What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Wedding


What Kind Of Wedding Will You Have According To Your Zodiac Sign?

The wedding ceremony is one of the most exciting moments of life and it should leave only positive memories! However, each zodiac sign has its perception of an ideal wedding, and there may be a lot of differences so you’d better find out what they are before you organize anything.

Ideal Wedding For Aries

An ideal wedding for Aries is a ceremony that is full of exciting contests, cheerful pledges, and good jokes. Bride kidnapping or purchasing are some of their favorite rituals. Besides, they want to dance to the sound of music and let off fireworks at the end to celebrate the union. If you are against pompous weddings, then you will have to make the Aries change his or her mind. But there is a solution to this problem: you can promise your Aries partner a grandiose honeymoon that starts right after the ceremony.

Ideal Wedding For Taurus

Taurus people love cozy but respectable weddings. Despite their love for luxury, they get pretty practical when they plan their wedding. Taurus considers exquisite dishes and fine cuisine a part of any decent wedding, but they are not ready to pay for it. So you should be afraid of additional expenses if a person born under this zodiac sign organizes your wedding. Taurus representatives are quite stubborn, and this is why if you need to convince them of something, you should act tactfully and emphasize that your idea can save some money.  If you use these arguments, the Taurus will take the hint.

Ideal Wedding For Gemini

Gemini people love themed weddings that are inspired by various theme ideas, historic periods, or characters. The main traits of a wedding organised by a Gemini are an unusual scenario, creative ideas and freedom from cliches. It is easy to persuade these Mercurian people to do what you want if you explain why your idea is so unique and extraordinary. As a rule, Gemini people are easy outgoing, they love travelling so it is not improbable that the main wedding gift for them is the trip to some idyllic place.

Find out what kind of wedding your partner has in mind

Ideal Wedding For Cancer

Cancer like the very idea of arranging a ceremony of celebration that helps them to gather together all their relatives and friends at one table. Cancer people want the best photographer to shoot their wedding. Besides, it is likely that they will ask some of the guests take a photo too. Cancer cares much about observing family traditions so don’t be surprised if the Cancer bride wears her grandmother’s wedding dress or if the Cancer groom gives his bride a piece of old jewelry as a gift.

Ideal Wedding For Leo

Leo people are big fans of celebrations and bright events, and their wedding will not be an exception. The thing that is most important to them is that their guests would not be bored, so if the toastmaster disappears for a moment, the Leo will take on his duty. Leo people love karaoke, unusual contests in which they play a key role, bright lights and noisy drives around the city. Don’t even try to explain to the Leo why you don’t want your wedding to be so noisy because they will not understand, but you can appeal to their sense of justice – make it clear that your opinion should be taken into account.

Ideal Wedding For Virgo

The practical and thrifty Virgo does not like loud colors and pompous events. Representatives of this zodiac sign have nothing against an unpretentious ceremony for relatives and close friends. You should not fault the Virgo for niggardliness if he or she does not want to hire a road train of limousines. The fact is that Virgo people see ways to save some money and go for it, besides, the alternatives that they choose are always of high quality. Virgo representatives are perfect organisers who can arrange a beautiful and memorable wedding even with a meagre budget. What they want to achieve most of all is to create comfortable atmosphere during the ceremony.

Ideal Wedding For Libra

Libra people are aesthetes by nature, this is why they pay special attention to wedding dresses, accessories, and decorations for the room where the ceremony is going to take place. There are no small things for them because they believe that everything is equally important – beginning with the bride’s bouquet and ending with the ornament on the tablecloth. If you want to make life easier for these perfectionists, you should help them to take small decisions. Some representatives of this zodiac sign are quite indecisive by nature, and it can be hard for them to choose one thing out of many others that look pretty similar. Libra people will be very grateful for your help and will listen to your arguments.

When it comes to organizing a wedding, you may find that your partner and you have pretty different perceptions of it.

Ideal Wedding For Scorpio

Scorpio people prefer celebrations in which there is some kind of an intrigue that breaks the habitual stereotypes. Who said that their wedding should follow a traditional scenario? Many representatives of this zodiac sign will be happy to knock the bottom out of these beliefs by preparing surprises for the guests, new contests, and jokes. And the high point of the celebration will be the first dance of the married couple – it will be both passionate and gentle.

Ideal Wedding For Sagittarius

People born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius dream of a large-scale wedding. They will invite all their university friends, colleagues and, of course, relatives, and make sure that everyone has received an invitation. The generous and open Sagittarius will prepare souvenirs for their guests and arrange noisy contests with prizes. When the ceremony comes to an end, don’t be surprised to see how the bride and the groom participate in letting off fireworks.

Ideal Wedding For Capricorn

Capricorn representatives are practical and romantic at the same time, especially when they need to arrange a wedding. They spend days planning the event and change the date because they are afraid that they have not prepared it as they should. An ideal wedding for Capricorn is not the mere registration and a small party for relatives. Representatives of this zodiac sign prefer official ceremonies with a road train of cars, traditional contests and the exchange of wedding rings. For Capricorn, this is a guarantee that their family life will be a safe island in the sea of life.

Ideal Wedding For Aquarius

Aquarius people are very unpretentious in every sense of this word, but they care a lot about the atmosphere at the wedding because they want their guests to be happy. They decide where each guest will be sitting depending on their preferences, and they want to make it comfortable and enjoyable for them. The bride will ensure that everyone is in a good mood, while the Aquarius groom will tell jokes if someone gets bored. Aquarius representatives are very sensitive to other people’s emotions, so they will find out what music every guest likes and what dishes they prefer.

Ideal Wedding For Pisces

An ideal wedding for Pisces will be full of romantic emotions and an atmosphere of tenderness. They will release pigeons, let fly a paper lantern with a dream of a happy family life written on it – these are some features that are characteristic of their wedding. Regardless of the number of guests, Pisces should have some time to spend in private with their partner at their wedding because they want to share their deepest dreams and prepare for a life full of love and trust.


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