Cancer Woman

Personal Traits of a Cancer Woman: What Is She Like?

Physical appearance of the Cancer womanWhat characteristics does a typical Cancer woman have? Learn about her personal traits and compatibility with other signs.

The representatives of the fair sex born under the sign of Cancer look extremely womanly. Her glance is shrilling, sometimes naive, it reflects spontaneity and mystery of her soul. Even if it doesn’t fascinate, it inevitably draws everybody’s attention. These women have good intuition, and thanks to that they can feel atmosphere or mood. Their choice of clothes always corresponds the situation; they know how to create an integral finished image. Most often they like to wear womanly clothes and choose the classic style.

In make-up, they use rich dark shades that only add to their unique mysteriousness. Women born under this zodiac sign possess one surprising qualities: they only get better as the years go by. They often marry younger men. They look so good that their partners don’t pay attention to the age disparity.

Behavior of the Cancer woman

Cancer women are sensitive, vulnerable, they react to the slightest manifestation of negative attitude towards them. Cancer women often see hidden meaning in words of other people which can upset them even if their suspicions are not confirmed. Their mood changes swiftly. One day they can hate and condemn a person, another day they rise in his or her defense. You should not sneer at them or pull their leg in their presence.

The Cancer woman has a guilt complex, and she constantly feels that she does wrong. She has a fear of losing her reputation, and she always tries to undertake something to restore it. She likes to complain and never leaves her past behind, besides, she is always eager to rake over the dust and ashes of the past. She can get upset if she thinks about chances she once had. It is not a big surprise to see her crying for no reason whatsoever: this is how her internal discomfort finds its expression.

Cancer woman at work

Women of this zodiac sign are focused on stability. Career may seem to them seductive, and they can even begin to take successful steps in that direction, but their excessive emotionality can thwart all her plans. The Cancer woman tries to make herself comfortable even at work by creating at her workplace a the atmosphere of coziness. These employees are respected, the boss always takes into account what they think and trust them secrets, knowing that they are highly reliable.

According to the horoscope, Cancer women are responsible fulfilling their work duties, but if they have to choose between family and work, they won’t hesitate to choose family happiness.

Cancer woman in love

Cancer women are extremely afraid to be seen as women of an easy kind, in every sense of this expression. They are afraid to seem vulnerable because they want to make an impression of independent, strong personalities. These ladies are charming, modest. They will always listen attentively, go into the question, and it often appeals to men they quickly develop deep feelings for Cancer women. The nature of the Cancer woman doesn’t let her devote herself to love. But, at the same time, if she happens to be so lucky as to find the true love, she will be ready to do anything for the person she loves. In return, he should demonstrate his feelings and care for her. She won’t stand an aggressive or indifferent partner. Cancer women are very faithful, at times her fidelity can even be overzealous.

Cancer woman in sex

Representatives of this zodiac sign tend to be excessively shy, especially on a first date. They are afraid to seem a lady of easy kind, therefore, at first they are moderate in their passion, they hide it so skillfully that their partners can take it as frigidity or indifference. In reality, Cancer women are very sensitive and passionate, and they want to feel the maximum pleasure in bed. In sex Cancer women gives priority to her own satisfaction, but at the same time she won’t forget about the partner completely, however, she isn’t inclined to go against her interests for the sake of his pleasure.

Cancer woman in marriage

Cancer women often get married at a  mature age because they are strongly attached to their parents and home. When married, Cancer women believe that husbands are their property, but at the same time, they are afraid to fail in marriage. Cancer women need to feel that they are cared for and protected. However, Cancer women are patient to their closest ones. If the husband has problems, the wife won’t whip up the tension, and she won’t commit adultery, she will always rise in defense of her family happiness. The character of the Cancer woman excludes infidelity, and she is not interested in a flirtation with other men. Most wives of this sign are not inclined to break the oath of marital fidelity.

Cancer woman as a lady of the house

Cancer women love their household, the house plays an important role in their life, and they are ready to do anything to make it safe, cozy and beautiful. The Cancer woman devotes a lot of time to the decoration of the dwelling, and she does it with taste though the interior of her house looks a bit old-fashioned. The house of the representative of this zodiac sign wins the hearts of all guests by its coziness and warm atmosphere. As a lady of the house, the Cancer woman is zealous and thrifty, she often lays in supplies of food. She never throws money about.

The Cancer woman often has a lot of old things which have already turned into relics. Most Cancer women know how to cook well, and they like to express their love for the family by cooking delicious dishes. Cancer women hardly like housework, but undoubtedly, they are one of the best housewives.

Cancer woman as a mother

The Cancer woman is the embodiment of motherhood, and her instincts are very developed. She is incredibly attached to her children and supports them in everything. It should be noted that she treats other people’s children with a profound kindness. Cancer women herself remains a child at heart. The Cancer woman when she is a mother won’t allow her children to throw in their lot with the wrong person. Because of that, the children of Cancer women get married at a mature age, but even then Cancer women react to that quite vehemently because they want their children to be attached to them for all their life.

Best match for the Cancer woman

The Cancer woman is compatible with representatives of such zodiac signs as the Virgo, Taurus, and Scorpius.

Best gift for the Cancer woman

The gift for a Cancer woman can be related to her somewhat exaggerated love to the house which she tries to make comfortable. She will be glad to get plants in the pot, a picturesque reproduction, a figurine, a table-napkin, a table-cloth, etc.

Cancer women like to revive pleasant memories flicking through a capacious photo album, and they will appreciate it as a gift. You can prepare an interesting photo collage with her in the lead role. The gift for a Cancer woman related to her past can as well be some various ancient or stylized objects: books, jewel-boxes or tapestries. The representative of this sign will be delighted to receive graceful jewelry, for example, of silver or pearls. Something related to the subject of a cozy house is also a good choice: a warm plaid, a coffee maker, nice slippers, etc.