Solar And Lunar Eclipses In 2017


Find Out All About The Eclipses Of the Sun and the Moon in 2017

In 2017 there will be four eclipses – two solar and two lunar eclipses. It is natural that they go in pairs. The first pair of eclipses will be in February, while the second one will come in August. In both cases, the cycle opens with a moon eclipse and ends with a solar eclipse. Let’s take a deeper look into what they will bring into our lives.

Solar And Lunar Eclipses In February 2017

The lunar eclipse of February 11 coincides with a full moon in the sign of Leo, close to the ascending (or north) node. This eclipse will put you up to your hidden opportunities you have had for a long time, even years but never saw. You will see new horizons. The world will make you an offer that will be too tempting to decline. But it does not mean that the changes will come from an outer source – they will bloom in your inner world. This natural phenomenon will be especially lucky for politicians, businessmen, actors and public figures.

There will be a torment growing in your soul till the eclipse of the Sun happens. You will feel that you are changing, that you get new skills you need to take the chances.

The solar eclipse of February 26 (coinciding with a new moon) will be in Pisces. During the nature event, your actions and initiatives will play a big role. The day of the eclipse will arise some of the topics that are important for Pisces: mysteries, spirituality, charity, the invisible part of the world. Due to proximity to the south node in the day of the eclipse, the Sun will free you from all the unnecessary secrets and self-illusions. By getting rid of them you will find a way to the prosperity that the lunar eclipse promised to you.

Eclipses in August 2017

The lunar eclipse of August 7 coincides with a full moon in the sign of Aquarius, close to the descending (or south) node. A lunar eclipse like this one symbolizes old friends making their way back into your life. Moreover, some old situations may repeat, and new people will get involved. Still, you will not be the one who takes the initiative. An eclipse in Aquarius is a signal that people and situations you deal with are of friendly nature. When you face them, you may use your experience, or, on the contrary, choose a behaviour that will help you to break out of the vicious circle of mistakes.

Then you will spend another two weeks on self-improvement. You will be torn between living as usual and attempting to get rid of the habits you utterly dislike. By the day of the solar eclipse, you will see the result of your spiritual work.

The solar eclipse of August 21 is the only total eclipse of the year. It is a beautiful and unusual sight. It can be seen in North and partly South America, and in some regions of Western Europe. The rest of the world will have to do with witnessing the events provoked by the eclipse. The phenomenon will be in Leo, and the whole Uranus trigone will participate in it. The event will give a creative impulse to the humanity. You will see new, unexpected events coming, the majority of them will be related to your personal fulfilment, private life, and children. These events will be milestones of your life for years to come. For example, creative people will find inspiration, and they will start to work on a new piece of art. Those who seek love will fall in love, and this romance will be unlike their previous experience.

Keep in mind that while any eclipse is happening, people may get unpredictable and mad. At such moments they feel anxiety, especially if they have had some psychiatric disorders before. That is why you should stay away from people you don’t know well and avoid potentially dangerous situations. Don’t drive in an agitated state of mind.


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