Aries Traits

What Are the Positive and Negative Traits of The Aries Zodiac Sign?

Aries is associated with the Fire element. Because of that, Aries is in a way fiery and incendiary. When you see a person who can’t sit still, it is a Fire. The Firestorms inside this person, he or she always radiates powerful charm. The charm of Fire, expression and energy which stream on people around are Aries traits that cause sympathies.

Aries Traits

Another major factor that forms the sign of Aries is Mars vibrations. A typical Aries is a person of the Martian type. Because of these premises, Mars, and the primary space Fire which constantly flashes, the representatives of this sign manifest the properties of Fire. People born under the Aries sign are notable for their extreme activity. Probably, they are the most active people from all zodiac signs. If you are an Aries, then activity and vigor are written all over your face. You begin the affairs in a brisk manner; that’s also how you continue to do them but, unfortunately, you never finish them because many matters demand endurance and patience. But people born under the Aries sign are great initiators, pioneers. It is great when you can complete your affairs up to the end but for Aries it is more important to begin, to get ignited and to light people around. It is your highest cosmic task; this is the purpose why you are born under this zodiac sign.

Aries, as well as every of the first four zodiac signs, is very childish. If you try to observe a typical Aries, you will almost certainly notice that they are very straightforward, as straightforward as any child. They begin to shine the energy of joy and to transmit it to the people around at the sight of a new task or a new acquaintance. At the high spiritual and intellectual level they can be leaders, they can be in the lead of a whole crowd of people and light them with their energy and enthusiasm, their influence on individuals seems to have a magic impact. And as a rule, Aries stakes on force, sometimes on physical force, sometimes on mental energy. Sometimes they can head some social movements, to be in the lead of revolutionary groups. Some of them become politicians, but these are the strongest Fire elements. People born under the Aries sign often suppress the most subtle traits of character by impulsiveness.

There have been a lot of politicians, commanders, public figures and emperors born under this sign. Aries can prove to be useful as a diplomat, but it demands a lot of effort. The matter is that Aries is a very compulsive personality, and it’s hard for them to cope with nature. Sometimes Aries is capable of reaching the peaks of spiritual evolution. Napoléon III was a considerable Aries, but his end was quite sad. Johann Sebastian Bach was an Aries. There have been a lot of politically influential representatives of this sign in Germany: Frederick Barbarossa, Otto von Bismarck, William I, Adolf Hitler and Helmut Kohl.

Famous personalities born under the Aries sign

Tinto Brass, Beria, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Marlon Brando, Leonardo da Vinci, Elton John, Descartes, Montserrat Caballé, Mariah Carey, Steven Seagal, Diana Ross, Quentin Tarantino.

Aries main Traits

The Sun and Mars give Aries a spark, incessant motion, and propensity to exaggerate. But Aries will do anything to avoid boredom and depression. For example, they won’t go to the funeral of the best friend, but will surround his or her close friends with care and attention. An Aries would rather feel than reflect. They can be extremely generous; they adore making gifts and giving orders. Aries is a courageous, often stoical type of person, he or she is full of ideas and is always attracted to all new. It is a sign of pioneers and inventors. Aries likes to beat a path, his or her curiosity can turn into immodesty and fieriness. Aries women like to go ahead of fashion; they are inclined to extravagance and prefer bright colors: yellow, green, lemon, orange.

Both Aries man and women are potential madmen, heroes, conquerors, crusaders. But this is only primary, crude energy. The brute force can create a person that will be impatient, not reckoning with feelings of other people, that can burst into rage and fury if something disturbs the plans, unfair, aggressive and ready to destroy everything (even oneself). Aries has the “self” trait which implies self-affirmation, but also the desire of responsibility, self-dramatization, and self-renunciation. You should not argue with an Aries.

Aries Element

Your element is Fire! Aries is a fervent quick-tempered person with a quick mind. People born under this sign are impatient, short-spoken, quick-witted and impulsive. You can act before you have time to think it over. You never regret you’ve acted heedlessly. You have warm blood, hot head; you are quite sexy. Your temper is explosive. Your agile warmth and vehemence attract a lot of friends. As a rule, fortune favors you, if not, ill luck pursues you for some time.

Your element dictates the choice of friends and lovers; they should be Fire or Air elements because Air needed for burning. Fire is incompatible with Water. Either Water evaporates, or Fire extinguishes. Fire can get on with the Earth elements, but there is always a danger that Earth will cool Fire, and Fire can scotch Earth.

Aries traits: positive side

You are decisive, dynamic, talkative, vigorous, optimistic, brave, full of energy, active and attractive.

Aries traits: negative side

You are impatient, demanding, superficial, self-assured, stubborn, quick-tempered, indifferent; you often flirt when you should not and contradict yourself. If you are an Aries, then you are the most “fiery” Fire. If you were born under the sign of Leo, you are the fire that burns steadily, you aren’t so impulsive. You are more consecutive and firm. If you are a Sagittarius, then you are ever changeable fire, a summer lightning. You flash unexpectedly then turn cold and disappear.

Favorable conditions for Aries 

You should live in cool, spacious places with an open fireplace in which fire crackles. You should work in a cool room or the open air. A small room with no air can suppress Fire. The symbol (mascot) of the Fire element is a salamander who lives in fire (it is a spirit of fire which brings you good luck).

Aries professions

Aries usually chooses profession in the childhood or at school. Routine or sedentary life won’t do if there are no changes, risk or no feeling of indispensability (“nobody does it better me”). Aries can make a talented seller, direct-sales representative, lecturer, dentist, veterinarian, soldier, police officer, butcher, remarkable surgeon, sculptor. They get on with fire and metal. The well-muscled body of the Aries promises sports career.

It doesn’t matter what profession Aries chooses, he or she wants to be the first, the best fighter. Aries is a young sign, it needs bravado, facade. The attitude to money is advantageous; Aries is able to earn money and to spend it skillfully, not for the sake of influence, but in the interests of power.