Aquarius Birthstone

What’s The Birthstone For Aquarius Zodiac?

Representatives of Aquarius are creative idealists. Their life is unthinkable without optimism and help to other people. Aquarians are a fairly kind sign which doesn’t want to fight, but they want to do their business.

How To Select Aquarius Birthstone By The Date Of Birth

Aquarians of the first decade (from the 21st of January to the 1st of February) are quiet and calm romantics. These people tend to fall into melancholy and prone to a bad mood. Aquarians of the first decade are attractive people for love, as they are patronized by Venus. The following crystals are suitable for them: jade, amethyst, obsidian, jasper, serpentine, aventurine, and pearls.

amethyst is the Best talisman for Aquarius Zodiac Sign according to the horoscope.Wards of the Mercury are Aquarians of the second decade; they celebrate their birthdays from the 2nd of February to the 11th of February. Thanks to worldly wisdom, a sense of humor and a keen mind, the representatives of this decade will always achieve respect and recognition. Onyx, lapis lazuli, amber, turquoise, amethyst, sardonyx, and chrysoprase are suitable for Aquarians of the second decade.

Moon Aquarians are born in the third decade that lasts from the 12th of February to the 20th of February. These people appreciate truth and easily leave those who deceived them. Restrained and sensitivity can prevent them from achieving high tops. Talismans that can support Aquarius in the difficult situation: chrysoprase, tourmaline, sapphire, diamond, zircon, aquamarine, and alexandrite.

The Best Stones For Aquarius, Talismans, And Amulets

Quartz light shade is one of the best talismans for Aquarius persons. The strong amulet in love affairs will be pink quartz. Aquarians are prone to depression and easily getting upset. Quartz will help to gather strength, support confidence and overcome all troubles. This crystal will help creative Aquarians to strengthen their creative abilities, will keep inspiration, and will help to open up to others. The talisman with quartz will save them from injuries and accidents.Rose Quartz is the Best talisman for Aquarius Zodiac Sign according to the horoscope.

For harmonious spiritual development will help sapphire. This crystal will wake an interest in knowledge, lead to the thoughts about eternal. This gem makes Aquarians think about life. Aquarians does not imagine their lives without a spiritual component; with it, they feel absolutely happy. However, in sometimes this sign is weakly developed in the spiritual plan. Sapphire will help Aquarians in this lack. The mineral will become a source of self-confidence, courage and spiritual strength. In difficult moments of life, sapphire will direct the representatives of this sign for searches and achieve the goal. It also protects from lies and falsities.

One of the strongest gems with powerful magic properties is volcanic glass or obsidian. This mineral is connected with the Sun, Uranus, and Saturn. Obsidian will turn Aquarians away from evil people, save them from addictions. This crystal also will help them to gather themselves for study or work. The gem will concentrate the attention of the representatives of this sign on achieving the desired goal. Obsidian can protect from the dishonest actions, but it is not recommended to wear it constantly, as it can make Aquarius too timid.Amethyst Ring is the Best talisman for Aquarius Zodiac Sign according to the horoscope.

When Aquarians have lost strength, hope and anguish are lasting for a long time, amethyst will help them. This gem will promote the revival of optimism in the soul of the representatives of this sign; will give confidence and an opportunity to win in any dispute. As an amulet, this mineral will protect Aquarians from wicked competitors, envious persons and also from their own stubbornness. Amethyst gives insight and strengthens intuition.

Agate can suggest the right decision in extreme situations. The mineral will save from curses and an evil eye. Agate protects from colds and stomach diseases.

Hyacinth will help Aquarians to concentrate on work. This mineral is very useful when the situation needs to be under total control or it’s necessary to change plans cardinally. For the representatives of this sign whose life is too changeable the ring with hyacinth will not let to fall into melancholy. 

Aquamarine is a guide-crystal for this sign. This is the mineral of justice and friendship, for those who like traveling.

Lucky Gems And Birthstones For Aquarius Woman

Prone to limit desires of others, Aquarius women are in a great need of freedom. Amethyst as a talisman will help them to understand surroundings, maintain a positive climate in the family and easily join to any team. This gem will help to develop willpower, will bestow strength. Amethyst is useful for women who are dreaming for children.

Aquamarine Ring is the Best talisman for Aquarius Women Zodiac Sign according to the horoscopeA married Aquarius woman should have at least one ornament with pearls. The metal in which the crystal is framed is not so important; the main thing is the natural origin of the gem. Pearls help to avoid conflicts, strengthen the relationships; will direct to preserve family values. Wearing pearls Aquarius woman will become more tender and kinder. Pearl will help to subdue the pride.

Aquarius women love solitude. They are constantly dreaming. The representatives of this sign usually idealize their partners in love and after learning his shortcomings, they easily leave them. Aquamarine will remove pink glasses and help to make the right choice in the love affairs. The gem can protect from mistakes in life.

Amethyst will help to the representatives of this sign to show their emotions and open up themselves deeper to the close people.

Amber will help Aquarius women to be more confident and brave. This mineral gives optimism, cheerfulness and strengthens intuition. This gem will help preserve youth and beauty. Amber spiritualizes and awakens altruistic inclinations.

Lucky Gems and Birthstones For Aquarius Man

Aquarius men need women’s attention. Agate will help the representatives of this sign to achieve their goals. The best love talisman for them will be black agate. The talisman with this crystal will turn dryasdust Aquarius men into the true lady’s men. Complicated characters help to soften yellow and white agates. Men become kinder and more easy-going. Grey gems help to resolve the problems, avoid quarrels and save a friendship. The talismans with agate reveal secrets, will open up all lies and will contribute to the disclosure of intrigues.Black Agate Ring is the Best talisman for Aquarius Men Zodiac Sign according to the horoscope  

Aquarius men are often unable to influence negative aspects of their characters and change themselves. The talisman with jade will help them in this. It can be writing stuff or table souvenir. Jade will Aquarius man to a new spiritual level. The representatives of this sign begin to work harder at themselves. This mineral will bring confidence in the abilities of the owner, convince in success, and contribute to financial stability.

All men under this sign are rationalizers, revolutionaries, and inventors. These people constantly want to break something, change, improve or build a new one. Sapphire will be an excellent talisman for Aquarius men. This crystal will help to lead thing to the logical conclusion. Sapphire is for optimists, who seek new impressions and knowledge. With this amulet, the representative of this sign has enough strength to defeat the opponent.

Bad Stones and Gems For Pisces Sign

Aquarians should not wear crystals that are suitable for Lions. Such as onyx, rock crystal, carnelian, topaz, chrysolite, zircon, sardonyx, opal and golden quartz. For married women, it’s undesirable to have ornaments with turquoiseDiamond will make Aquarians more stubborn and fanatical. Citrine will strengthen both positive and negative traits of the representatives of this sign.