All facts about Pisces Zodiac Sign:

Pisces have an easy, pleasant personality with tinges of romance and melancholy. Representatives of this sign are not notable for their vital energy or outstanding stoicism because they prefer to shelter themselves behind other people when hard times come, but nobody blames them for it. Pisces have plenty of emotional warmth, and because of that, they can melt the ice in anyone’s heart.

Constellation: The constellation is formed by pale stars; it is the point of the vernal equinox. Those who live at middle latitudes can see this constellation from the end of summer (or fall) to the beginning of winter.

Meaning: Pisces is a zodiac sign whose symbol are two fishes looking into different directions. These fish personify contradictory desires, emotional variability, and other contending traits.

Graphic representation (glyph): Two fishes; some astrologers see in the glyph a leg (foot) of the person (this part of the body is under the protection of this zodiac sign). This glyph expresses the combination of lofty knowledge and emotions that are limited by the material world.

Question Answer
Date of birth: March 21 – April 19
The element of Pisces: Water, the last water sign
The Pisces ruling planet: Neptune
Pisces magic mascots: Fish, Shell
Pisces stones: Moonstone, Aquamarine
Colors: Aquamarine, Green, Turquoise, Gray, White, Blue, Violet, Purple
Metal: Zinc
Lucky days: Monday, Thursday, Friday
Unlucky days: Wednesday
Lucky numbers and figures: 6, 7, 11, and all numbers that are divisible by 7
The most important years of life for Pisces: 14, 24, 28, 42, 48, 56, 70, 72, 84
Best matches with the years of birth according to the Chinese astrology: Dragon, Horse, Rat, Dog
Pisces plants: Apple-tree, Apricot, Pear, Plum, Cotton, Poppy, Tobacco, Tea-plant, Coffee tree, Seaweed, Water lily, Mushrooms, Willow, Fig tree
Pisces animals: Fish, Swan, Horse, Snake
Countries and regions of the world which are under control of this zodiac sign: North Africa, Southern Asia, Colombia, Brazil, Ceylon, Israel, Spain, Portugal
Cities which are under control of this sign: Dublin, Lisbon, Seville, Casablanca
The best climate for life: Warm, Humid
Preferable place of residence: The only criterion of their choice is proximity to a water reservoir.
Sources of the increased danger to Pisces: Unpredictable situations, Communication with people who cannot control themselves, as well as abuse of alcohol and narcotic substances
Famous Pisces: Albert Einstein, Frederic Chopin, Johann Strauss, Yuri Gagarin, Michelangelo, Amerigo Vespucci, Victor Hugo

Opposite zodiac sign:

Virgo. People born under the constellation of Pisces are in a constant search of spiritual values. Whereas Virgos are the embodiment of practicality, they aim at material success by working hard, aren’t inclined to spend time imagining things. Besides, they believe only in facts.