Travel horoscope 2018 for 12 Zodiac Signs


Travel horoscope 2018 for all astrological signs

When it comes to traveling in 2018, it’s common sense to plan your vacation beforehand. Our travel horoscope 2018 will help you to choose the place of your trip and predict what your vacation will be like. Astrologers carefully read all information that stars send to us and draw conclusions on its basis, so you can quickly and easily learn everything you need to know while having your morning cup of coffee.

Aries travel horoscope 2018

Astrologers note that Aries should go on a short-time vacation in February. Better travel within your home country and visit some interesting and well-known places. A little trip like that can easily bring you an unforgettable experience. Schedule the next vacation for May. Specialists recommend going abroad, learn a foreign language used in a country you decided to travel to and just relax. Spend weekends in June at your favorite places, breathe some fresh air and chill. July will be a perfect time to go abroad if you didn’t do so in May. Learn something new about the architecture and gastronomy of foreign countries. Astrologers warn that November will be a bad time for traveling, it’s an unfavorable time for Aries. Better stay home and go for a romantic trip with your partner on New Year’s Eve. It’s a favorable period for Airies and New Year’s holidays is a great opportunity for a little trip.

Taurus travel horoscope 2018

Taurus will thirst for travel from the very beginning of the year, so it’s a perfect period for them to go for a trip and explore new countries if money and time allow. February will be a good time for staying home and hard working. Go on vacation in the second half of May, you will be favored by stars and everything will go just fine. The next most suitable month for rest is going to be July. We recommend spending weekends in July at your country house to combine rest with some useful work. If you wish, go for cultural sightseeing in August to acquire inner harmony before the autumn. After that try to settle down and plunge into hard work until December. At the end of the year, we recommend to chose a quiet family holiday without any adventures.

Gemini travel horoscope 2018

Gemini shouldn’t even think about traveling until spring. In April they can travel to the south or the east for sightseeing and quality rest. Better schedule your vacation for July. By this time you will be completely exhausted from hard working, so it’s a perfect time to go for a trip and just chill. The next opportunity to go for a vacation will be August. An interesting tour to the foreign country will be what the doctor ordered. At last, it’s a good idea to for a trip in December. Better travel to a picturesque and calm city to recover and gain strength for the next year.

Cancer travel horoscope 2018

The beginning of the year is a bad time for traveling. The maximum that Cancer can expect in the winter and spring months is some hanging out with friends. The first time you can go on a vacation will be late April. Don’t travel far – a forest or a recreation center nearby, a narrow circle of friends and barbecue will do just fine. In May you can start planning to go abroad. Better schedule it for August – it’s the most favorable time for traveling. Do some diving or surfing – active recreation is the most suitable type of rest for Cancers. After than restrain from traveling until November. Schedule your plans for the end of the month – it’s going to be a great period to spend time with your family.

Travel Horoscope 2018 will give advice for holidaysLeo travel horoscope 2018

Leo should start planning their vacation from January. Schedule your trip only for April. This month is perfect for both distant and close vacation trips, so choose what suits you best. If you prefer to rest far from civilization, you can safely go to mountains for quiet fishing and nature sightseeing. Also, it’s a good idea to spend the May holidays outdoors or on a trip. Whatever you choose will be a favorable decision. In the second half of August, you can go on a well-deserved vacation and relax at the resort. Although, astrologers recommend spending the vacation in your home country without going abroad. The remaining part of the year should be dedicated to work and family, and everything will be just fine.

Virgo travel horoscope 2018

Virgos can go for a trip right after the New Year. Astrologers recommend them to go skiing or to have active rest with their friends. The next most suitable month for a short-term trip is March. According to specialists, it’s better to travel to Western countries. Probably, your trip abroad will be spontaneous and completely unexpected. May is also a good time for traveling, but this month may occur some undesirable quarrels with strangers, so it’s better to stay at home. July is a perfect month to travel abroad without any unpleasant surprises. Dedicate autumn to work and spent December with your family and friends. It’s desirable to choose active recreation instead of sightseeing.

