Aries Man

Understanding The Aries Man

The personality traits of Aries men are defined by the fact that Aries belongs to the element of Fire. Read about some of the most prominent characteristics of the Aries sign.Have you dreamed of an intense and passionate love relationship as a child? Then keep in mind: an Aries man is what you need. His feelings are not only strong, but also surprisingly romantic; the Aries man in love generously idealizes the object of his passion. There are a lot of pleasant consequences: you get flowers, gifts, candlelight dinners… However you should not forget one thing: you can easily fall out of favor. If you date an Aries man, try not to dispel his romantic idea of you – at least, wait till the wedding is over.

How to be an ideal woman for an Aries man?

Does the Aries man idealize you? Look up to his ideal! So far as the Aries is a hundred-per-cent he-man then and you should be a bachelor’s wife. First of all, let him take the initiative in your relationship in hand. Nothing can frighten the Aries off more than your persistence and excessive activity. Besides, try to resist your laziness in the future. Be well-dressed even at home, make a light make-up, don’t forget about the glint in the eyes, then the Aries man will be yours forever.

Consequently, the best way to break up with an Aries man is to give him a reason for disappointment and suspicion. The Aries man is a romantic person and an idealist who believes you are unearthly creation. If you try to flirt with somebody in his presence, even if you think what you do is not a big deal, the Aries man will be furious! Then you won’t manage to prove to the enraged Aries that you just wanted to check his feelings and to make him a little jealous. You should remember that the Aries man’s feelings are already strong, they don’t need to be checked. And his idea of a perfect Juliette doesn’t include either jealousy or flirtation.

Personal traits of Aries men

In return, the frank Aries man isn’t prone to infidelity. So far he is in love with you, even if there have passed twenty years after the wedding, in his life there is no place to petty intrigues and affairs. It is no wonder, he thinks his love relationship should evolve like a love story from a novel, at least, it should also be lofty and bright. If he feels that it is not so, he won’t deceive you or pull to the last. As a last resort, he will prefer to leave the family honestly, rather than to search for romance somewhere else.

The Aries man’s primary personal traits are honesty, frankness, vigor and, at the same time, the desire to be first in everything. When you marry him, you should realize that from now on there will be no talk about emancipation. The Aries is capable of estimating and even of encouraging your independence in your career, however in the family, he is the clear leader, and waits that you take this fact for granted.

Aries men at home

The Aries man is a good father. He loves children and is sincerely proud of them. However, sometimes he is too persistent and is capable of putting excessive pressure on the child, though in general he can find a common language with the children.

At home, the Aries man is sometimes capable of giving vent to his anger. His flashes of rage are entirely unpredictable. To get into an argument with him at this moment is to argue with a storming hurricane. Only when the Aries man calms down (and it will occur soon enough), there is a chance that he will listen to your arguments.By the way, one of the most probable ways to his violent rage is to criticize the Aries man for something. Even if your criticism is fair, you should remember that it insults him deeply.

But the most surprising thing is that with all the love to the domestic tyranny, the Aries man needs to see a personality in you! A weak-willed woman who has no other interests but her husband’s is unambiguously not his option. It is a paradox, isn’t it? But this combination of independence and unconditional admiration of his person is what the Aries man wants from you. On the whole, the most important quality you need is your love for him. As strong as his love for you.