Cancer Baby

Everything Parents Should Know About Their Cancer Baby

Cancer baby in early childhood

As a rule, a Cancer baby has a low birth weight, and this fact seems to emphasize the fragility that is characteristic for this zodiac sign. When you look at this child, you see how vulnerable he or she is, so you should remember that the child needs your love. These kids are often capricious, they can cry very long, and their crying which is silent and sad causes more pity than the loud shouting of other babies. When they grow up, Cancer children become particular about food; they do not want to eat everything you give them so be prepared to face it.

The Moon is the ruling planet for the Cancer baby, so Cancer children are characterized by sensitivity and good imagination. The Cancer child demands much attention, so you should find out how to make him or her more comfortable so that your child grows up healthy and happy.

The most important person for a Cancer baby is his or her mother. In her presence, the child feels self-confident and secure. The family atmosphere is of crucial importance for the formation of the child’s personality and health. Cancer children are very sensitive; they react to any deterioration in the relations between family members and catch differences in everyone’s mood. Their mood is changeable. As the horoscope tells us, Cancer children, even in the early childhood, are under a strong influence of the Moon. Cancer girls become restless under the light of a full moon while boys – under a new moon. Cancer babies have a lot of fears which adults fail to understand. You should not leave the room as soon as you put the child to bed, or read bedtime stories with elements of cruelty or mysticism, or those that frighten in some other way.

Cancer as a preschooler

Cancer child at this age remains susceptible to the external circumstances. As soon as the child feels some negative energy, he or she retires into the shell. Everything new causes the reaction of rejection and incites the desire to hide. The Cancer child will be cheerful and calm again when he or she understands that there is nothing that threatens neither him or her nor their relatives. However, Cancer children are inclined to seeing rocks ahead without a good reason for that.

By some minor signs, Cancer children can understand that their parents no longer love them. So you should talk to your child with feeling and explain to him or her why your mood has changed, otherwise, they will blame themselves for that. A dangerous period in your relationship with the Cancer child is when your second child is born. Besides, there may be some problems with putting the child out to kindergarten.

When the child grows up a little, he or she begins to show care for relatives. If the first period of getting accustomed to the newborn brother or sister passes without complications, the Cancer child will render the parents invaluable help in the education of younger children. On the other hand, hypersensitivity of the kid can cause offenses, whims, or suspiciousness.

Cancer children are notable for their thriftiness. They are ready to help around the house if they have the right mood for that, but if you make some household chores their duty, they will dislike them, and it may even end up in a nervous breakdown. You should ask the child what he or she can do to help you, explaining the importance of the help, and give him or her the opportunity to choose. Cancer kids like to feel that they are important, even indispensable, and it is crucial that adults should listen to what Cancer children say.

Cancer as a schooler

You should not send your child to school before he or she is seven years old. This year means a lot in a Cancer’s life because they grow up later than their peers do. Children born under this sign seem to be infantile (and this trait may stay with them the rest of their life), but they know how to adapt to life in society. As schoolchildren, Cancers are quite good at feeling the mood of a collective; they can find a common language with any influential person.

Children born under the sign of Cancer rarely make troublemakers, they treat seniors with respect and follow the established rules. If a teacher or someone else laughs at him or her or makes a too sharp remark, the sensitive Cancer child will be at a loss what to say. Some other problems which hinder progress in studies may arise because of illness or the inability to understand the subject without an adult’s help. If parents want to help their child to do homework, they should not get nervous or irritated; otherwise, it will be a torment for both.

Interests and hobbies of Cancer children

Cancer children like to play games in which they can apply their congenital thriftiness. If you have a girl, you can buy ware or dolls, if you have a boy, buy a playhouse which can be put together and taken to pieces. Cancer children usually have a strong passion for soft toys. They dislike active games since more agile peers usually win against them. But if you find for your Cancer child a quiet occupation, his or her self-confidence will grow immensely.

Cancer children may be interested in drawing, music, hand-made articles, and nature. Later Cancer children may get interested in archeology, mythology, history, and psychology. Cancer children like plain living which is close to nature. They get immense pleasure from taking a bath with fragrant foam; besides, it helps them to deal with stress.

Cancer children have an excellent intuition, and may possess a lot of various talents, but anyway understanding, care, and support are the key elements of their harmonious development. To become a wholesome personality, Cancer children should have both parents.

Health of the Cancer child

The health of such children requires special attention from the side of their parents. This is especially true about food. Usually Cancers sort all the food into the dishes they like and those that they hate. They can devour the food they like. You should not let the child overeat because it can lead to obesity. If the child loves sweets, then he or she may have problems with teeth. Not only food but also the dietary regime matters. The stomach of Cancer children is so vulnerable that it is subject to swings in the child’s mood, so it is better to postpone the meal until the child calms down a bit.

Cancer children may have problems with kidneys, as well as various nervous diseases. Cancers should take care of their nervous system since early childhood. The mother who is pregnant with a Cancer baby also should be very cautious because her nervousness may pass to the child. The most important thing for Cancers is a warm and harmonic atmosphere in the house where they live.

Attention – Cancer! The horoscope gives advice

The main thing that you should remember when raising this child is his or her hypersensibility, or, in other words, vulnerability. You should never intimidate them or invade their personal space because their inner world is extremely vulnerable. They will surely have some secrets, and you should respect their privacy.If the Cancer child does not like somebody, this person should not force them to communication if there is no special need.

Cancer children should get responsible missions so that they can become more independent. Cancers are bad at feeling the time, they have difficulties with adapting to the regime, and break deadlines, so you should take preventive measures, otherwise, this trait will take roots in the child’s character.

You should never shout at Cancers or punish them; it is superfluous because they do not want to make their parents sad, so it is enough to tell them that you are very disappointed. They try not to upset those whom they love. If the child feels that parents love him or her, the Cancer will be hardworking and even-tempered. The only thing you need is to love your son or daughter born under this zodiac sign.

Cancer children like holidays and surprises. They believe in Father Frost, and parents should encourage this romanticism and belief in miracles.