Aries Birthstone

What’s the Birthstone for Aries Zodiac?

All astrologers admit that gems have an inexplicable sacral force, even absolute nihilists can’t deny it. The opinions on the specific action of each natural mineral in certain conditions can vary, but the influence of stones on the representative of a concrete zodiac sign isn’t subject to doubt. What stones are Aries’s birthstones? One and the same stone can develop merits in one person, and suppress them in another. In order not to give a harmful gift to yourself or the loved one, it is better to find out which stones will become a mascot, which – a mere ornament and which will do only harm.


A person born under the sign of the Aries has confidence in his or her forces and correctness of judgments, he or she will be persistent when achieving a goal, hard-working and active as a citizen. Aries is vigorous and sociable, they love attention and can create a good reputation. They are loved for positive mood, belief in a happy future and straightforwardness. At the same time, the Aries vanity can evolve into sheer egoism while excessive emotionality and impulsiveness often stand in the way of finishing the thing they’ve taken up.

The Aries mascot stone shouldn’t conflict with the inner world of the owner, but has to constrain the manifestation of the negative traits of character that can ruin the public or private life. To fiery Arieses stones with high energy astrologers recommend: ruby, diamond, zircon and citrine. Some other gems may also be used, but then they should correspond some specific features of the personality and the date of birth.

How To Select Aries Birthstone By The Date Of Birth

Depending on the date of birth Aries patrons can be Mars (March, 21 – March, 31), the Sun (April, 1 – April, 11) and Venus (April, 12 – April, 20). Therefore, there are three types of the sign: some people born under Aries are ambitious egoists, others are noble and faithful family men, still others are passionate and romantic adventurers. Each type shares the typical Aries traits, but they are expressed differently.

Those whose patron is Mars can choose agate, quartz, jasper, tiger eye, serpentine, rock crystal, carnelian, amazonite or hematite. Sardonyx, cat’s eye, heliotrope, amber, and pearls will suit the solar Aries. Aries born under Venus should choose diamond, garnet, zircon, ruby or sapphire.

Astrologers disagree as to which gem is the best for this sign, besides, it is extremely difficult to interpret the individual manifestations of temperament. Therefore, such division is recommendatory rather than not compulsory.

The Best Stones For Aries, Talismans, And Amulets

When choosing an ideal gem, it is necessary to take into consideration the fact that such solar colors as red, yellow and orange strengthen the power of any fiery zodiac sign, while green and blue deter Aries from developing certain traits of character before they manifest themselves in a negative way.

Thus, if some features of the sign are too sharp and negative, it is better to choose green, blue or colorless stones.


The bloody ruby gives vital forces for conquering peaks, it accelerates the intellectual activity and helps to restore forces much more quickly. Some milder shades of a ruby possess the same properties though they mostly constrain the manifestation of aggression and excessive emotionality. A transparent diamond gives confidence and strengthens Aries character, but it doesn’t suit young single girls.

Agate as a mascot will suit the students born under the sign of Aries. It helps to concentrate their attention on studies, develops self-organization and constrains the impatience of the owner.

Aries often takes the risk without having estimated the opportunities, therefore, they need a protector stone; it can be the mysterious labradorite. Aries can use amethyst to curb aggression in communication with the dearest people.

Lucky Gems And Birthstones For Aries Woman

Garnet perfectly suits Aries women. The most prominent representatives of the sign can choose diamonds, garnets, rubies, amethysts and smoky quartz. The green diamond is a symbol of womanliness and motherhood. A bright garnet will help to find love and harmony. The amethyst is a fidelity stone, it develops the female intuition, but it suits Aries only if it is lilac. The smoky quartz helps to keep the love between spouses.


Young women should choose transparent zircons, while yellow zircon is preferable to mature women. This stone gives energy and shields from depression.

The red jasper will be suitable for careerists and business ladies because it helps to plan the day. It reserves some energy for homeliness and tenderness. It can be useful because Aries women often plunge into work and forget about their family.

Lucky Gems and Birthstones For Aries Man

The best gemstone for an Aries man is a ruby. All representatives of this sign quickly develop the skill of leadership. This trait of character is more expressed in men; they always accept the position of a commander and organizer. The ruby, and also garnet, will be a good mascot for Aries.

You should pay attention to the setting of your gemstone. Gold and platinum won’t do for Aries men.


If the man aspires to climb the ladder and wishes to find himself in a certain activity, then it is better to wear the stone on the forefinger. For romantic men who are looking for the true love, it is better to buy jewelry in the form of an amulet or a pendant. If the man is rigid and quick-tempered, he should choose an amethyst which restrains anger and helps to improve the climate in the family. Its properties are strengthened in the silver setting. According to a legend, this stone protects from alcoholic intoxication.

Any stone can get additional force if it is engraved with an image of a ram, owl, wolf or fleece.

Lucky Gems and Birthstones For Aries Man

The stone of opal is contraindicated to the sign of Aries. Perhaps, an Aries won’t find a stone to his or her liking among the preferable ones. In such cases, it is better to listen to the intuition and to choose what rings your chime. However, here are stones which should be avoided. These are those natural minerals which are attributed to the sign of Libra: coral, opal, lazurite, chrysolite, malachite, beryl. Products from rhodonite and aventurine are not recommended. The impulsive and aggressive representatives of the sign should choose a transparent or pale ruby.

Aries should not wear stones of cold shades symbolizing water elements. Such jewelry will conflict with the fiery nature of the owner and break his harmony. Black, dark green and dark blue colors of stones don’t suit the open nature of Aries.

Even when you have studied the recommendations of astrologers, it is difficult to choose the one-and-only gemstone. Well, you shouldn’t. At various periods of life and in different situations you will need the support of different gemstones. It is useful to have several stones, but wear them separately. Many stones with high energy don’t stand the presence of other stones (for example, a ruby). Others, on the contrary, can be successfully combined in one piece of jewelry.

The choice of a souvenir or a piece of jewelry from a natural stone has to be multilevel. The person, as well as any gemstone, has a difficult internal structure which expresses itself differently in the course of life. At the first stage you should discard those stones which are not recommended. At the second stage we choose those which would help the development of some traits of character. After that we eliminate improper colors and shades. The following step consists in visual perception. Nobody can be forced to wear an ugly gem. This will already be an internal contradiction. When the stones are chosen, you can begin to study in detail the influence of each stone on the representatives of a particular zodiac sign taking into account the gender difference.

A gemstone as a gift is a good idea, but the choice of this stone requires responsibility. It can be very difficult to guess preferences, therefore, you shouldn’t hurry to buy the first thing that has caught the eye. Aries appreciates attention to his or her personality and the gift will touch their feelings. However, if you choose the wrong stone, the straightforward Aries won’t care to spare your feelings.