All facts about Sagittarius Zodiac Sign:

The risk is a force that leads Sagittariuses through their life, sometimes bringing them into awkward and ridiculous situations. Sagittariuses aren’t afraid of problems and failures; moreover, the more complex challenge they face, the bigger enthusiasm they show addressing it. It is a pleasure to be a friend of the Sagittarius, loving a Sagittarius is a different thing though it is also pleasant. No wonder that Sagittariuses are always surrounded by those who are ready to go to any length to help them.

Constellation: The main star – Alpha Sagittarii; the neighboring constellations – the Capricorn, Scorpio, Scutum, Antinous, Corona Australis; its culmination time – midnight, the beginning of August.

Meaning: Sagittarius is a zodiac sign whose symbol is a shooter that represents commitment, frankness, enthusiasm for hunting and other kinds of activity in the open air.

Graphic representation (glyph): An arrow directed upwards. A number of astrologers see in it the image of a (the part of the leg from the knee to the hip is under influence of this sign). This glyph depicts the tendency to lofty ideals and indifference to everyday problems.

Question Answer
Date of birth: November 22 – December 21
The element of the Sagittarius: Fire, the last fiery sign
The Sagittarius ruling planet: Jupiter
Sagittarius magic mascots: Horseshoe, Salamander
Sagittarius stones: Turquoise, Lazurite
Colors: Red, Vinous, Crimson, Blue
Metal: Tin
Lucky days: Thursday
Unlucky days: Wednesday
Lucky numbers and figures: 3 and all numbers which are divisible by 3
The most important years of life for Sagittarius: 14, 24, 28, 42, 48, 56, 68, 80
Best matches with the years of birth according to the Chinese astrology: Rabbit, Pig, Goat
Sagittarius plants: Narcissus, Rose, Clover, Mint, Dandelion, Carnation, Date, Birch, Oak
Sagittarius animals: Horse, Donkey, Doe, Birds
Countries and regions of the world which are under control of this zodiac sign: Italy, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Croatia, Albania, the countries of the Arab world, Latin America (except Brazil and Mexico)
Cities which are under control of this sign: Toledo, Budapest, Acapulco
The best climate for life: Cold
Preferable place of residence: Any settlement in a mountain region or near a forest
Sources of the increased danger to Sagittarius: Explosions, fires and other situations connected with fire, as well as conflicts with people provoked by the burning sense of independence
Famous Sagittariuses: Nostradamus, Jonathan Swift, Friedrich Engels, Ludwig van Beethoven, Mark Twain, Walt Disney, Tina Turner, Milla Jovovich


Opposite zodiac sign:

Gemini. People born under the sign of Sagittarius are notable for the width of their beliefs, enthusiasm in discussing cosmic questions and philosophy, and impassiveness. On the contrary, Geminis build their communication on the personal level, because they want to take an active part in the destiny of other people.