Aries Baby

Things to Know About Your Aries Child

Early childhood as an Aries baby

You should give more attention to your Aries child than you would have given if you had a baby of a different sign.  The Aries baby will never cry without a reason. His or her tears always mean something: the baby may be hungry, probably you have to change the diapers or maybe the baby has some problem with getting the toy he or she needs (Aries children are impatient from the beginning of their life).

Aries Baby learn more

Aries babies are extremely sensitive to the temperature of their environment; this is why the room where they play should not be too hot. Most often Aries babies don’t like to bath; they are happy to be in water only when they have learned to swim. When the baby begins to crawl upon the stomach and walk, there is no rest for the parents because he or she needs to discover all and try to taste it. The kitchen is the most dangerous room in the flat for the Aries baby. You should put all the cutting and sharp objects together with household chemicals higher and lock the cupboard.

Aries as a preschooler

An Aries preschooler is a child that loves activity. They are bright personalities whose energy needs to be controlled. Their energy comes and goes; there are inclines and declines in it, they act on impulse. Aries children should not be left alone because they need to interact with the outer world. Such children may seem to be egoists, but this is not true. They love to help the weakest, to protect them, but they always see themselves as leaders. An Aries child can forget that there are other people whose interests are also important if you don’t teach him or her to respect others.

Aries children are bad at feeling the time; they can hardly be taught to obey discipline. From childhood, Aries children should learn accuracy and punctuality, but we will not recommend you to give direct orders. You can start a discussion, incite his enthusiasm, for example, you can express the doubt that he can put the toys back into the box so that none of them is left.

Aries children need help to develop their intellectual potential. If they don’t have nourishment for thought in the childhood, they will grow into vigorous, stout, but primitive people with low intelligence. It is crucial to show them how exciting it is to read books. Aries children will like adventure stories in which there are brave and noble characters. The parents should be well-aware that impatience and restlessness can hinder the process of teaching the child to read and write.

Aries as a schooler

Good education is a must for Aries because they are badly equipped for low-skilled jobs. They lack persistence and patience, therefore, to be good at school subjects they need to have the habit of doing homework at one and the same time. To help your Aries child with the studies, you should play the card of his or her ambitions by drawing extra attention to the fact that some of the classmates do better.

If you haven’t succeeded in arousing the Aries’s desire for leadership in studies, he or she may try to become a leader in another field. For example, he or she may try to be the life and soul of the party. Aries children often organize mean tricks at school, and they never skulk behind others. They love to win by the argument of power, and when they start a fight, they never think of consequences. Aries children often initiate conflicts. Surprisingly, Aries girls are no better than Aries boys.

It is crucial for parents to channel the child’s energy towards a more constructive passion. You should also teach your Aries child how to pinch pennies.

Likes and crushes of Aries children

Aries children are very versatile and have a constantly changing range of interests. They often get a burning desire to do something but the slack off far too early. If they have trouble playing a game, they can give it up even if it is fascinating.

Aries children don’t like silence and tranquility, they like noisy toys and practically everything that makes a loud sound, for example, drums and whistles. If a game involves making noise, they will certainly like it. When the Aries child gets older, he or she will bring home a crowd of friends. A lot of parents won’t bear their presence in the house, but you’d rather let the child do it because then you will see what he or she is at.

Aries children need to be physically active. You should buy them a wall bar, or, if there is no place for it, let the child play on the playground. Aries children like to climb trees, ladders and go to deserted buildings. When the child gets older, you should put him or her into a sports club. The child will give vent to excessive energy and be happy to compete.

Aries children may try extreme sports, for example, ski jumping or parkour. You should prohibit such interests. The only thing you can do is to make sure your child is safe.

Health of Aries children

Even Aries babies can have headaches because the head is their soft spot. They often have problems with bones, teeth, and ears. An Aries child that has caught a virus will get better quite soon but the temperature can be worryingly high. Aries children hate to stay in bed; they try to stay up but the parents should not be misled by their activity to avoid complications.

Aries babies often have nightmares that are the result of their overexcitement. Their nerves are highly strained. They often get injured but recover without any further problems because they are of great vitality by nature.

Attention! Aries! The horoscope recommends the following…

If you don’t strangle selfishness, senselessness, rudeness and cruelty at their birth, it will be difficult to root them out later. Aries children are self-willed, they don’t want to obey, but you can still find a common language with your child because he or she is an innocent creature at heart.

Aries boys should be precautioned from rude and violent games. You should not breed in them passion for weapon. You should curb their outbursts of aggression without acting in the same way. They can even run away from home if they are at swords’ points with their parents. Don’t deny them caress. Though Aries children seem to be independent, they fear that their parents don’t love them.

When taking a decision concerning your Aries child, make sure it is fair. Otherwise, he or she may react quite violently.

Nothing should mar the authority of their parents. The parents should always have the last say. The role that father plays in an Aries child’s life is immense. Take into consideration that for an Aries his father is a competitor. The father and child should compete in what they are at best, not in cruelty or rudeness. The parents should always be their example to follow.