysterious and secretive Capricorn to the real hermit, who will lose interest in everything and goes deeper into his complexes. The representatives of this sign do not have enough sensual energy and intuition to use emerald as talisman or amulet. This crystal will draw out Capricorn’s emotions and feelings that he has in deficit.