Aquarius Woman

Personal Traits of an Aquarius Woman: What Is She Like?

Physical appearance of the Aquarius woman

All you should know about The Aquarius WomanWomen born under this zodiac sign are charming, graceful, and elegant. They usually have a bright appearance; besides, they intensify the impression they make by choosing a peculiar image and an unusual style. Aquarius women can wear both fashionable and vintage things. Other details of their appearance, for example, their haircut are extraordinary as well. Even if an Aquarius woman is not a beauty, she still stands out in any company.

Behaviour of the Aquarius woman

If you are friends with an Aquarius woman, you will never get bored: there are always a lot of interesting people around her. Aquarius people try to assist their acquaintances when they get into difficult situations. They have a good intuition that helps them to look into the future; every Aquarius woman is partly a prophetess.

Even those who study psychology sometimes cannot understand their motives. Aquarius women don’t care about conventions and avoid commitments. People often take their actions for defiances although Aquarius representatives have quite unpredictable motives that remain a riddle for other people. Aquarius women behave very modestly, reservedly and don’t let other people give them law, besides, they don’t bother to convince other people of anything. They have secrets they don’t entrust to anyone. These women don’t like telling lies – they just some information secret though they seem to be open.

Aquarius woman at work

People often characterize Aquarius as a person who looks into the future. But it doesn’t mean that the only thing they do is build castles in the air. Aquarius women are hardworking, and they make a difference in this world. They take creative and unusual decisions. If the thing they do is really important to them, they become punctual and focused. The older the Aquarius woman gets, the more practical she becomes, she learns how to use her skills.

Aquarius woman in love

In love these women have a lot of ways, it is characteristic for them to go to extremes. Because of her peculiar character, this woman is either emotionally detached or crazily romantic. If an Aquarius woman is in love, she doesn’t eye up other men. But even strong feelings don’t make her forget about her need for liberty. Aquarius women pay little attention to the man’s success in career or financial state because it is more important to her that he becomes her friend and soulmate. This intelligent and shrewd woman will help her partner to live up to his potential.

Aquarius woman in sex

There is a strong link between the Aquarius woman’s sexual desires and her voice of reason. Like Aquarius men, Aquarius women don’t build their love relationship on physical attraction, but it doesn’t mean that Aquarius women are cold in sex or unable to take delight in it.

Aquarius woman in marriage

Before she gets married, the Aquarius woman will think this decision over and over again because she fears that this step will deprive her of liberty. These women usually search for information about her future partner trying to understand if the marriage will be long-standing. And it will be but only if the husband does not try to subject the wife to his will or limit her in any way. The horoscope warns that the married Aquarius woman will still spend time with her old friends, make experiments and enjoy her life as if she was still single.

Although she loves her family, this part of her life won’t overshadow other interests. Her dream is having an honest and transparent relationship with her husband so it is unlikely that she would cheat on him, and if she finds out that her husband is unfaithful, she will break up. At the same time, she won’t be jealous without a reason or spy on him: her intuition tells her all that she needs.

Aquarius woman as lady of the house

The Aquarius woman doesn’t fit the role of a housewife. These women are not obsessed with sterility in a house or cooking three magnificent meals a day though she tries to keep things in order because a lot of guests come to her house. Even if a friend or two see a fault in her housekeeping, they can forget anything because this woman is a charming, communicative and friendly housewife.

Aquarius woman in marriage

Usually, Aquarius women do not make “crazy mothers”, they don’t let strong emotions show up after they give birth to a child. However, this woman will put a lot of effort into making their child a personality. Aquarius mothers never spoil their children, besides, their punishments are never too severe. They prefer to play the role of a friend who teaches the child to love this world.

Best match for the Aquarius woman

The Aquarius woman is compatible with representatives of such zodiac signs as Gemini, Aries, Sagittarius, and Libra.

Best gift to the Aquarius woman

Women on the whole have a reputation of a mysterious sex while Aquarius women are twice as mysterious as other women, and it makes choosing a gift to them even more difficult. A present for the Aquarius woman should satisfy her curiosity because she likes everything new and it applies to all spheres. You should not doubt that this woman can make good use of any trendy gadget, household appliance or car accessory. As a gift, you can organize for her an interesting trip or give her a chance to participate in a public event – the best variant depends mainly on individual preferences. You can buy a thing with the symbolics of her zodiac symbol or element, for example, birds, aircraft, etc.