How to talk to Aries Man in order to keep his attention

How to talk to Aries Man to keep his attention

It takes much effort to keep Aries Man by your side, much more than you would with some of the other Zodiac signs. Aries won’t tolerate any woman that is always unhappy, nagging and complaining about life. Even if your life is a non-stop obstacle course, you should embrace optimism (even the fake one). Try to hide you being upset.

If you become too predictable, this person will get bored. You must show your temper from time to time. Aries might seem to be visibly upset by this heavy-handed behavior, but deep inside he’d be very pleased with it. The key is not to be too bossy, because Aries Man will not be willing to play second fiddle for too long – it amuses him, but don’t overstay his welcome.

Your physical appearance also needs proper attention. Aries Man might be disappointed with a woman that he’d always see as “sloppy”. He shouldn’t openly see the whole process of putting on makeup though; he only needs to see the result – a charming and beautiful lady walking out before him.

Even though Aries is inherently very jealous, he is very flattered when other men find his loved one attractive. But whatever you wear, you shouldn’t look provocative. Conservative outfits and natural makeup should be your best options. He’d appreciate you taking his tastes into consideration.

How to deal with Aries Man so he wouldn’t have any reasons for leaving you? Their wives and female friends should keep in mind that in the day-to-day life Aries is scarce with his praise, especially professing his love for someone. At the same time, they wait for the same thing from their partner – Aries is in dire need of praise. If the words you’ve said are too stingy on flattering, he’s going to go looking for a company which will please his ego.

Deep down, Aries is very vulnerable. It is the reason why they tend to take any criticism way too personally, especially if it has something to do with sex life. As a result, Aries may become aggressive or even depressed, which is why his partner will have to deal with his problems.