All facts about Cancer Zodiac Sign:

Cancers are characterized by bursting, delicate experiences and lofty sentiments. They don’t think that anything that is rough and material can be interesting; an exception is money, as well as beautiful things. They pose a temptation for Cancer. The family for Cancers is always a priority. Representatives of this sign will take care of wellbeing of their relatives in any circumstances.

Constellation: The main star – Acubens, in the center of the constellation there is a cluster of stars under the name of Beehive Cluster; the neighbouring constellations – Leo, Leo Minor, Monoceros, Lynx, Hydra, Canis Minor, Gemini; its culmination time – the first half of February.

Meaning: The Cancer is a zodiac sign that is depicted by claws of a crustacean aspiring to close. Those claws represent an alliance of the male and female principle, motherhood, and also the human desire of self-improving.

Graphic representation (glyph): Cancer claws. Some astrologers see in them a human breast (the sign is responsible for this area). This glyph expresses energy which reflects in imagination and emotions.

Question Answer
Date of birth: June 21 – July 22
The element of the Cancer: Water, the first water sign
The Cancer ruling planet: Moon
Cancer magic mascots: Heart, Cancer
Cancer stones Pearls, Calcite
Colors: White, Blue, Turquoise, Silver
Metal: Silver
Lucky days: Monday, Thursday
Unlucky days: Tuesday, Saturday
Lucky numbers and figures: 2, 4, 5, 8
The most important years of life for Cancer: 11, 23, 35, 47, 59, 71
Best matches with the years of birth according to the Chinese astrology: Tiger, Horse, Dog
Cancer plants: Water lilies, jasmine, cane, pumpkin, melon, honeysuckle, and all white flowers and high trees with smooth trunks
Countries and regions of the world which are under control of this zodiac sign: Africa, Australia, islands in the Pacific Ocean, Holland, Scotland, Syria, Turkey
Cities which are under control of this sign: Amsterdam, New York, Venice
The best climate for life:
Preferable place of residence: Any quiet place, the closer to nature, the better
Sources of the increased danger to Cancer: Theft, Home accidents
Famous Cancers: Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, George Darwin, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Franz Kafka, Pierre Cardin, Marc Chagall, Joseph Chamberlain, Rembrandt, Peter Paul Rubens, Diana, Princess of Wales, George Sand

Opposite zodiac sign:

Capricornus. Cancer like an intimate, house atmosphere, communication with relatives, looks for spiritual affinity. Capricorns place bigger value on the realization in the outside world, these people dream of prestige and a high public status, they are capable of neglecting others interests.