Aquarius Man

Personal Traits of an Aquarius Man: What Is He Like?

Physical appearance of the Aquarius man

All you have to know about Aquarius Man Zodiac Sign according horoscopeRegardless of age, most Aquarius men behave like little boys, and it applies to appearance as well. The whole image of the Aquarius man reflects freedom from stereotypes, desire for openness, and dislike for subordination and formalities. Aquarius men do not like to wear business suits because they prefer loose jeans, T-shirts, polo-neck sweaters, etc. They often buy specialties, for example, a perfume that completes their image of open and easy outgoing people.

Behaviour of the Aquarius man

As they are lone wolves by nature, men born under this zodiac sign are famous for their charm and talent for having good relations with people – they are ideal friends who are ready to sacrifice their interests. These men are self-sufficient in everything, they don’t care about social norms and traditions if they think that they are based on wrong ideas. People around them are rarely capable of understanding the Aquarius man’s soul, and this is the reason why they often have a reputation of eccentric folks.

Aquarius men are open and friendly; nevertheless, their relations with other people often depend on his mental and physical state. These men don’t smile when in fact the situation is critical. In this case, they communicate less, cut on the time they spend with you, and there is no way in which you can make them change their mind.

Aquarius man at work

Aquarius people get at the top of the career ladder thanks to their natural talents and charm, while persistence and hard work are not the most important elements of this success. These men prefer to live at ease and not to create difficulties for other people. People born under this zodiac sign should have someone who would motivate them to set higher goals; however, this person should be very delicate. The Aquarius man is not a spendthrift who goes on wild spending sprees. They rarely become rich – first of all, because they don’t worship money.

Aquarius man in love

Men born under this zodiac sign have a compulsive personality, if they have a new affair, it takes all their time, though these crushes do not last long. Aquarius men become tame if they are given full freedom, strange though it might sound. His partner should play not only the role of a lover but of a friend as well. It is hard for him to imagine that just one woman will be his choice for the whole life. Everything new and mysterious attracts him, and representatives of the fair sex should as well be a secret for him. He will be a good partner for you while you are still a riddle to him. But according to the horoscope, even such a woman cannot say that her Aquarius partner belongs to her entirely because he is a man of the world.

Aquarius man in sex

Sex is not a priority for an Aquarius man, and he may be enthusiastic about anything but sex. A temperamental woman will hardly get what she wants if she marries an Aquarius because this man finds in sexual life many components, and for him, the physical element is not the most important one. He should be interested in you intellectually and like your aesthetically. If an Aquarius man is active in sex, probably, the reason is that he is still young, at an older age he goes back to those memories and thinks that those were a stupid thing to do because he could have spent his time on more important things.

Aquarius man in marriage

Aquarius men are considered to be a difficult prey because usually, they have no desire to get married. However, sometimes they surprise their girlfriends by proposing to them at an unexpected moment. Friendship, together with common interests, should be the base of their family, their wife should support them in difficulties; besides, it is a bad thing if she cares too much about the financial state of the family.

But there is one thing that is never a part of their family life, and it is boredom, and if days become monotonous, Aquarius men try to change it so you should not be a woman who is resistant to changes because in this case there is always a chance that it leads to divorce. Aquarius men are indifferent to scandals, hysterical fits, tears, and threats; they are not jealous or egoistic, they simply don’t understand why their wives begin to believe that they belong to them. However, these independent people need a partner because they want someone to communicate with who would take care of them. If the wife does not try to break the Aquarius husband in and accepts him the way he is, a new world will open to her eyes.

Aquarius man as master of the house

Aquarius men cannot be described as sound stewards who think of how to make their family prosper waking or sleeping. These people spend a lot of time in any place but home, so they do not participate actively in arranging household issues, though they like to come in the evening and see that their house is a lovely and tidy place. They often demand a lot from their wives in terms of coziness, but it does not mean they make a scene every time they don’t like the dinner.

Aquarius man as a father

Because of their character, Aquarius men don’t spend a lot of time with their children. However, they usually have good relations with their offsprings which are based on friendship and mutual understanding. Children love these fathers, they trust them, tell them everything about their private life because they clearly see that these people are perfect listeners and good advisers. Aquarius men cultivate in their children latitude of thought, a relaxed approach to life and a wide range of interests.

Best match for the Aquarius man

The Aquarius man is compatible with representatives of such zodiac signs as Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius.

Best gift to the Aquarius man

People born under this zodiac sign are known for their intelligence so you can give them a good book, an album of drawings, or video and music recordings. However, your choice is not limited by these things: you can give something quite the opposite, or even crazy, for example, something for extreme sports is this Aquarius man is interested in it. A good gift for the Aquarius man is everything related to water, for example, a tiny fountain, an aquarium, a painting of a waterfall, etc. Though you should not say to this person that your gift has magical powers or promise that it is good for feng shui: they are philosophers rather than mystics.