What To Wear On a Date: Recommendations For Four Elements


How Should Fire, Water, Earth and Air Choose What To Wear To Make a Great Impression?

The first impression can’t be made twice, and it influences future relations. Therefore, it is crucial to emphasize your strong points at this responsible moment, to hide weaknesses, and out recommendations will help you to succeed in it.

What should a Fire wear on a first date?

The signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius belong to the element of Fire. To make an unforgettable impression on a first date, you should lay emphasis on your hips. You can choose trousers or a skirt with a belt to attract attention to your forms. Your look should convey a poorly covered passion, sensuality and at the same time inaccessibility to men. It is better to use the muffled shades of bright colors: crimson, cherry, pastel pink. The silhouette should be accurately outlined therefore you shouldn’t wear loose clothes, at the same time, a revealing fitting dress will be not the best choice. In general, your look on the first date should be womanly, but moderate and not too defiant.

What should an Earth wear on a first date?

The signs of CapricornTaurus and Virgo belong to the elements of Earth. On a first date you should emphasize your legs: choose footwear with fancy buckles and decorative accessories, elegant pantyhoses or stockings if the skirt is long. The special attention should be paid to the womanly and soft line of the skirt, you shouldn’t put on trousers on a first date. Use soft and warm colors: shades of brown, terracotta, beige. Your look has to show motherhood, convey softness and tenderness, elegance and classical approach to forms. At the same time, you should try to choose the clothes that don’t differ too much from your usual style; otherwise, you won’t feel comfortable.

How to make a good impression on your first date? What colours should you choose to wear?

What should an Air wear on a first date?

The representatives of Air — the Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, should emphasize the neckline, breast, and shoulders. For this purpose, it is possible to use bright jewelry. Your look for the first date should be passionate and romantic, but gentle rather than aggressive, avoid this extreme. You can choose turquoise, light blue or shades of green. You can use lacy or translucent details in clothes to create around yourself a certain aura of zero gravity and mysteriousness — it will be especially interesting to the man’s imagination. The silhouette should stream rather than fit tightly.

What should a Water wear on a first date?

The representatives of the Water Elements — the Cancer, Scorpion, and Pisces — should draw the date’s attention to the waist. For this purpose, you can use a beautiful belt or highlight with contrast colors the top and lower part of the clothes. The asymmetric cut of the skirt or sleeves will add a bit of mysteriousness. Don’t be afraid to mix bright colors: black and white, red and black, silver and black. If your waist isn’t slender enough, you can highlight the respective area on the back or play with the color or design of the dress which can visually change the area of waist. Your look should symbolize passion, mysteriousness, and open sexuality.

The recommended colors can concern not only clothes. If the offered color isn’t in harmony with your skin, or you feel uncomfortable in such clothes, use jewelry or accessories of a similar color, it will have the same effect.


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