At What Age Do Zodiac Signs Feel Full Of Love?


Love Is A Magical Feeling That We Experience At All Stages Of Life

Each zodiac sign feels the love in a unique way, and there are patterns of love that we can find in their habits. Every seven years we reach a new spiritual level and discover fresh feelings. These are the most important periods according to the astrologers of great renown.

Aries (0-7 years old)

Under the protection of this zodiac sign, people learn to love deeply at an early age. Their love comes in various forms. Some of them care only about themselves and exploit other people’s feelings to build their life the way they want. Others prefer to sacrifice their interests, often they do it in vain. And there are few people who are capable of the wraparound love that arouses similar feelings in other people.

Taurus (7-14 years old)

Only at this age, under the influence of Taurus people keep all deep feelings in perfect order. This is when all people choose their first object of love based on its appeal. At a more mature age, they reassign their energy to work and business, while their feeling for the partner recedes into the background.

Gemini (14-21 years old)

At this age, people are immersed in the ocean of romantic feelings and bright emotions. Unlike Taurus, Gemini cares more about sharing interests with the object of their love. Passion flares up almost immediately, and this often results in early marriage. Alas, such unions are short-lived. If the marriage lasts longer, it is frequently unhappy.

Cancer (21-28 years old)

Cancer makes happy unions. At this age, love does not cloud consciousness. Under the protection of this sign, all people make a sober estimate of their partner. They still have their fantasies, sensitivity, and sexuality which helps the relationship to last longer.

Leo (28-35 years old)

As the years pass, their ego shrinks as well as their desire to experiment in love. Under the protection of Leo love fuses with an intuition which marks a romantic period in life when the head is swimming with love and passion. Even die-hard egoists are capable of true tenderness, for example, they give their partner a lot of presents and serenade love.

Virgo (35-42 years old)

Under the protection of Virgo, people get more rational about acquiring a family. The experience they got in life helps them to understand what kind of partner they need and how they want to treat him or her. At this stage in life, all people are finally ready to have children, take responsibility and preserve family traditions. The most long-lasting marriages at this age are those that are based on respect or even mere convenience.

Libra (42-49 years old)

Under influence of Libra people actively seek for their soul mate. Many of them are already married. Some people get brave enough to break the bonds that were based on passion, non-reciprocity or convenience. But there are also those who are afraid to ruin the old order.

Scorpio (49-56 years old)

At a mature age, the influence of Scorpio helps to find true love. There are slight changes in the soul that convert sexual energy into magic energy. It is important to find someone who will bring harmony into the relationship but do not cross the line where these beautiful feelings turn into destructive passions.

Sagittarius (56-63 years old)

Under influence of Sagittarius love for your partner casts the whole world into the shade. Representatives of all zodiac signs find their destination in creativity, small pleasures, and love for one particular person. When they find their soul mate, there is nothing more in the world that they need to feel happy. They overcome their ego and learn how to see the world from a different prospective.

Capricorn (63-70 years old)

Under influence of Capricorn, there is always a place for an idyllic love that resembles the love which a mother feels for her child. Representatives of all zodiac signs will be eager to protect their loved ones from problems and bad decisions, they will support them and be shoulder to cry on. They perform this mission with great pleasure.

Aquarius (70-77 years old)

This period is perfect for building a strong love or family relationship. At this age, every person is capable of friendship, and when this feeling grows into love, it tends to be long-lasting. Partners share energy and experience which makes them a perfect match.

Pisces (77-84 years old)

The zodiac sign of Pisces patronizes love and other strong feelings. Partners no longer try to change each other’s habits, they are happy just to stay together. This joy comes from the heart.

At the age of 84, the circle begins anew. Starting with Aries and Taurus and so on. Keep in mind that we looked at the main traits of the zodiac signs when they influence love relationships.


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