Cancer Birthstone

What’s The Birthstone For Cancer Zodiac?

In order to understand what gemstones suit Cancers, it is necessary to single out their personality traits, goals, and values. On the whole, Cancers are sensitive, even-tempered and homegrown people. The element of Cancer is Water; this zodiac sign is under the influence of the Moon and the Sun.

Representatives of this zodiac sign never forget the past, though it is unlikely that they will show as much as a half of their emotions.Cancers are susceptible to melancholy, their mood often swings. Distinctive traits of Cancers: responsiveness, ability to empathize and sympathize. A Cancer will never leave you out in the cold.

Cancers are people who have a highly developed parental instinct. Tender and soft, representatives of this sign see a good family as the main goal of their life. Cancers venerate traditions and observe customs, and because of that, few Cancers love changes. Representatives of this sign know how to handle money: they earn it and save up, but we should note that they accumulate money because of pessimism and a scent of trouble.

Among the main advantages of the Cancer, we should mention persistence, kindness, compassion, and intuition, among shortcomings – irritability, excessive self-criticism, low self-esteem, reserved character, self-doubt, and susceptibility to influence.

How To Select Cancer Birthstone By The Date Of Birth

Cancers born in the first ten days (the decanate from June 21 to July 1) are patronized by the Moon. People around love these Cancers because of their kindness, tenderness, and sensitivity. You should choose clear, crystal, natural stones, such as hematite, rock crystal, carnelian, some types of jasper, moonstone and amethyst.

Cancers of the second decanate which lasts from July 2 to July 11 are a bit cynical, but it helps them to arrange financial affairs. These representatives of the Cancer zodiac sign see the world as a complex riddle which they are trying to solve. Best stones for Cancers of the second decanate are chrysoprase, turquoise, heliotrope, pearls, chalcedony, and sardonyx.

The Moon and Neptune patronize Cancers born in the third decanate (July 12 — July 22). The spheres of their interests are creativity, magic, and science. Being incorrigible romantics, lofty and sensitive representatives of this decanate love ruby, aquamarine, beryl, emerald and tourist’s raspberries.

The Best Stones for Cancer, Talismans, and Amulets

Birthstone for Cancer Zodiac Sign is Amber according to the horoscope.A Ruby is an excellent choice for the Cancer zodiac sign. It strengthens the owner’s heart, gives a bigger intellectual capability and bravery. Ruby helps to keep depressive thoughts away from the sensitive Cancer. This stone helps to concentrate sexual energy. Ruby may inspire its owner to accomplish good deeds.

The vast majority of jewelry with “a cat’s eye” are considered to be good charms. In particular, it is believed that “a cat’s eye” protects from infidelity and preserves love. By wearing this stone, Cancers can draw attention to themselves, improve the relations with people around, as well as promote mutual understanding.

Moonstone has a strong connection with the Moon that always patronizes Cancers. The stone can absorb lunar energy and reduce mood swings connected with the lunar cycle. The moonstone attract new emotions and feelings, love in particular. It can also curb fury and relieve stress.

Emerald is a stone of composure, wisdom, and hope. Jewelry with emeralds can allay anxiety and make the person less suspicious. These stones attract wealth. Emeralds banish bad dreams and melancholy.

Pearls are considered to be mascots of family people. They can absorb negative energy, protect from the shadows of the past, and save from green eye. It is interesting that pearls are “barometers” of the mood of the owner because when the mood gets worse, the pearls get darker.

Heliotrope helps to get along with people. This stone protects from illnesses and gives additional force and energy. Heliotrope can protect the owner from negative external influence.

Lucky Gems And Birthstones For Cancer Woman

Birthstone for Cancer Woman Zodiac Sign is Amber according to the horoscope.Pearls are an excellent choice for a Cancer woman. A Cancer woman who wears a chalcedony on her little finger learns to control her fits of anger and melancholy. In the old days, there was a legend that this stone helps women to win a man’s heart. Chalcedony is the most powerful charm for women of this sign; however, Cancer women should not wear it all the time.

Contemplation of pearls appeases any person. When pearls are put into the silver setting, they serve as a great charm to Cancer women. Thanks to pearls Cancer women learn to keep a cool head. You should remember that pearls are only for married women.

Amethyst is believed to be the stone of purity and virginity. You can give this stone as a present to a creative and successful Cancer woman in the form of a ring. A turquoise pendant helps Cancer women to climb the ladder.

Agate gives to Cancer women courage and self-confidence. You can give a bead necklace or an amulet.

Moonstone helps the susceptible Cancer women to ease the emotional pressure.

Aventurine improves the mood of the Cancer woman while aquamarine promotes composure.

Hematite helps Cancer women to be wise and brave.

The most powerful Christian amulet is heliotrope. In the form of earrings, it eliminates obstacles and gives courage to Cancer women.

Lucky Gems and Birthstones For Cancer Man

Birthstone for Cancer Man Zodiac Sign are Emeralds according to the horoscope. Emeralds are an excellent choice for Cancer men. Onyx is a stone of strong, energetic, self-assured people, leaders. It is the most powerful stone for this zodiac sign. It helps the Cancer man to break away from the negative influence of people around and eternal pessimism. Onyx improves the position of Cancer men in society and makes them brave, vigorous and resistant.

Agate is a kind of chalcedony. This stone helps Cancers to cheer up a bit and believe in themselves. Agate compensates negative traits of this zodiac sign, such as pessimism, low self-esteem, vulnerability and lack of self-confidence. This stone brings luck and teaches Cancers to spend less time thinking about hardships.

Emerald helps Cancers to overcome their restraint and unsociability by making them more interesting people. This stone helps Cancer men to control their emotions. Emerald eases tension, protects from melancholy, and makes the life of representatives of this zodiac sign better.

Carnelian helps Cancer men to develop their talents. This stone attracts justice and good luck protects from negative energy and make its owner shrewder. Though it does not help to deal with depression, carnelian can help the owner to be more active and self-confident.

Bad Stones and Gems For Cancer Zodiac Sign

Because the sign of Cancer belongs to the element of Water, transparent stones are an excellent choice for Cancers. Bright stones, for example, bright red or pitch black stones, are not recommended because they have a negative influence on representatives of this sign, and even can do them harm. The sensitive Cancer should not choose powerful stones, such as topaz, garnet, and diamond.