Aries Woman

Personal Traits of Aries Woman: What is she like?

Physical appearance of Aries women

How to understand an Aries woman? What are the personality traits of this Fire element?Women are difficult to understand as it is, but an Aries woman is the greatest riddle. However, you should not quote this discriminatory phrase in her presence, if you do, be prepared for a quarrel.  Even the word “woman” in such context offends her hearing; she firmly believes that the fair sex isn’t inferior to men! And who will risk to say she is wrong looking at her vigor, staunchness and an unfailing zest for life?

Perhaps, the Aries woman will not devote her precious time to fight for the feminist movement; however, her life in itself is a bright illustration of this struggle. She is ahead of the game, she is a leader, and it describes not only the Aries woman’s career but also her attitude towards men and love. In all love affairs she has got used to being the kingpin, so don’t be surprised if she will invite you on a first date you or even will be the first to propose. 

However, it is entirely wrong to think that the Aries woman will be too controlling. On the one hand, an Aries woman is by nature dowered with a lot of mannish merits: she is independent, vigorous, knows how to obtain what she wants, she is inclined to frankness, probably too categorical. Her belief in her forces gives her endless optimism and faith in success. However, behind all her confidence (sometimes excessive) and the desire to keep everything under control, there is a surprisingly romantic, subtle individuality that dreams of unearthly love and waits for her prince. An Aries woman in love is capable of being incredibly womanly and desirable.

How to win an Aries woman’s attention

If you want to win an Aries woman’s attention, love and respect, be a knight for her. To gain her heart, you should be self-confident, independent and very romantic. Besides, keep in mind that an Aries woman loves being sincerely admired. She despises flattery and recognizes it at once, but if you speak more often about her advantages, she will put a big “plus” opposite to your name. The matter is that as the Aries herself usually idealizes the beloved one, and she expects you to do the same. She can regard your restraint in the manifestation of feelings as indifference. She firmly believes in the unearthly, book-learned love and invests her darling with all possible advantages. In order not to disappoint her, try to keep the saddle, to meet at least some of her inflated expectations.

Negative side of the character of Aries women

The reverse side of an Aries woman’s aspiration to the ideal is her utter disregard to criticism. She won’t allow anyone to criticize herself or what she loves; she will launch a desperate offensive at once. We can only sympathize her offender: a fuming Aries woman can have a sharp tongue, be ruthless and poisonous.

In love and marital life she is more possessive than any other woman. She will generously share everything that she has with her partner: money, love, support, participation, however, she demands the same from him. Besides, being a very jealous person, an Aries woman has to be confident in your fidelity; otherwise, your marriage won’t last a day.

Though an Aries woman will never allow you to flirt with anyone, she loves to be admired and is always surrounded by admirers. Well, grin and bear, you should learn to trust her: despite her independent behavior, the Aries woman doesn’t admit even a thought of infidelity. Her Love is written with a capital letter; she won’t betray you.

How Aries women build families

When an Aries woman builds up a family, the main thing is not to lose her freedom. She shouldn’t feel locked within four walls. Most likely, after the marriage she won’t hurry to give up her work: vigorous activity and self-realization are necessary to her as air, they are an integral part of her life.

As an Aries woman’s husband, keep in mind one more feature: she will try to get the dominant position in the family. However if (God forbid) she manages to do it, she will soon get disappointed in you. At the same time, the domestic tyranny option won’t suit her at all: her independence and pride can’t be bridled. So prepare to fight for the place under the family sun. The mutual respect and equality in the family are the best spread in the life with an Aries woman.

As a mother, an Aries woman will hardly be paying her child excessive attention. Her vigorous energy is rarely concentrated within the house, it reaches far beyond its limits. But her children will almost certainly believe in miracles and magic fairy tales. They will also wait  for their knight in shining armour (their fairytale princess).