Libra travel horoscope 2018

The first two months of 2018 Libras should dedicate to internal growth. Work hard, build your career and reach your goals. The first opportunity for rest will be in March. Try to attend exhibitions and cultural events that you will enjoy thoroughly. Better spend May holidays near the big water. According to astrologers, that type of leisure is the most favorable for that particular sign and time of year. Spend June with your relatives and family, then take a trip to the southern countries. Learn local traditions, language, architecture, and gastronomy. Such a journey will bring you not only many memories and photos, but also a new love.

The rest of the year is advisable to spend at home, doing the routine and usual staff. That will bring peace, harmony, and joy to your life. Also, don’t forget to spend time on your own interests and hobbies. A short-term trip to a new city or place will be a perfect ending to the whole traveling-packed year.

Scorpio travel horoscope 2018

As the most influential astrologers say, the beginning of the year is a bad time for Scorpions to go traveling. Turn down any opportunities to go on a journey and stay put. February will pass almost unnoticed, but in March try to pay attention to your cultural level and attend some museums or galleries. In April head out into nature for a weekend or two. Visit your country house or set a picnic on the bank of a pond and enjoy the first warm days of spring. Don’t go abroad in that time of year, otherwise, you might lose money and spend more than you planned. In May some Scorpios still will be actively working, but the rest can go on vacation to a sanatorium or a resort and meet a new romantic interest there. Go for full vacation in August – it’s the most suitable time to do so. The next short-term but enjoyable trip can take place in November. An out of town recreation center will be a perfect place for a vacation. The rest of the year should be dedicated to work and family.

Travel Horoscope 2018 will give advice for vacationSagittarius travel horoscope 2018

The best choice for Sagittarius for the beginning of the year is to spend some time alone or together with close family members. Such a tranquil leisure will bring you sought after inner harmony. Start collecting money for a future vacation in April. That will happen not so far into future: May is a perfect month to go to the sea, relax and restore energy. The whole month of June should be dedicated to work, but it’s advisable to acquire a new hobby (probably, related to extreme sports) in July. Take rest and do what you love, because you won’t have any time to rest in a rather intense August. The next opportunity for a vacation will be only in November. Try to set aside any work or usual duties and responsibilities and take your time to relax. The rest in November will give you enough energy to survive the rest of the year.

Capricorn travel horoscope 2018

Capricorns should spend the whole January partying and chilling. Better go for a trip to the western countries. But afterward, you’ll have to work really hard in order to earn some money for a next trip in April. In the mid-spring, it wouldn’t hurt to go to the nearby forest or lake. Being close to nature will restore your inner harmony. Also, short trips for cultural sightseeing can be a good and reliable source of positive emotions. The next opportunity for a vacation will be in July, so try to get the most of your short trips. Pay attention to your health and visit medical resorts in October.

Aquarius travel horoscope 2018

New Year’s holidays should be spent in the family. Next time you could for a trip will be in March. That time is perfect for changing places, getting new experiences and meeting new people. It’s better to go on holiday abroad. It’s quite possible to meet a new love and find your happiness in the foreign country. The rest of the year must be dedicated to work and self-development. Also, don’t forget about your hobbies and personal interests.

Pisces travel horoscope 2018

Astrologers recommend Pisces to stay home until early spring, meanwhile trying to plan out vacation. Late spring will be a challenging period of time for you, so better postpone any trips until summer. The perfect time for a vacation and obtaining harmony is the middle of July. Next time you will get an opportunity to relax with your friends and family will be in October. December probably is going to be an unfavorable month for you, but if you happen to get a free weekend, try to spend it on a trip to nature. It will help you restore inner balance. If you want your vacation to be truly memorable, plan it thoroughly. A professional astrologist’s consultation will help you achieve this.


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