Cancer Man

Personal Traits of a Cancer Man: What Is He Like?

Physical appearance of the Cancer manWhen you meet a Cancer man, he may seem to be a shy, reserved person, but wait to see what his real character is. You will be surprised by a great mixture of traits and qualities.

Cancer men are not too appearance-conscious. They can wear old things that are still not too worn-out. They don’t try to be a dandy, but they always look elegant and choose good clothes of a conservative design. Cancer men love classics and dislike sports style. If they can afford it, Cancer men can be expensive clothes of a famous brand. But even if they can’t, their old student’s sweater looks accurate, they always wear clean socks and polish their shoes to gloss.

Behavior of the Cancer man

Men born under this zodiac sign are polite, benevolent, they have good manners, are gallant and attentive, provided that they are treated in the same way. However, their protector planet, the Moon, at times when its influence is strong, can make them intolerable: suspicious, angry and outspoken. One day Cancer men can see the world as a romantic place, another day they call it the center of the evil.

Cancer men are inclined to exaggerate problems; they can take a trifle as a tragedy and make a mountain out of a molehill. According to the horoscope, the mood and behavior of a Cancer man highly depend on his nearest and dearest this is why they should always watch their tongue and emotions.

Cancer man at work

Cancer men are usually modest or even a bit timid, but they can achieve considerable success in life provided that they have an objective worth pursuing, and that they were born under a lucky star. Cancer men are on friendly terms with money, easily find an opportunity to earn it, however, but they use exclusively conservative traditional methods. Cancer men can be charismatic personalities who like to subordinate people to their opinion or even to manipulate them. They often become respectable, reputed people if they manage to master their vigorous and contradictory emotions along the way.

Cancer man in love

Cancer man belongs to those people who vitally need love. As a rule, they have more than one love affair in life, besides, they often pay special attention to younger women. When in love, the Cancer man is inclined to believe that the woman has to conquest him, not vice versa. Nevertheless, if he decides to win someone’s heart, he will make it masterly by capturing the object of his passion in “claws”. However, when the period of courtship is over, the Cancer man begins to show his exacting and proprietary nature. At the same time, he needs someone’s love so desperately that he is very afraid to lose the fair one though it doesn’t necessarily help him to be faithful to her. Of course, the Cancer man is capable of being faithful and devoting all his love to one person.

Cancer man in sex

As for intimacy, Cancer men are characterized by distinctive sensuality, passion, vehemence, and emotionality. Cancer men always know what their partners want, but at the same time, they are not eager to grant all their wishes: their whims control them.

Cancer man in marriage

The Cancer man can date a lot of women before he makes sure that he is ready to choose the one and that she is worth his love. Cancer men set high requirements. Rejecting women, he can be quite ruthless and unwilling to take their offenses and pain into consideration.

The wife of a Cancer man should be ready to live with the husband’s parents, or, at least, understand that parting with the native home, especially with mother, will be a difficult move. This man needs to feel that he is head of the family, the spouse’s task is to encourage him, be a patient companion, a nanny even. There is a considerable risk for her to overstep this fine line that protects her personal liberty. As a result, her identity may be erased and she will transform into a slave of the spouse’s desires and interests. In return, he will be a devoted, caring, attentive and tender family man who is very attached to the house.

Cancer man as a master of the house

The Cancer man turns his house into a shelter protecting him and his family from the outside world. Cancer man will make anything to see his house prosper. They like to accumulate stocks, dislike unjustified expenditure though they can’t be called greedy. They are good at housekeeping; they can do practically any housework and know how to cook well. Cancer men can be hospitable hosts, but not everyone is invited to their house but only those who are trustworthy.

Cancer man as a father

The Cancer man is so sensitive and patient that he can become a good father. He will always rise in defense of his daughter or son, he will be proud of them, even their most modest progress can impress him. Children of such father are always protected. But the older they get, the more complicated their communication becomes: Cancer men get very attached to their children, try not to let them grow up and expect the same attachment on their part. Things heat up when the Cancer man’s child decides to build his or her family.

Best match for a Cancer man

The Cancer man is compatible with representatives of such zodiac signs as Taurus, Virgo, and Scorpius.

Best gift for a Cancer man

Cancer men love to be at home, they care for relatives, try to follow the best family traditions and make their house a pleasant place for everybody. If the gift for a Cancer man helps to create coziness and harmony in the house, he will be pleased to get it. Many representatives of this zodiac sign are obsessed with personal security, therefore, say, a newest home security system or an automobile alarm system is an excellent gift for Cancer men. They will appreciate gifts that have the spirit of old times, for example, antiques or beautiful objects in retro style. People born under this zodiac sign freeze a lot so you can give them various warm clothes, for instance, a cozy sweater, a soft scarf, warm linen. By such gifts, the Cancer man will understand that you care for him and be very grateful.