All facts about Capricorn Zodiac Sign:

Diligence, sound judgment, and understanding of their limitations are the basis of Capricorns’ success. Thanks to these traits representatives of this sign cope with all difficulties in life and achieve their goals. Capricorns aren’t inclined to mindlessness and unjustified optimism; moreover, they often see life in dark shades though it isn’t that bad.

Constellation: The main star – Prima Giedi (Algiedi Prima); the neighboring constellations – Aquarius, Sagittarius, Piscis Austrinus, Equuleus, Aquila, Antinous; its culmination time – the end of August – the beginning of September

Meaning: Capricorn is a zodiac sign whose symbol is a goat, the embodiment of persistence, ascending through obstacles.

Graphic representation (glyph): A goat with a fish tail. Some also see in it a knee and a patella of the person (this part of a body is under influence of this constellation). This glyph combines the notion of responsibility and power fed by a strong passion.

Question Answer
Date of birth: December 22 – January 20
The element of Capricorn: Earth, the last earthly sign
The Capricorn ruling planet: Saturn
Capricorn magic mascots: Black cat, Turtle
Capricorn stones: Onyx, Malachite
Colors: Brown, Black, Dark green, Blue, Ashy, Pale, Yellow
Metal: lead
Lucky days: Tuesday, Saturday
Unlucky days: Monday, Thursday
Lucky numbers and figures: 3, 5, 7, 8 (and all numbers divisible by 8), 14
The most important years of life for Capricorn: 28, 35, 42, 56
Best matches with the years of birth according to the Chinese astrology: Monkey, Dragon, Rat
Capricorn plants: Ivy, Beet, Willow, Black poppy, White Carnation, Poplar
Capricorn animals: Goat, Other hoofed animals, as well as Heron, Monkey
Countries and regions of the world which are under control of this zodiac sign: the Baltic states, Bulgaria, Afghanistan, India, Mexico, Burma, China
Cities which are under control of this sign: Chicago, Boston, Montreal, Brussels, Oxford
The best climate for life: The older the person is, the warmer the climate should be (up to tropical)
Preferable place of residence: Any city
Sources of the increased danger to Capricorn: The secrets concerning their past as well as the negative (and often hidden) attitude towards them because of  their excessive emotional coldness
Famous Capricorns: Isaac Newton, Mao Zedong, Paul Cézanne, Henri Matisse, Charles-Louis de Montesquieu, Molière, Martin Luther King, Federico Fellini, Joan of Arc

Opposite zodiac sign:

Cancer. People born under the sign of Capricorn are rather reserved in the personal relations, all their energy is focused on achieving success in social life. It is important for them to be in the limelight. Cancers desperately need love, the most comfortable situation for them is their house and the society of relatives.