Retrograde Planets In 2017


What Planets Will Be Retrograde in 2017? How Will They Influence Your Life?

When Mercury, Venus, and Mars are retrograde, you have a chance to face your past. The current problems seem unimportant, there are some new obstacles appearing in your way, but your life, on the whole, is unchanged. You recover forgotten connections, meet old friends and deal with the same situations you have had before: Retrograde Mercury signifies old acquaintances and letters, Venus brings back former lovers and things you loved in the past, Mars recalls to mind forgotten conflicts and enemies.

You can avoid making mistakes this time. Your personality has changed, circumstances have changed, probably now you will be able to build a strong relationship, reanimate love or settle a dispute of long standing. But even if you finally decide that you do not need to have these people or situations in your life, you can always say goodbye to them when the planet passes by, this time for good, you will get a new experience and make reasonable conclusions. When you face your past, you will notice something you have never paid attention to.

Retrograde Mercury in 2017

When Mercury is retrograde, you should not: sign documents, obtain certificates, send out your CV, subscribe to a newspaper, make new acquaintances, move to another flat, go on a trip, go shopping (this is an unlucky period of time for buying electronics). Instead, you should: recover lost documents, meet old friends you have not seen for ages, take up studies, hand in works even if you’ve missed the deadline.

Mercury will be retrograde from January 1 to 9, from April 9 to May 5, from August 11 to September 6 and from December 2 to December 23.

Retrograde Venus In 2017

When Venus is retrograde, you should not: make financial operations, buy beautiful things and art objects, start creating a piece of art, update your style, have an affair, trust your first impression when you meet new people, break up with your partner. But you should: meet an ex, restore relations, get back beautiful things, jewellery and art objects that once belonged to you, recover debts, finish a job you have started to do.

Venus will be retrograde from March 1 to April 18.

Retrograde Jupiter and Saturn In 2017

For a specific person, the position of Jupiter and Saturn does not mean much. However, directors and businessmen will feel the influence of these planets: there will be no progress in current affairs. Other people should avoid long trips and court proceeding; when Saturn is retrograde you should not take important decisions, or make any commitments.

Jupiter will be retrograde from February 2 to June 14, Saturn from April 2 to August 29.

The influence of retrograde Uranus, Neptune and Pluto is so insignificant that you will not notice it.

Mars will not be retrograde in 2017.


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